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As early as about 75,000 years ago, ancient people drew several criss-crossed lines on a rock flake in South Africa. Today, we are living in a world of digital photography and line drawing seems to be an antique topic. If you think line drawing is out of date and it is just about connecting two lines together and, you might underestimate such form of art.

From beginners engaged in an art program to Picasso who left us classic works, people are attracted by line drawing and creative visuals in this field are wining many likes on Pinterest and Reddit.

Unfortunately, I am not one of those who are good at painting, especially when it comes to using strokes. But I become interested in this topic when I came across an AI-powered tool called Before I show you the details, let’s look at how amazing is when used to convert photo to line drawing.

Line Drawing Photos Generated by AI Portraits Online

I have tried to convert photo to line drawing with this AI tool. These line drawing photos generated are quite impressive.

1. Cat line drawing photos

Can you imagine this cat line drawing was made in just about 30 seconds? Though it’s not perfect, let’s say, the cat’s whisker and left ear are not perfectly handled. But look at the beautiful eyes. has enhanced the overall effects

Next cat line drawing is more impressive. You can look at the shape which is clearly outlined.



2. Rose line drawing


3. Butterfly line drawing


4. Sunflower line drawing


What is

AI Portraits Online is a photo converter that turns your photo into line drawing, sketches, patterns or stencils in one click. What can you do with it? Well, just unleash your imagination. What about converting photos into cat line drawing, rose line drawing, butterfly line drawing, or sunflower line drawing. You name it. AI Portraits Online also allows you to convert photo to line drawing online free 100% automatically.

How to convert photo to line drawing using

Things can not be any simpler when you start to convert photo to line drawing with

Step 1: Upload a photo before you start

Just upload an image to this web-based app. Drag & drop a photo you like. Here I recommend you to upload a photo less than 800x800px because you have two options which I will introduce to you next.

Step 2: Convert photo to line drawing

As you upload a photo, you are going to see your whole photo converted into a line drawing in about 30 seconds. It depends of the size of your images. Then, what’s great about this online software is that you can choose “Face Only” to focus on converting the face or portrait in your photo.


Step 3: Download the line drawing for free

Click “Download” on the free photo to line drawing app and then save the result to your device.


Thanks to the advance in AI technology, line drawing, the basic art technique, can be accessible to almost everyone. All you need to do is upload a photo you like and then will magically transform it into line art. Compared with traditional free photo to sketch converters, is more accurate in results due to its advanced trained algorithms. Just try it out. Turn your profile on Facebook or Pinterest into line drawing. Don’t forget to come back and share your experience in the comment below.



What can you do with line drawing, sketches or stencils generated by AI?

With the black and white line drawing, you can share the AI-generated line drawing on Facebook or Twitter to impress your audience. Besides, you can also colorize them using the AI colorization tools I introduced previously before using them for clothes, fabrics, stainless glass, T-shirt designs or printing.


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