Over the last few months, if you have had any interest in generative AI, you might have an idea about certain video generators that are progressing rapidly due to technological advancement. There are mind-blowing breakthroughs in the world of generative AI., the hype of AI video generator, chatbots and AI image generators. Runaway was focusing on all the behaviour of the Generative AI world and took one step further than most of its competitors by launching Gen-1. This AI model creates videos from text prompts easily without any effort.

What Is Gen-1?

Gen-1 is a newly launched AI video generator that generates video according to your requirements. Unlike other video generators, it does not generate entirely new videos but creates videos from your uploaded videos. It uses specific texts or image prompts that apply various effects to your videos. You can create the animation of your videos to make them look more stunning with the help of Gen-1. You can convert your normal-looking video into something new with the help of an AI by using Gen-1.

It is basically a video editor that allows you to create videos of your imagination. All you have to do is simply provide your video to this tool and transform it into something you would like within no time. After processing your video by Gen-1 video creator at the end, you will have a video with similar composition but different outlooks due to the awesome customisation features of this tool.

What can Gen-1 Do?

Gen-1 is an AI video generator that allows you to create videos from your uploaded videos. There are various creation tools that you can use to create videos for yourself. You can create videos for your work, office or any other type of thing that you like. You won't have to talk to your clients on a video call. Just create your own personalised videos with the help of AI. You can choose various languages to deal with your clients so they won't have to face any type of language issues. The AI video generator, also known as Gen-1, basically converts your thoughts into video animation. You can create realistic human figures in video form that speaks what you want them to be.

You can create animated videos for marketing, product demos, or educational videos. Gen-1 has intuitive and user-friendly features. It is one of the best options for businesses of all sizes. You can create realistic voiceovers in video form where a person is speaking. There are specific video templates that you can use to create professional-looking videos for yourself quickly, and requires no effort at all. If you want your video to be easily understandable, add subtitles by using closed captions. Another of the best features that Gen-1 provides is that you can upload your brand assets, such as logos, fonts, and specific colour schemes to ensure your videos are brand related. All the features are based on AI and require no effort from its users. Just simply provide your requirements and create videos instantly. There are five certain modes of Gen-1 given below so you can properly understand what it is capable of. Also learn how to generate cool anime motion videos with Kaiber AI.

Check this video to get details:


This mode is used for specific styling of your videos. You can apply certain styles to your videos. Upload existing videos and instantly apply awesome styles with the help of a text prompt. This will make your video more appealing.


It allows you to create animations of your videos so they can be entertaining. The storyboard feature can convert a simple video of standing books into a real building. You can convert specific objects in your video into animated characters with the help of this mode.


This mode allows you to apply certain effects to your videos so they can be more attractive. You can apply effects to individual objects in the video using text prompts. With this mode, you can highlight certain characters or objects in your video with fantastic effects.


This model is quite unique due to its awesome performance, as it completely transforms your video into something new. You have to simply provide Gen-1 with an untextured text prompt or an image that will be converted into a new styled video.


Well, you all know what customisation means, but you should have an idea about what Gen-1 customisation means. This mode allows you to customise your videos and create exact videos of your choice accurately.

The Progress of the AI Video Generator

AI Video Generator

The old AI video generator was only used to create videos by using the information you provided it. You have to provide some information related to a video. There was no animation before, like converting a real video into animation by using AI. Now you can convert a realistic video into animation by using AI. the Ai video generator is also improving rapidly, just like the AI image generators. The recent progress of AI video generator technology has the potential to open new opportunities for creators and researchers even though the rise of AI video generators is inevitable as it has changed the part of viewing a video clip.

From creating videos from plain text and using them for your work. A way of communication was made easier with this tool. Now you can edit, customise and reshape your video into a new one properly without any manual effort with AI.  Modifying your videos more accurately without a single mistake this one of the biggest progress of AI video generators. Now you can manage the time required to edit videos more properly and establish good quality content videos with AI. Reports have shown that 80% of online traffic is video traffic. If you dont have the required visual content for your videos, then you might not be able to prosper properly.

What Will Gen-1 Bring to Generative AI?

Well, thanks to the makers of Gen-1, AI video generation is now a thing due to this tool. However, access to Gen-1 is limited right now, and most countries cannot even open its page to learn about this tool. But while watching videos of its performance, you can have an idea that it is raising hope among several fans of generative AI. It is going to completely change the world of generative AI due to its advanced editing features that completely transform your video into something new.

It is going to change everything as it is something new that you have not seen. The editing features of these tools are like something not of this world. The manual editing system on which people used to spend more than days editing their videos can now be easily done with simple clicks. After this tool is launched globally, people are going to rush towards it due to its unique performance. Many video editors or famous people around the world who are famous on social media due to their videos are going to love this tool. This tool is going to make things easy for them. The animated cartoons that people watch and love will now be created very easily from any video by using Gen-1. Animation stories, dramas, and cartoons will now be easily made without any effort.


Gen-1 is the next step of video generation. As it not only converts your requirements into videos but transforms the whole video into something new immediately. Due to the demands of people, the field of video editing is very vast. There are a lot of details and features that can be added to the videos. Now you can easily make your videos more detailed without any kind of manual tools. Become a professional video editor by using Gen-1 video creator. Even if you have no experience or skills, still, you can professionally edit your videos quickly. Editing a video properly for your social media platform requires a lot of effort and time consumption. You can save both with the help of a Gen-1 video creator.

Most online publishers gradually depend on social networks to interact with their audiences properly, and video content provides more details to your viewers than normal content.


  • What video generator can I use now?

You can use Synthesia which is also an AI video generator that generates a video of your choices. You can use it now and create videos online within no time.

  • Who developed Gen-1?

Last year a new york based AI video editor startup, Runaway, helped in launching stable diffusion and open sources image AI in partnership with stability AI, LMU Munich, Eleuther AI, and Laion; now they are introducing their new model known as Gen-1.

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