Top 15 AI Painting Generators Review 2022

Many people are now stuck at home with plenty of time. If you are one of them, you might kill your time in traditional ways, such as watching films, listening to music, playing games, and, of course, taking selfies. But you might get bored and would like to try something new. Then, what about turning yourself into a stunning (hilarious more possibly) renaissance paintings? Find out more in this article.

Top 15 AI Painting Generators Review

AI Painting Generators can bring you back to the renaissance era easily. There are a variety of tools available. You can have access to your renaissance paintings via web-based AI art generators, desktop software, or apps. There are so many options out there. But you definitely don’t want to waste your time by testing them one by one. No worry. In this article, we will look at the top 15 AI Painting Generators, including online products and apps.

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1. VanceAI Art Generator
VanceAI Art Generator

An online program called VanceAI Art Generator can quickly produce amazing art-related images online. You may use its many capabilities to produce amazing art images online. Now that it has an AI art generator, all you have to do is type in some language linked to a concept to instantly create an artwork. With just a little typing, it produces original AI-generated art. You can search for "monkey" to see a variety of photographs that include a monkey. Due to the fact that it doesn't produce any outcomes unrelated to your content, it is the best AI art generator you can discover online. To produce accurate findings, VanceAI has tested its AI capabilities on millions of web photographs.


  • Share on different platforms
  • Diverse styles to choose from


  • Not  free to use

2. AI Gahaku

AI Gahaku is an online AI-powered painting generator. As an AI artist, AI Gahaku is going viral across many sharing platforms especially when many people are stuck at home currently. This new tool gives you a better option to pass your time. It allows you to turn your photos to impressive oil painting in seconds.

ai painting app

It’s easy to get started. Just select a photo from your own library and wait a few seconds before AI Gahaku observes your facial features and draw a picture for you. Then, you can access at least 10 different painting styles. Click on a style of your choice and you will see this an impressive self-portrait in seconds. What’s also great about this AI Artist is that it allows you to share your portrait directly to Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, or WhatsApp.


  • This AI art generator is free to use
  • Share on different platforms
  • No need to register


  • Limited styles to choose from

Besides, for the reason of nowadys technology limitations, some AI-generated images are of low quality. As for generated images' resolution of DALL.E may not satisfying for all of the people who value image quality, VanceAI Image Upscaler is necessary for this situation.

Note: VanceAI Image Upscaler only offers AI upscaling service and does not offer any creative generation.

Check out more about AI Gahaku in the video below.

3. is a web-based AI painting generator, which lets you turn your selfies to a renaissance painting. It features neural algorithm, making it possible for you to turn your photos into the paintings in the style of your favorite artist. Simply put, it uses the stylistic elements of one image to draw the content of another.

face swap app

This AI tool comes with 18 different painting styles. Alternatively, you can customize your favorite style by uploading a picture. You can get your own artwork in just three steps. First, upload a photo to this website. Secondly, select an available style or upload one style you like. Thirdly, wait for about 10 minutes before your painting is generated and you will get an email when it's done. Obviously, this web tool has its drawbacks. It requires you to input your email address to login in and you might get anxious to wait for minutes.


  • Customize your styles
  • intuitive interface
  • easy to use
  • free to use


  • Less efficient
  • Not stable, occasionally fail to receive an email for image download as promised
  • Registration required

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4. Deep Dream Generator

Deep dream generator is a creative AI tool that lets you create impressive paintings.  With this AI-enabled tool, you can change your photos to cool paintings in different styles. Deep dream generator comes with dozens of styles, such as Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, E. Munch, and Mosaic. This online AI painting generator provides some powerful features like an app and software. It allows you to enhance the image, adjust resolution, depth, and more. These settings can help you produce higher quality output. If you don’t want to do more work, you can overlook these features and let this AI tool do its job by default.

Apart from creating your own paintings, you can also view the AI-generated paintings created by other users from this website. All your artworks are kept private as default. But you can choose to make it public.

ai painting app


  • Dozens of styles to choose from
  • More editing features
  • Download generated paintings from this website directly, instead of from email


  • Show ads
  • Registration required

5. AI Painter

Powered by the neural network, AI Painter allows you to turn your photo into artwork in seconds. You can choose about 20 different art styles. These styles mainly come from artists in the 1900s, such as Umberto Boccioni, Francis Picabia, or Piet Mondrian.

This online painting generator is easy to use. All you need to do is upload a photo and choose the style of your choice. AI power lets you preview the AI painting with the instant artwork preview tool on this website. It’s hassle-free. You don’t bother signing up or installing any programs.

ai painting app

One of the attractive services this website also provides is that an artist can 100% physically paint the AI-generated paintings for you and ship it to your door too.


  • Dozens of styles to choose from
  • Free to use
  • No registration
  • Fast speed


  • Customizing styles is not supported
  • No download option

6. Nightcafe

The NightCafe is an AI Art Generator app available for free online. To enjoy the service, you need to log in with Facebook or Google account. You can use NightCafe Creator to generate as many artworks as you like for free. You can choose different styles, such as Starry night, Basquiat, the landscape at Collioure, Mulberry Tree, doodle, and more. Besides, you can get one of your creations printed after you pay for it. It takes 5-10 minutes to process the image, which is longer than other online tools.

face swap app


  • Free to use
  • Easy to use
  • Different artistic styles


  • Limited function
  • Slow processing speed
  • No editing features

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7. Deep Art Effects

Deep Art Effects is an AI painting generator app supported by AI technology and neural networks. This app can turn you into a Junior da Vinci, Monet, Leonardo da Vinci, or other great artists by generating art paintings from your selfies.

ai painting app

This AI-powered app deserves a place on our list as it lets you access more than 50 art styles. It’s faster in image processing than web products, allowing you to see your artwork almost in real time. Besides, you share your awesome artworks to social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Check out this popular post to turn yourself into movie stars: Top 10 Face Swap Apps Review 2022.


  • More than 50 filters from famous artists
  • Fast image processing near realtime
  • HD Resolution for artworks (1080px)
  • Change style filter intensity
  • Enhanced prisma filters
  • Share your artworks to social media platforms


  • Sometimes hang when applying effects
  • Contain ads

8. Picas

Picas is a free AI painting generator for Android, IOS, and online. It allows you to transform your photo into a piece of art in seconds. Picas can turn your photos, pictures, and selfies into art paintings powered by deep neural networks and AI. It uses the algorithm of facial recognition to generate greater portraits and selfies.

face swap app

There are more than 100 artistic styles available. What’s great about Picas is that you can access over 100 artistic styles even from its online tool. You can also share your AI paintings to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to impress your followers. This AI app will automatically help you crop your photo size to suit your posts.


  • Easy to use
  • More than 100 artistic styles
  • Share to social media platforms
  • Fast processing speed


  • Free version offers limited features
  • Show ads

9. Vinci

Vinci is an AI painting generator that comes with dozens of amazing filters. If you want to impress your followers from social media platforms, Vinci is a great choice for you.

With the help of neural networks and artificial intelligence, this AI app allows you to turn your photos into a piece of art easily. With one quick touch, you can take your photos to the next level. Vinci also allows you to share your cool paintings with friends on social media platforms. However, like other AI apps, the free version offers limited effects.

face swap app


  • Dozens of artistic styles
  • Fast image processing


  • Occasional glitches
  • Free version offers limited effects

10. Copista

If you want to turn your photos into stunning artworks, Copista is one of the best choices for you. This app is supported by deep machine learning and artificial intelligence. It helps you transform photos into stunning masterpieces of cubism, impressionism, abstract art, and expressionism in seconds. You can access various styles and deep art effects with this AI painting generator.

ai painting app

It supports high-resolution images and original image sizes on mobile devices. What’s unique about this app is that it can work offline. This is a useful feature for those who experience an unstable internet connection. It does not upload your images to its servers and all paintings are done locally on your device.


  • Easy and fun to use
  • Cubism, expressionist AI photo art effects
  • High-resolution images
  • Original image sizes
  • Share with Friends
  • Works offline


  • Limited artistic filters

10. Painnt

With AI technology, Painnt turns your photos into artistic AI paintings. You can choose from tons of fully customized HD filters to improve your images, including classical, comic books, modern, abstract, and mosaics. It makes your photos look like real paintings.

ai painting app

Preview and adjust your settings for distinctive looking artwork. Render high-resolution painting. Also, you can join the painting community where you can display your artwork, get feedback, and engage other like-minded artists.


  • More than 1,000 filters and many customized HD filters
  • Render high-resolution painting
  • Own community


  • Sometimes fail to process
  • Free version limits output resolution, shows ads and adds a watermark


Bored Humans is a collection of 50 AI tools that perform different functions making the website a universal space for many artists. Its tools can perform tasks such as generating lyrics, AI paintings, stories, words, faces, videos, music, poetry, ad slogans, and games. Its Lyrics Generator gained the most popular among users. It uses the database of thousands of other lyrics and writes a new and unique song using machine learning. Another great tool is the AI Paintings, which uses thousands of famous paintings to create new art, just like a real artist.


  • All tools are free
  • Simple and easy to understand interface
  • Single place consisting of multiple AI tools


  • Vague results on AI paintings
  • Errors in lyrics generated by the tool

12. ALAgrApHY



ALAgrApHY, a Paris based artist and scientist, teaches machines to create art using generative art and algorithms. However, the creator admits that AI is just a tool to enhance the expressions of an artist and will not replace any art form in the future. ALAgrApHY accepts commissions from people to create any customized AI-Art or personalized data art. You can get in touch with creators from the website by contacting them through email and get an AI artwork made according to your preferences. It also aims to bring changes into the world by focusing on human equality, sustainability, co-existence, and diversity.


  • AI art generated under the supervision of traditional artists
  • Trustworthy source to fabricate your AI artwork


  • No tools on the website for a free trial


Ai Art Online is a free AI art gallery website. It contains a collection of art, music, and design created using machine learning by various artists. The contents from this website were submitted for the NeurIPS workshop, which focuses on creativity and design using machine learning. All data available from 2017 till date allows the viewers to study the transformation that this new art category has undergone throughout these years. It is a good platform to explore AI art and related contents created by different artists.


  • A wide and unique collection of AI artworks
  • Decent platform to get acquainted with AI Art
  • Giving opportunities to AI artists throughout the globe


  • No AI art generating tools on the website

14. 1SecondPainting



1SecondPainting is an AI painting generator that uses a deep neural network of thousands of abstract paintings to create fresh and unique looking designs. As the name suggests, you can get thousands of different abstract designs in front of your screen with just the click of a button. It is an appropriate platform for designers, artists, and hobbyists as it provides them with a bunch of fresh designs to draw for themselves. You can also reach out to the developers to get an AI-generated painting printed on a canvas.


  • Free to use
  • No sign-up required to get started
  • Affordable printing on canvas


  • Uncertain designs like a completely white background recurring



NVIDIA Art AI is an art gallery where the best AI art worldwide is regularly exhibited. The gallery presents a beautiful combination of AI artworks emerging from visual arts, music, and poetry. What makes the Nvidia Art gallery stand out is that it shows the whole process that the artist went through to formulate their artwork rather than showing just the final pieces of their work. It enables the viewer to understand the concept of AI art in a much better way.


  • Best collection of AI artworks
  • Shares the complete process
  • It gives exposure to deserving artists


  • No dedicated website for the art gallery


AI painting generators can be very handy if you want to get more likes and enhance your social media presence. Of the top 15 AI painting generators listed in this article, online tools are easier to use and hassle-free. Yet apps always come with powerful features.

In a word, with these AI painting generators, you can impress your friends by posting the amazing renaissance paintings that are exactly turned from your selfies. Check out more tools to transform your portraits in this post: Top 10 AI Portraits Generators Review 2020.


Which is the best AI art generator?

When it comes to generating art paintings online, AI Gahaku tops most of its rivals due to its output quality and intuitive interface. If you want to touch up the paintings you get, check out best tools in Top 10 Photo Enhancers Review 2020.

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