While generative AI tools like ChatGPT have many beneficial applications, they may be used inappropriately and not always ethically. These generative AI tools sometimes pose security issues. Therefore, there is a huge demand for AI detection tools to help people identify AI-generated content.

Originality AI is one of the best AI content detectors on the market built for marketers and digital writers. In this comprehensive review, we'll explore its key features, capabilities, and benefits, providing valuable insights based on our extensive experience.

Overview of Originality AI

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Platform: Online, Chrome extension

Originality AI is a premium AI content checker. It provides a complete toolset that helps website owners, content marketers, writers, publishers, and copy editors publish with integrity in the world of generative AI. At the same time, it offers very generous team features, API integrations, and a pay-as-you-go payment structure. Originality AI Checker is one of the best AI content detectors on the market. It can be used to scan text for AI and plagiarism. It is more than 94% accurate on text generated using GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and ChatGPT, more than 99% accurate on GPT-4 content, and more than 94.5% accurate on paraphrased content. Scanning content using this tool returns an AI percentage score and a raw percentage or human score.

How to Use Originality AI Content Detector?

The platform’s interface is user-friendly, making it incredibly easy to use. There are no unnecessary complexities or an overwhelming number of features to learn. All you have to do is effortlessly paste your text into the box. The platform will provide you with a clear indication of the credits required for either checking plagiarism or identifying AI-generated content. With a simple click of a button, it will even highlight the segments of text it identifies as AI-generated or potentially plagiarized, which is super helpful for optimizations.

Basic Features of Originality AI

Having the most accurate AI content detector is the core feature of Originality AI. It is not just an AI-written text detector but a complete content creation quality control tool. It provides an easy-to-use Fact Checking Aid, an AI Plagiarism Checker, and a Readability Score Checker that provides the ideal scores to help you rank in Google. Think of the AI detector as an overall quality tool that helps ensure you have well-written content and avoid the pain associated with low-quality content. 

AI Content Checker

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Originality AI Content Checker

This is the core function of Originality AI Checker. It is the most accurate AI detector for ChatGPT, GPT-4, Bard, and other popular AI writing tools. You only need to simply enter what you want to detect, and with just one click, it will show you the detection results and suggestions in a few seconds.

Automated Fact-Checker

fact checker
Originality AI Fact Checker

Originality AI content detector's accurate real-time and automated fact-checker utilizes the latest information available to provide accurate and up-to-date factual assessments. The AI checker fact-checking technology can instantly assist in cross-referencing and verifying facts, figures, and events. This real-time access and analytical capability helps ensure the fact checks are as comprehensive and reliable as possible. By leveraging the most recent knowledge and insights, the AI detector can deliver the most helpful information to verify claims or statements.

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Outstanding Features

Featured  High Accuracy

Most Accurate AI Content Detector
High Accuracy

The accuracy of Originality AI is certified by a third-party platform. This AI detector was the most accurate at 97% and was the most accurate across multiple publicly available datasets tested. Here’s why Originality AI is the most accurate. It is built and open-sourced as a testing tool to help others replicate their own data. This AI detector is not built for students and therefore we only offer the limited free AI Checker above and focus resources on using a larger AI detection model. Originality AI detector focuses on published text, not academia/research/historical text, thus the model specializes in content meant to be published on the internet or in print and created for the average reader.

Featured  Multiple Language Support

Support Multi-language

Originality AI Checker’s cutting-edge multilanguage AI detector capabilities remove language barriers globally while supporting 15 languages in total. The advanced AI detector is your ultimate content QA tool, ensuring that your content is accurately analyzed and understood, no matter where it originates. It can seamlessly integrate with no change to your workflow and no action required by the user. Originality AI content detector’s multi-language AI detector automatically detects the language being used to deliver a seamless user experience.

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Why Editor Picks?

Originality AI content detector is the best AI detector choice overall. It has complete functions, easy to use, and supports Google extension. The pricing is reasonable for a paid product of its type, given its powerful features. Originality AI content checker is suitable for people with professional needs and a sufficient budget.

Our Suggestions

Originality AI is a strong contender in digital writing tools, but like any tool, it’s essential to understand its strengths and weaknesses fully. Overall, the Originality AI content detector is worth buying. Given its price point, ease of use, and the combination of both AI detection and plagiarism, the Originality AI detector is worth it for those who need the combination. 

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Originality AI content detector is a full-featured AI detector with high accuracy and reasonable pricing. Suitable for website owners, content marketers, writers, publishers, and copy editors to publish with integrity in the world of generative AI. At the same time, it offers very generous team features, API integrations, and a pay-as-you-go payment structure. If you are interested in it, you can try Originality AI Checker on the website first.


1.  How accurate is Originality AI?
Originality AI detector was the most accurate at 97% and was tested by third-party authorities.

2.  Does Originality AI provide paraphrase detection?
Yes, Originality AI Checker is the only available AI that has been trained to detect if content has been paraphrased with a tool like Quillbot.

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