Best 10 Tools to Convert Photo to Line Drawing Online

As early as about 75,000 years ago, ancient people drew several crisscrossed lines on a rock flake in South Africa. Today, we live in a world of digital photography, and converting photo to line art online seems to be an antique topic. If you think line drawing is outdated and just about connecting two lines, you might underestimate such a form of art.

From beginners engaged in an art program to Picasso, who left us classic works, people are attracted by line drawing, and creative visuals in this field are wining many likes on Pinterest and Reddit.

Unfortunately, I am not one of those who are good at painting, especially when using strokes. But I became interested in this topic when I came across an AI-powered one-line drawing generator called VansPortrait. In this review, let's look at how amazing AI is when used to convert photo to line drawing online. But before that, I have listed the 10 best tools to convert photo to line drawing online, some of them are powered by AI just like VansPortrait, while some are just filters. Pick up a one-line art generator for yourself. 

Part 1: Best 10 Tools to Convert Photo to Line Drawing Online

Before we get to know how well AI performs to turn photo into line art online, let's review the 10 best line art portrait generators. All these one-line drawing generators allow you to convert image to line art online for creative work online for free.

1. VansPortrait

convert photo to line drawing

VansPortrait is an AI-powered line art generator that allows you to turn photo into line drawing online for free in 5 seconds. Minimalist is a unique feature it has. All you have to do with your image is to upload it to the website and let AI do the rest work. With this minimalist line art generator, you can easily convert photo to line drawing online with the effect you want, quickly and effortlessly. 

2. Rapidresizer

line drawing rapidresizer

Rapidresizer can help you convert image to line art online very quickly. Also, this online convert photo to line drawing app supports you to choose the effect you want when you try to convert photo to line drawing online.

3. Picsart

line drawing picsart

Picsart is a line drawing generator to convert image to line art online by applying the photo a filter. this convert photo to line drawing app can help you put your original photo and the output drawing together to create your own style. As a convert photo to line drawing app, Picsart may be your ideal line art generator as it can be downloaded on your phone.

4. Snapstouch

line drawing snapstouch

Snaptouch has many different styles of image outline effects. By using this line drawing generator, you can easily convert image to line art online.

5. Convert Image

line drawing covert image

If you don’t want to lose any details of your photo when you convert image to line art online, you may choose one line portrait generator which could process photo to line art online with thinner lines to make the drawing vivid. Convert Image is the one that can meet your requirement.

6. AI Draw

line drawing ai draw

AI Draw is an online convert photo to line drawing app that allows you to change the colors of the photo to line art online. The effect it can achieve is creative and unique with a curve line.

7. Lunapic

line drawing lunapic

Lunapic allows you to adjust the outlining effect of your photo to line art online. Note that as the line of the output photo is not significant, the final effect is more like a black and white photo instead of a line drawing.

8. AI Portraits Online

turn photo into line drawing

AI Portraits Online is a line art portrait generator that turns your photo into line drawing, sketches, patterns or stencils in one click. What can you do with it? Well, just unleash your imagination. What about converting photos into cat line drawing, rose line drawing, butterfly line drawing, or sunflower line drawing. You name it. AI Portraits Online also allows you to turn photo into line drawing online free 100% automatically.

9. Super Stencil Maker

Super Stencil Maker supports you to convert image to line art online. This line art generator mainly focuses on your requirement for art, painting, signs, t-shirts, and more. Thus, the effect it provides is more like watercolor printing.

10. Photo2Stencil

line drawing photo2stencil

Photo2Stencil is an online line art portrait generator that allows you to turn photo into line drawing online free, which is more like a print.

Part 2: Convert Photo to Line Drawing Online Free with VansPortrait

Now, let's focus on AI line drawing generator. I have tried to turn photo into line drawing online free with VansPortrait. These line drawing photos generated are quite impressive.

What is VansPortrait?

VansPortrait is powered by AI to let you convert image to single line online in less than 5 seconds.  It is a creative AI solution offered by VanceAI, an online photo editing and enhancement tools provider.  Except for turning photo into line drawing, it also allow you to apply more modes to get AI arts.

How does AI turn photo into line drawing?

Based on deep learning, an AI line art generator like VansPortrait would have been trained on millions of images for generating accurate and satisfactory results before it gets access to the market. Once you upload an image to VansPortrait, AI would smartly analyze the original image and automatically convert photo into line drawing.

How to turn photo into line drawing online with VansPortrait?

Step 1:  Upload an image


Step 2: Choose the effects you want and convert. When you are at the step, you'll need to decide what output you want it to be like, prefer anime effect or sketch effect. If you choose to sketch and there are 9 presets available, pick the one you need. 



Step 3: Download the image. As you can see here, the first output is made by the default mode, while the second one is created by sketch mode, you can turn photo into line drawing online free with this tool, and now there is a questionnaire to get free points. Give it a try.

convert photo to line drawing

Impressive Line Art from Photo

1. Cat line drawing photos

Can you imagine this cat line drawing was made in just about 30 seconds? Though it’s not perfect, let’s say, the cat’s whisker and left ear are not perfectly handled. But look at the beautiful eyes. has enhanced the overall effects

Next cat line drawing is more impressive. You can look at the shape which is clearly outlined.


2. Rose line drawing


3. Butterfly line drawing


4. Sunflower line drawing


Final Thought

Thanks to AI technology advances, line drawing, the primary art technique, can be accessible to almost everyone. You need to upload a photo you like and then will magically transform it into line art. Compared with traditional free photo to sketch converters, an AI tool is more accurate in results due to its advanced trained algorithms. Apart from VansPortrait, there are also many excellent choices listed for you. Just pick one line portrait generator to turn your profile on Facebook or Pinterest into a line drawing. Don’t forget to come back and share your experience in the comment below.


What can you do with line drawing, sketches or stencils generated by AI?

With the black and white line drawing, you can share the AI-generated line drawing on Facebook or Twitter to impress your audience. Besides, you can also colorize them using the AI colorization tools I introduced previously before using them for clothes, fabrics, stainless glass, T-shirt designs or printing.

Is there any software to turn photo into line drawing online free?

AKVIS Draw offers you a software solution to convert image to line art online which looks realistic. You have to download and install this line art generator before use. By using this line art portrait generator, you can apply various colors to the drawing.

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