Top 10 AI Image Generators Review

AI Image Generators are different from traditional image generators from text applications. Both can be of great help to people that deal with customers in a sort of work requirement where they need to explain concepts to customers. It can also be used for developers who want to illustrate their projects and ideas to clients in a better way than the traditional presentation. This text to images technology is still developing and has limits, but it is enough to replace manual jobs already.

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What is AI Image Generator?

An AI image generator is a really complex tool that has the ability to generate images and illustrations just through text descriptions. This is a phenomenal breakthrough technology when it comes to natural language processing since it can have potentially several amazing uses once the algorithm is given to anyone with expertise.

How does AI image generator work?

AI picture generator technology is commonly called under the GPT-3 codename and while it hasn’t yet achieved a mainstream name among other futuristic technologies such as Deep Learning, Internet of Things, etc. it is still a technology that is widely used among many, many applications.

The greatest part is that you can use such AI image generator tools today even without knowledge of sophisticated deep learning technology. In this review, let's delve into 10 best image generators, five of which are powered by AI.

Best AI Image Generator Recommended-Toongineer Cartoonizer

Find fun in Toongineer Cartoonizer by transforming your photo into a cartoon image. No matter the objects on your photo are flowers, faces, pets, or landscapes,  they can instantly become vivid cartoon looks or amazing arts. With this AI-powered image generator, creating stunning cartoon effects for your photo is quite easy.

Toongineer Cartoonizer


  • 100% automatically
  • Easy to use
  • Recognize and process photos smartly based on AI


  • Limited credits for free (Only 3)


Top 10 AI Image Generators Review

1. Dall-E

Price: The pricing of the API is systemized according to word count. For every 1000 tokens, which can go close to 750 words, you can pay anywhere from $0.0008 to $0.0600. You can pay as you keep using, so as to avoid overpaying and misunderstanding of the plan.

This AI based image generator tool is capable of producing AI generated pictures with as much detail as you can imagine. A single look into the home page of the tool will give you a good idea of how capable this tool is. There are examples of detailed sentences and descriptions that are accurately turned into visual illustrations. Furthermore, you can change these sentences on the website too, to test the tool for yourself online.

How does Dall-E work? Check out in this YouTube video from PiXimperfect.


  • It is a well-trained tool capable of generating almost anything accurately.
  • Reasonable pricing.


  • The AI is not easily accessible, you need to contact the developers through mail.

2. Deep Dream Generator

Price: You can use this AI image generator freely for a limited amount of uses. To upgrade, you can purchase any of its three paid plans starting from $9 per month.

This AI image generator application is a unique one, since it targets a variety of painting styles and art styles. This is something that you won’t find easily anywhere else. It distinguishes its image generator style into three: Deep Style, Thin Style, and Deep Dream. When you select each, you get a bunch of previews beforehand so you know what your image will look like. You can also choose settings related to your output such as setting its enhancement, iterations boost, preserving colors, etc. Also read: Top 10 AI Portraits Generators Review.



  • It not only has an amazing tool for artistic AI images but also has a great UI along with it.
  • It can create fantastic looking results.


  • The free version is limited in terms of usage.
  • The Pro version of this tool is too steep.

3. Text to Image API

Price: Though you can use this AI image generator for free, you still need to have a free account first. However, you can skip the API for the instant text to image tool.

The great aspect of this tool is that you can simply start typing the description of the image that you want and the online image generator will immediately show you the results. The API is developed by strong AI friendly languages such as Python and Ruby. In the web page, you will find all the necessary coding information of the API you need. For casual users though, the text to image basic tool should be enough.



  • Instant results and no need for downloads.


  • The results are not always accurate.
  • The API is difficult to access.

4. Anonymizer

Price: With the free version of this tool, you can use it for personal non-commercial purposes only. You can use this tool in its full extent with a $19.99 per month plan that holds no restriction over the tool’s features.

This AI based picture generator also utilizes the technology of images in a fairly unique way. The main purpose of this application is to analyse your image, process it, and produce an image that looks barely similar to yours. This tool is mainly used for identity protection. You can upload an image of your face and have a different kind of face altogether.



  • It is a really cool and useful technology that can benefit anyone.
  • You can also use the output images in designs that somehow use faces.


  • It is an application with a specific use only and is not for everyone.

5. Big Sleep

Price: Though the price is not exclusively mentioned since it is a Github page, you can still make use of the code and assets repository.

Developed completely from Python, the Big Sleep AI image generator tool is designed as a command line tool in order to be as straightforward as possible for users. It also makes use of image processing technologies such as GAN, which is a really popular technology for similar tasks. The page also has some impressive abstract artworks that are produced by the tool.



  • It has the ability to produce some really great images out of text.
  • Good combination of AI and image processing technologies.


  • No direct access to the application.

Online Image Generators

1. Dummy Image

Price: This is an image generator online that is also free to use.

When you visit the website, you will see a pre-made image with customizable options. This is basically your editor zone for the application. What works really well for this online application is that it is dynamic and intuitive. Whenever you change something in the settings, it is instantly reflected in the preview image, saving you the trouble of reloading the page multiple times. Another great feature here is that you can choose pretty much any color you want and you can also choose the format of your output from GIF, PNG, to JPG.



  • It is dynamic and intuitive.
  • Works fast.


  • It doesn’t provide many options to generate different kinds of images.

2. Random Pictures

Price: You can use this online application for free of cost.

This particular online tool was designed to instigate creative inspiration among designers or creative minds. You can use the settings to make sure that you are receiving the exact amount of random pictures that you want. The tool believes that users can generate random images and probably find inspiration from an image. This tool also has a random word generator so you can use both tools together. You might just find an image that is good for Instagram and a perfect word to describe it with. Their database has a huge number of images in store. As a user, you are bound to find something new each time.



  • Truly high-quality images with settings for the number of random images needed.
  • It has other similar tools for words, verbs, and more.


  • They could add keyword search options for more specific images.

3. Website Planet

Price: You can use this tool for free.

You can consider this online tool to be the advanced version of the first tool in this list simply due to the fact that you can not only generate a plain image in a dynamic way but also edit an image that has an amazing background in it. Also, you can set your output image in more formats, such as WEBP, BMP, etc. Furthermore, you can also set your own font size here. Finally, you can use the couple of social media plugins to share your finished work instantly to the people.



  • Many features that even rival an AI photo generator.
  • It searches images that are top quality like Google AI image generator.


  • It could have even more features.

4. Artbreeder

Price: This tool is free to use.

This tool excels in combining two or more images or visuals together to create something new every time. It is an application that is really art centric and so you will find image categories to be in the genres of art. The results of each category are stunning, and it will make you feel like they are truly AI generated images. The website also hosts a huge collection of amazing artwork that you can freely browse and get inspired from. Perhaps the best category of images are the face designs of animated characters. You can create your own and share. It takes a while to learn the tool but once you do, it’s fully worth it.



  • A bunch of cool artworks you can take a bit from.


  • It takes a while to get going with this application.

5. Image Online

Price: This tool is available to use for free.

This tool features a solid colored image with a textbox that you can edit. There are a lot of editing options that you can have with this application, such as selecting from a list of font types, font colors, text type, and more. You can download your image in either PNG or JPG format.



  • Good editing options.


  • It should have more images.

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How to go from text to images?

Though seemingly impossible, the latest breakthroughs in AI image generator technologies have managed to pull it off. You are now able to simply type the kind of image you want and the tools that have these algorithms implemented will either fetch the image for you or create it. These tools are based on natural language processing. Thus, the tools focus on keywords to generate images.

What is the best AI image generator?

There have been a lot of AI image generator tools since GPT-3 came into existence. Now, these generator tools specialize in the type of images they produce. An application like Deep Dream Generator will provide the best images if you want something artistic whereas Dall-E works for usual situations just fine.


In this age of digital media, having technologies like artificial intelligence consistently give rise to groundbreaking technologies like text to image processors just adds to everything. These tools are amazingly intuitive and offer the best results. You can refer to this list anytime you want to get an AI image generator or a simpler, quicker tool online that will give you a cool image in seconds. Want to let Artificial Intelligence come into play in your workflow? Check out Top 10 AI Marketing Tools.

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