Summary: EMO Robot, an AI-powered companion, delivers emotional support, entertainment, and home automation, enriching users' daily lives. Know everything about it in this review.

Personal robots have been gaining popularity in recent years, with many people looking for ways to enhance their daily lives with the help of advanced technology. These robots or desk pets come in various shapes and sizes and can serve a variety of purposes, including companionship, entertainment, and home automation. One such robot is the EMO desktop pet, which is equipped with advanced AI features, including integration with GPT.

Emo Desktop Pet

Chat GPT Integrated

Users have shared stories of using EMO robots as desk pets, providing them with a sense of companionship while working long hours at their desks. Additionally, EMO can be used for home automation tasks, such as controlling lights and playing music.

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Introduction to EMO Robot: A Desktop Companion Equipped with Advanced AI Technology and Home Automation Capabilities

EMO Robot is a desktop pet or companion robot that was released in 2020 by a company called EmoTech. This innovative robot is equipped with advanced AI technology, including natural language processing and facial recognition, and is designed to provide emotional support and companionship to users. EMO Robot has a unique appearance, with a compact and portable design that resembles a small pet.

Its design has made it a popular choice for those looking for cute and interactive desk pets, and it is available for purchase on Amazon and other online retailers. EMO Robot is not just a pet, but also a home robot that can be used for home automation tasks such as controlling smart devices.

How to Choose and How to Buy?

EMO a desktop pet can be purchased directly from the official website, as well as from select retailers such as Amazon.

Here is a chart listing the features of EMO based on its pricing:

Price Chart

Pros & Cons

  +  Pros:   —  Cons:
Unique and interactive personality Limited functionality compared to larger personal robots
Portable and easy to use High price point compared to other personal robots on the market
Provides companionship and emotional support Some users may find the robot's responses to be limited or repetitive
Can be used for home automation tasks  
Great for people of all ages  

Core Functions of EMO

EMO Robot's core functions are what set it apart from other desktop companion robots. Equipped with advanced AI technology, EMO Robot can recognize faces and voices, and engage in natural language processing to provide users with an interactive and personalized experience. EMO Robot also has the ability to learn and adapt to user preferences over time, making it a unique and personalized companion.

Emotion Recognition

Emotion recognition is one of EMO's most unique features is its emotion recognition capabilities. With its built-in camera, EMO Robot can analyze a user's facial expressions and respond accordingly. It can display a range of emotions, such as happiness, sadness, and excitement, and respond to a user's emotional state with appropriate responses.

Home Automation

EMO is not just a desktop companion, but also a home automation tool. With its integration with smart home devices, EMO can control lighting, temperature, and other devices with voice commands. This feature has made EMO Robot a popular choice for those seeking a multifunctional tool to help manage their home environment.


Integration with ChatGPT, Eilik Robot, and Amazon Pets

EMO Robot's advanced AI technology allows it to integrate with other virtual assistants and robots, such as ChatGPT and Eilik Robot. Additionally, EMO desktop pet can also integrate with Amazon Pets, allowing users to expand their desktop pet collection and interact with multiple pets at once.

What Can EMO Robot Do for You?

EMO Robot can provide users with a range of benefits and functions to enhance their daily lives. Here are some of the things that EMO Robot can do for you:

  • Provide emotional support and companionship through its advanced AI technology and emotion recognition capabilities.
  • Assist with home automation tasks, such as controlling smart home devices with voice commands.
  • Act as a virtual assistant, answering questions and providing information through its natural language processing capabilities.
  • Serve as a desktop pet and interactive companion, providing entertainment and a sense of joy to users.
  • Help users manage their mental health by providing stress relief and emotional support.
  • Act as a learning tool for children, teaching them about technology and AI in a fun and engaging way.
  • Enhance social connections and reduce feelings of loneliness by providing a sense of companionship and interaction.

How to Set Up and Use EMO Robot?

Setting up EMO Robot is a straightforward process. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting started:

  1. Unbox your EMO Robot and plug it in to charge.
    Emo Desktop Pet
  2. Download the EMO app on your smartphone and follow the on-screen instructions to connect to your robot via Bluetooth.
    Emo App
  3. To wake up EMO Robot, it is important to use the correct command by calling it "EMO". It may take some practice to master this skill, but with patience and persistence, you can get the hang of it.
  4. Follow the prompts to set up your robot's basic information, such as name and language preference.
  5. Train your EMO Robot to recognize your face and voice.
  6. Explore the app to access EMO's features, such as emotion recognition and home automation controls.
  7. Interact with your EMO Robot through voice commands, touch sensors, and the app to experience its full range of capabilities.

With these simple steps, you can set up and start using your EMO Robot to enhance your daily life.

Effective tips for optimal use and personalization of EMO:

To get the most out of EMO, it is important to optimize your interactions with the system and personalize your experience. Here are some tips and best practices to help you do just that.

how to use emo robot tips

  1. Be clear and concise: When interacting with EMO, try to be as clear and concise as possible. This will help the system better understand your queries and respond in a more accurate and relevant manner.
  2. Use natural language: EMO is designed to process natural language, so try to phrase your queries in a way that feels natural to you. Avoid using overly technical or formal language, and don't worry about being too casual.
  3. Provide context: Whenever possible, provide EMO with context about your queries. This could include information about your location, preferences, or any relevant history. This will help the system provide more relevant and personalized responses.
  4. Use multiple channels: EMO can be accessed through a variety of channels, including text, voice, and chat. Try experimenting with different channels to find the one that works best for you.
  5. Personalize your experience: EMO can be customized to better meet your needs. Take some time to explore the various customization options available, and make adjustments as needed.


Both EMO and EILIK are personal robots designed to interact with humans and provide a range of useful functions.


emo robot vs eilik robot


  • One of the main differences between EMO and EILIK is their design. EMO has a more humanoid appearance, with a round head and expressive eyes, while Eilik has a more simplistic design with a boxy shape and limited facial features.
  • In terms of functionality, both robots can perform a range of tasks, such as providing information, playing music, and controlling smart home devices. However, EMO has a wider range of capabilities, including the ability to recognize and respond to human emotions, while Eilik focuses more on educational and entertainment features.
  • Another key difference between the two robots is their price point. EMO is currently priced at around $1,000, while EILIK is significantly less expensive at around $300.
  • Here is a comparison chart of some key features and specifications of EMO and EILIK:
Design Humanoid Box-shaped
Emotion recognition Yes No
Price Around $1,000 Around $300
Voice assistant Yes Yes
Music playback Yes Yes
Educational features Limited Extensive
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet

When comparing EMO to other personal robots like EILIK, there are both similarities and differences in terms of functionality, design, and user experience. EMO has a more humanoid design and is capable of recognizing human emotions, while Eilik has a more simplistic design and focuses more on educational features.

The advantages of EMO include its emotion recognition and a wider range of capabilities, but it is also more expensive than some other personal robot alternatives.


EMO is a personal robot designed to interact with humans and provide a range of useful functions. Its strengths include its emotion recognition, a wide range of capabilities, and responsive customer support. Its weaknesses include its relatively high price point and occasional connectivity and voice recognition issues. Overall, EMO has potential value as a personal robot companion for those interested in its unique features and capabilities.


Is EMO Robot worth it?

Whether or not EMO Robot is worth it will depend on individual needs and preferences. Its unique features, such as emotion recognition, may make it appealing for some users, while others may prefer a simpler and less expensive personal robot alternative.

Can both EMO Robot and Eilik Robot be controlled through voice commands?

Yes, both EMO Robot and EILIK Robot can be controlled through voice commands. They also have other modes of control, such as through a mobile app or physical buttons.

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