Top 15 Tools to Remove Green Screen 2023

Removing green screen backgrounds becomes essential when you want your customers to focus on the product in your image, instead of the colored background. To remove green screen, there are many solutions out there. But which one should you choose? This article will highlight 15 of the most recommended green screen removal tools using which you can easily remove green screen background.


Part 1: Top 5 Best Tools for Green Screen Removal Online

1. BGremover

  • Price: Free & Paid ($9.9/mo)
  • Compatibility: Online & Software

This AI green screen remover uses deep neural networks to remove green screen from your images. The combination of AI and useful editing tools makes BGremover a top choice for you to get rid of green screen background and replace it with any solid color or image background. This AI green screen removal tops other products on our list not only because it is intuitive but also it is powerful to handle edges.



  • Offer free trial
  • Use advanced algorithms to remove green screen from your photo
  • Automatic tool without manual work
  • Handle tricky conditions such as hair
  • Offer batch processing feature to boost your workflow
  • Replace green screen background in one click
  • Come with desktop program


  • Some features are limited to paid users

How to remove green screen with BGremover

  • Step 1: Open the website of VanceAI and choose "AI Background Remover"
  • Step 2: Choose an image from your device by clicking “Upload Image”
  • Step 3: Click “Download” after a few seconds

2. Lunapic

  • Price: Free
  • Compatibility: Online

Lunapic is a totally free photo editor that provides many useful editing features. With this free website, you can also remove green screen manually free online. It can be taken as a green screen removal tool that is suitable for those who opt for producing images with lossless quality.



  • Free to use
  • Download image in lossless quality


  • Not easy to handle tricky conditions such as hair
  • Require too much manual work

How to remove green screen with Lunapic

  • Step 1: Upload an image to this website and choose “Eraser tool”
  • Step 2: Use “Eraser” to remove the green screen background
  • Step 3: Click “Applying changes”

3. Unscreen

Unscreen is another AI green screen remover from With Unscreen, you have more freedom to record footage since you can get rid of the green screen background from videos in one click. Once you work with this intuitive green screen remover for videos, you don’t need to adopt sophisticated techniques like greenscreens and chroma keying.  Unscreen offers a flexible pricing plan, under which you can pay per video or make a subscription.

Read our full review: This AI Removes Background from Your Video Without Green Screen.



  • Easy to use
  • Allow you to upload videos in various formats, such as MOV, MP4, WEBM. GIF or OGG
  • Save video as animated PNG, GIF, or ZIP file of single PNG


  • Lack manual tools


  • Price: Free & Paid (HK$299/200 images)
  • Compatibility: Online

This is another AI-powered tool for green screen removal that lets you remove green screen removal online effortlessly. With, you can easily get rid of unwanted backgrounds, be it green, red, or yellow. This website has an intuitive interface. No photo editing skills are required. No design experience is required.


How to remove green screen with

  • Step 1: Click “Upload Image” or drag&drop an image to
  • Step 2: Auto remove green screen background with AI
  • Step 3: Click “Download” to save image

5. Slazzer

  • Price: Free & Paid (HK$102.77/100 images)
  • Compatibility: Online & Windows & Mac

Slazzer is an ideal option when you want to remove green screen free online. Powered by AI, this free green screen removal tool claims to get the job done in just 5 seconds. Supported by advanced computer vision algorithms, Slazzer can give you a clean cut-out perfectly.


How to remove green screen using Slazzer 

  • Step 1: Drag and drop an image to this online tool
  • Step 2: Wait a few seconds before Slazzer removes the green screen background
  • Step 3: Click “Download” to save the result

These 5 web-based tools let you remove background online with a bit of manual work. Among them, only Lunapic is totally free to use. Compared with AI tools we recommend, non-AI-powered tools are less convenient for those with less experience in photo editing. For free tools, check out this post: How to Remove Background from Image with PicsArt?

Part 2: Top 5 Best Software to Remove Green Screen

1. Topaz Mask AI

  • Price: $99
  • Compatibility: Windows & Mac

Topaz Mask AI is an AI-powered software that has trained its neural network to distinguish tough edges when removing green screen background. This is good news for those who do not want to spend much time on edges. It is not that easy to use compared with online tools, but the result is much more accurate with AI technology.


 How to remove green screen from images with Topaz Mask AI

  • Step 1: Upload a file to this software
  • Step 2: Choose the Red button to remove green screen background or Green button to keep items
  • Step 3: Click “Apply”
  • Step 4: Download the image with no background

2. PhotoScissors

  • Price: $29.99
  • Compatibility: Online & Windows & Mac

PhotoScissors is a straightforward green screen removal software that you can use. PhotoScissors software has fed its deep neural networks with million of images. This makes it possible for you to remove background from the image automatically.



  • Easy to use
  • Remove green screen automatically
  • Support manual operation


  • Not free to download even with a free trial

How to use PhotoScissors to remove green screen

  • Step 1: Download and install the software
  • Step 2: Upload an image by clicking “Open Image”
  • Step 3: This software will remove green screen automatically

3. Luminar

  • Price: HK$520
  • Compatibility: Windows & Mac

Luminar 4 is a powerful photo editor that also allows you to remove green screen. With its “Erase” tool, you can easily extract elements from the background of your image. This green screen removal software is compatible with both Windows & Mac.


How to use the green screen removal software

  • Step 1: Open an image in this green screen removal software
  • Step 2: Add a new background to your image
  • Step 3: Click the Brush icon in the layer to reveal this new background
  • Step 4: Click Erase to remove unwanted parts in an image
  • Step 5: Click “Done” to finish the job

4. Movavi Photo Editor

  • Price: $44.95
  • Compatibility: Windows & Mac

This is a great choice for those who have no experience in using software to remove green screen. Movavi has an intuitive interface. It allows you to cut out objects without much manual work.


How to use green screen removal software Movavi

  • Step 1: Click “Browse for Image” to upload an image
  • Step 2: Go to Change background>Auto Select
  • Step 3: Use green brush to re and red brush to
  • Step 4: Click “Next” and “Apply”
  • Step 5: Tap on “Save” to download result

5. Photoshop

  • Price: $13.14/mo
  • Compatibility: Windows & Mac

Photoshop is a versatile and flexible photo editing software that also lets you remove green screen from images. You can handle challenging edges like hair and other tricky conditions with Photoshop once you get the hang of it.


How to remove green screen using photoshop

  • Step 1: Upload a file to Photoshop
  • Step 2: Find “Quick Selection Tool” and tap on the unwanted background
  • Step 3: Choose “Refine Edge” to deal with details
  • Step 4: Click on “OK” to finish the process

Extension: 5 Best Green Screen Software

Green Screen technology is used to separate a single color, be it green or blue, from a footage. This is an important technique for video production because you can add amazing visual effects to videos after you digitally remove the green background, which is called “chroma keying”. Here are 5 best green screen software for you to remove green screen from videos or images instantly and effectively.


Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows

With VSDC, you don’t need to work with a dedicated chroma key tool. This video editor allows you to edit green screen or remove green background from videos for free. You can also apply different video effects, filters, or transitions to make professional videos.1-vsdc


  • Low requirement on system
  • Remove green screen background for free
  • Useful features like applying picture-in-picture effects and enhancing resolution


  • Only compatible with Windows

How to Use the Green Screen Software?

  • Step 1: Click “Import content” and upload a green screen video clip to this software
  • Step 2: Go to “Video Effects” and choose “Transparency” and then “Background remover”
  • Step 3: Remove green screen automatically

2. Adobe After Effects

Price: $39.95

Compatibility: Windows & Mac

Adobe After Effects is a green screen software that provides rich features for video editing. You can use the green screen setting and various plug-ins to easily make green screens.


It is also a great software for creating cinematic visual effects, motion graphics and composting. This software’s latest version comes with Adobe Sensei, the AI technology which can simplify rotoscoping process.


  • 7-day free trial
  • Rich video editing features
  • An effective green screen software


  • Not easy to use for beginners

How to Use the Green Screen Software?

3. Green Screen Wizard

Price: $129.95

Compatibility: Windows & Mac

Green Screen Wizard is a green screen software for both amateurs and professionals. It allows you to perfectly remove the green background from images. This software is easy to use. It has an intuitive interface. However, you need to prepare a lot more budget if you want to buy this software.



  • A dedicated green screen software
  • Quite straightforward and suitable for beginners
  • Only for images


  • Not free green screen software

How to Use the Green Screen Software?

  • Step 1: Press “Load foreground” and select a foreground image from your computer
  • Step 2: Then click “Load Background” and press “OK” to blend the two images
  • Step 3: Click “Save”

4. Movavi Video Editor

Price: $39.95

Compatibility: Windows & Mac

Movavi video editor is another best green screen software. It allows you to replace the green screen background with your favorite video background effectively. You can use the editing tools available to make more adjustments for videos.



  • Limited free trial
  • Adjust tolerance, noise, edges and opacity of videos
  • Remove green screen effectively


  • Require certain learning curve

How to Use the Green Screen Software?

  • Step 1: Launch Movavi video editor
  • Step 2: Click “Add media files” to upload a green background video and another footage with your preferred background
  • Step 3: Go to “Chroma key” option from the Tools menu and click “Appy”

Note: here we have simplified the steps, which means you need to read more tutorials before you can truly fix green screen using Movavi.

5. EZ Green Screen

Price: $139.99

Compatibility: Windows & Mac

If you have been tired of removing green screen background from images using Photoshop, then you can’t miss EZ Green Screen, a useful plugin for Photoshop. It’s simple to use. And you can get rid of green background in just a few clicks. But its pricing is way above average level.



  • Offers dual mask feature
  • Remove green background from images using spill suppression
  • Output high-quality results


  • Pricing is much higher than its rivals

How to Use EZ Green Screen?

  • Step 1: Open an image in Photoshop
  • Step 2: Go to “Filters” from the toolbar of Photoshop and choose EZ Green Screen and then the green background will be removed automatically
  • Step 3: Click “Apply”


Removing green screen from image can be time-consuming if you want to perfectly handle the details. For example, when you try to remove green screen background from a portrait image, you might give it up because it is difficult to handle your hair. Of the top 15 tools, green screen removal online apps, such as Slazzer, Jumpstory, and, are good choices for beginners. Desktop programs are suitable for those who opt for lossless quality with enough budget.

If you are looking for free software to remove more background from image, you can check out the best tools in this post: Top 10 AI Background Remover Review.

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