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A random face generator can be useful in many ways. One of the most common uses of a random face generator is to maintain privacy and security on your social media or online accounts on various websites. Many of the random face generator applications are such that they provide portraits that have great detail which can easily pass as a selfie or portrait photograph. As such, users can use such images as their profile pictures in order to hide their identity. On a less serious note, this can also be used to get more ideas for designing characters. Since the portraits created by these apps are unique, you can get design ideas that are different from the usual. Moreover, you can import these images to Photoshop or VanceAI for further editing. We will go through a list of eight best random face generator apps that you can start using now.

What is a Random Face Generator?

A random face generator is an application that can produce random human faces by making use of advanced image processing technology. These applications can be found in many platforms and forms. You can use a random face generator application online, on desktop, or also on mobile apps. Due to the recent AI and similar technologies, random face generator applications are capable of producing random faces in a really short time, usually in a second or two only. A good number of the random face generator applications make use of the StyleGAN algorithm, which was originally developed by the popular computer graphics company NVIDIA.

What is a Random Face Generator

Not to mention that these algorithms are complex enough to make believable human faces and expressions. It considers attributes like gender, personality, hairstyle and other peculiar face features, age, and more to craft realistic faces. With more advancements in this technology, users can expect even better looking faces and applications in visually charged media such as movies and games.

Top 8 Random Face Generators

1. Generated Photos

Price: While you can generate any number of faces with this online app, the paid options offer higher quality results and more features starting from $19.99 per month. The payment for the faces you create depend on the features used.

This random face generator website is one of the most popular platforms for creating random faces by using AI based technology. As you can see from the image above, this application has been a go-to choice for many reputable platforms such as BBC, Forbes, Daily Mail, and more. While it costs quite a bit to create and download random faces, the quality is immaculate. Not to mention that users get a lot of editing options as well.

Generated Photos


A comprehensive random face generator.

Popular and reliable application.

Easy and automatic use.



Can be unresponsive at times.

How to use:

Use the link given to access the editor mode.

Choose the settings you want and click on Update Face every time.

Click on the Download option to save the image.

2. This Person Does Not Exist

Price:  free

The This Person Does Not Exist online free random face generator can be an ideal tool for you to use if you want a really quick random face image that you can use anywhere. This application, unlike the first one, doesn’t really offer any editing or customization options to users, so it is best to use this app in cases where you don’t require any specific kind of random face. The application will just keep producing images everytime you click on Refresh Face. The website will create random faces of women, children, and men in a rotation.

This Person Does Not Exist


Really easy to use.

Offers images quickly.

Free to use.


No customization options at all.

Needs more features.

The UI can be improved.

How to use:

Use the link to access the website.

Click on Refresh Image below the faces until you get one that you like.

Use the Download options to save the image.

3. Marketing Tool

Price: free

Marketing Tool offers a free random face generator that operates similar to the previous tool on this list. The way to download images here, however, is a bit different. You will need to right-click on an image and click on Save As… to download it. Below the image will be a Generate button which will keep on producing new images as you click it. The application makes use GAN based algorithms to create random faces.

Marketing Tool


Quick processing of images.

Easy to use.

Free to use.


No other features.

Needs more editing tools.

The results can be average.

How to use:

Click on the link to get to the site.

Use the Generate button to keep producing images.

Right-click and Save As on the image that you like.

4. BoredHumans

Price: free

The website BoredHumans is an AI based platform that offers many features and tools that are similar to the random face generator in terms of technology as they use complex algorithms and Machine Learning. They offer features such as lyric generators, AI based paintings, deep fake videos, and much more. Moreover, you can also use their older model, which creates more interesting looking models, though less realistic as compared to the newer algorithm.



Offers really good results.

It is free to use.

Easy to use and quick results.


No customization options.

It can be buggy at times.

It can improve the UI a bit.

5. Fake Face Generator

Price: free

This free random face generator brings the technology of producing faces into the mobile phone. By making use of AI based technology, this mobile app can offer you a huge number of random faces created in a really short span of time. It produces random faces of men, women, and children. You can use these images to cover your profile picture, play a harmless prank on your friends, and more. The app was released only recently, so you can expect regular updates on it.

Fake Face Generator


It is a free to use mobile app.

It can process images quickly.

New app with regular updates.


Can add more features.

Can be unresponsive.

Needs performance improvements.

6. Meragor

Price: free

Meragor is a random face generator application online that creates portraits of multiple kinds and also offers a huge list of pre-made images and portraits for you to choose from. Not to mention that you can choose the size of the portrait before downloading, saving you the work of cropping if you need it. You can scroll through the page and find all the random faces in categories such as portraits, European, popular, and more. While this site is similar to the others so far, the categories do help in a more customized search.



Categorical images on the page.

Free to use.

Easy to use.


No other features.

No creation options.

The UI can be improved.

How to use:

Access the website with the link given in the header.

Scroll through the page till you see an image you like.

Click on Download to save the image.

7. Adityar Random Face Generator

Price: free

The random face generator application here is basically a GitHub project that has been integrated into the website with a proper GUI for navigation. This application is absolutely free to use and easy to use as well. It makes use of GAN and AI based algorithms to create random face images in a matter of seconds and of good quality. The app is not without its drawbacks, however. This is not an app suitable for users who want some features and customization. This tool is purely designed for making random face images.

Adityar Random Face Generator


Quick processing of images.

Really easy to use.

Absolutely free to use.


No features at all.

No customized search.

Can take time to get the result you want.

8. Procedural Face Generator

Price: free

While this application doesn’t exactly offer random faces, it rather focuses on all the different variations of expressions that you can create by using the menu given on the page. Instead of a human face, you see a cartoon that instantly changes its expressions based on the options that you have chosen at the moment. You can experiment around with all kinds of expressions and use another random face generator to emulate that expression on a human face.

Procedural Face Generator


Unique concept for a random face generator.

Easy and fun to use.

Many options for expressions.


Not suitable for users looking for a traditional random face generator.

Could use more additions and features.

The app can be buggy at times.


A random face generator can be a great app to make some creative profile pictures or it can also work as a simple tool for entertainment. Regardless, the technology behind this is incredible and growing, only becoming more and more impressive as time passes. When it comes to the tools given here, you can make use of any of them to make good random faces. However, Generated Photos, BoredHumans, and This Person Does Not Exist are arguably the best tools since they offer you enough features and customization to deliver results that you want. Generated Photos is better suited for professionals who have a budget, however. As for the other two tools, they are suitable for pretty much all kinds of users.

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1. How to use a random face generator?

Luckily, all of the random face generator applications are really easy to use since they are designed through AI and GAN algorithms, making everything automated and simple. You can simply follow the steps given in this guide or just click on the link given for any application, generate an image through the options given or choose an image if the app offers it upfront, and use the download options to save the image.

2. Are the random face generator apps legit?

Random face generator applications are definitely legit and safe to use. All of these websites, especially the popular ones like Generated Photos and BoredHumans, make sure to implement advanced AI algorithms to offer genuine results every time. Apart from that, you can also expect other applications to consistently offer you legit results. The AI and GAN algorithms are excellent at creating new faces in a matter of seconds.

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