Top 10 AI Image Resizers Review in 2021 to Resize Image Without Losing Quality

Traditionally, image resizers are designed to make images smaller or larger. If you ever tried any of them, you might have found one thing: images are lossless in quality only when they are downsized and your images could get pixelated or blurry once they are resized into a larger size. Thanks to AI technology today, more and more AI-powered image resizers are coming out to resize image without losing quality especially when it comes to increasing their size.

In this image resizer review, I will walk you through the 10 best image resizers to resize your image for social media or any website without losing quality. They include AI-driven tools and social media image resizers and image resizer software. I will rank them based on their output quality, supported formats, pricing, efficiency and other features. You can also read this popular post for best AI tools to resize and upscale images: Top 15 Best Image Upscaler Review 2021.

Part 1: Best 4 AI image resizers to resize image without losing quality

1. Gigapixel AI

  • Price: $99.99
  • Compatibility: Windows & Mac

Gigapixel AI is an AI-driven image resizer software that claims to preserve image quality with while resizing images. This image resizer uses machine learning to increase image size up to 600% without distorting it. But the AI software is not perfect, say, it has a pretty high requirement for your computer system. Read full review of this image resizer software: How to Unpixelate Photos with Topaz Gigapixel?



  • Resize image without losing quality
  • Serve as the best image resizer software when it comes to increasing image size


  • Above average pricing
  • Lack option to downsize images


2.Vance AI Image Resizer

  • Price: Free
  • Compatibility: Online (Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android and more)

This is a newly released online tool that allows you to resize images for free. Enter a new value, change your image dimension and download your result. You don’t need to leave any personal info. Safe to use.

Vance AI Image Resizer

Vance AI also offers different AI image post-processing solutions for both beginners and photographers. Among its amazing AI tools, Vance AI Image Enlarger can serve as one of the best AI image resizers that you can access to increase image size without any distortion.

Trained on millions of high-quality and clear images, the image resizer program online helps get rid of the noise, blur and pixelation in your images when making images larger by up to 8x. Vance AI also provides an AI-powered software, which is another best image resizing software since it lets you increase image size by up to 40x at printing level. Read our full review about Vance AI’s web-based image resizer and Windows program: How to Enhance Image Quality in Vance AI Image Enhancer



  • Resize image without losing quality and even improve image quality
  • Increase image size by 8x
  • Offer 5 images free trial


  • Lack option to downsize image


3.AKVIS Magnifier AI

  • Price: $89
  • Compatibility: Windows & Mac

AKVIS Magnifier AI is another best AI-driven software that you can use to resize image automatically. Due to the trained neural networks, you can increase image size by 800% without losing quality. This image resizer software claims to make your images crisp and clear based on its algorithms.



  • Make images larger by 800% without distortion
  • This image resizer software uses neural networks to increase image size automatically


  • Quite expensive


4.Deep Image AI

  • Price: $39/500images/mo
  • Compatibility: Online

With Deep Image AI, you can resize images without losing quality online automatically. This image resizer is one of the best options for those who prefer to increase image size, instead of downsizing images. Using the advanced deep learning technology, Deep Image AI excels at increasing image size and removing artifacts.4-deep-image-ai


  • Resize image without losing quality automatically
  • Make images larger by 2x or 4x using Generative Adversarial Networks


  • Lack option to enter value of width and height


Part 2: Best 3 Social Media Image Resizer

1. Promo

  • Price: Free
  • Compatibility: Online

Promo Image Resizer allows you to resize image into 100x100px for social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. This 100×100 image resizer lets you change image size automatically online without any effort. Once you upload an image to this social media image resizer, you will see different preview images used in different places, say, page cover, vertical post, news feed, story, event cover, and thumbnail. You can click edit to move your image into the right place before you resize it.



  • Output resized images for popular social media platforms
  • Preview images that meet the requirement of platforms
  • Resize image for YouTube banner, Twitter, Instagram and more
  • Save time and effort
  • Free to use


  • Lose quality when you use it to increase image size




  • Price: Free
  • Compatibility: Online allows you to resize image and choose the best image quality possible. You can keep the aspect ratio or customize the dimension of height and length of your image as per your choice. This free online image resizer also provides several useful options to crop & rotate images.



  • The largest file size is 100MB
  • Serve as an automatic image resizer
  • Support different formats, including JPF, GIF, and BMP
  • Extra features to crop, rotate image or make images transparent


  • Lack features to output multiple images resized for social media


3. Simple Image Resizer

  • Price: Free
  • Compatibility: Online

Simple Image Resizer allows you to resize images for your websites, email attachments, blog photos, and social media. This intuitive image resizer lets you make images smaller by moving its slider. To make images larger, you can enter the value of height and width to customize the size. There is no need to download or install any software or apps. It’s online and hassle free.


  • Support various formats like JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP and GIF.
  • Resize images with the online image resizer easily
  • Resize image without losing quality by dimensions



  • Show ads on its website


Part 3: Best 3 Image Resizer for Windows

1. Image Resizer for Windows 10

  • Price: Free
  • Compatibility: Windows

This image resizer for Windows is available on PC and mobile devices. It’s easy to resize images without losing quality once you try out this software. Just drag the slider to adjust the image size or enter the width and height of your image. It serves as a batch image resizer that allows you resize images in bulk. However, the software has a high requirement for your operating system ( Xbox One, Windows 10 version 17134.0 or higher).



  • Support more image formats, including JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, ICO, TIF, TIFF WDP, etc.
  • Serve as a free image resizer software & app



  • High requirement for OS

2. Fast Stone

  • Price: $19.95/lifetime
  • Compatibility: Windows

FastStone is another fast image resizer for Windows that allows you to do much more than just image resize. This software comes with useful editing tools that let you rename, resize, crop, rotate, change color depth, add text and watermarks to images. Batch processing is a plus. You can upload and resize multiple images automatically in one click.



  • Serve as a batch image resizer
  • Fast to resize images
  • Extra editing features like renaming files after image resize



  • Old-fashioned interface design


3. Adobe Photoshop

  • Price: $9.99/mo
  • Compatibility: Windows & Mac

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful software to resize images without losing quality. To resize images, you can customize the pixel dimension and document size in the software effectively. This powerful software is popular amongst creative designers, photographers, and individuals. Yet, you need to pay for the monthly subscription plan and prepare to spare enough room in your system before installation.



  • Increase or decrease image size without losing quality
  • Wide applications, say, image editing, designing, website retouching, creating image compositions, and applying affects.



  • Take up much space in your computer
  • High requirement for OS

How to resize an image in Photoshop?

  • Step 1: Go to Image > Image Size and turn on resample
  • Step 2: Reset the width and height of your image
  • Step 3: Choose your new size
  • Step 4: Press ok.



Images with proper sizes are essential today because for visual marketing is everywhere around us. When you upload an image to a social media profile, banner or cover, you will notice the different requirement for image sizes. And resizing images without losing quality becomes a necessary step when the sizes are unmatched with your website, blogs, social media. If you are going to keep your social media profile simple but appealing, make sure to resize the images you upload. With the 10 best image resizers listed in this review, I believe, you can resize image without losing quality efficiently.

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