Top 10 AI Music Generators 2023

Have you imagined that artificial intelligence, which we thought nothing but machine learning, can do something very creative, like composing music? AI music generator sounds scary for a lot of people. Though many of us have become more concerned about the future of human beings, only a few of us know how it actually works and how the related products perform. Then let’s dive into the article to find out more about AI music generators.

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How does AI music generator work?

Using AI to make music or aid music composers has been in practice for quite some time. Back in the 90s, David Bowie helped develop an app called Verbasizer. This app took the literary source material and randomly reordered the words to create new combinations that could be used as lyrics. In 2016, researchers at Sony used software called Flow Machines to create a melody in the style of The Beatles.

The AI music generator applies deep learning networks, a type of AI that analyzes large amounts of data. People have to feed software tons of source material covering various sorts of music. The software then analyzes data to find patterns, like chords, tempo, length, and how notes relate to one another. By learning from all the input, it can write its own melodies.

On a micro-scale, the music produced by an AI music composer is convincing. When it comes to appreciation, they may disappoint you. You can use the following AI music generators to try to reach your own conclusion.

Top 10 AI music generators on the market

During hours of the test, we list some AI music generators that we consider useful for you. Considering they are still something at the stage of development, though there are still some defects now, we think these AI music composers can develop and grow further. Also, there are some upcoming AI music generators like Vansmedia that we can look forward to. - Latest AI Music Generator Recommended

  • Price: $16.6/ mo or $19.9/mo is an AI music generator that allows you to customize a song using the phrases created by AI. The combination of AI and music generating tool helps you to generate music easily while customizing for innovative music. Free users can use this music generator to create music but with no right to download. For unlimited downloads, you will need to subscribe to a plan.
soundraw music generator
  • Easy to use
  • Combine AI compositions and manual tool
  • It is a plug-in that is compatible with Google Chrome and Premiere Pro
  • Not free to use

1. Amper Music

  • Price:  $83/month pay annually

It is generally accepted that Amper AI is the easiest to use AI music composers on the market. Compared to IBM and Google’s projects, this product does not require coding knowledge and unpacking of developer language on GitHub. Composition and music theory is also not needed here.

Amper AI builds tracks from prerecorded samples and spits out actual audio, not MIDI. From there, you can change the tempo, the key; mute individual instruments, or switch out entire instrument kits to shift the mood of the song its made. This audio can then be exported as a whole or as individual layers of instruments (known as “stems”).

This could-based platform simplifies the process of creating soundtracks and helps users create music in a variety of genres by using AI-generated algorithms. You can create an account on this platform to enjoy a free version.



  • Easy to use
  • Edit soundtracks


  • Too many limitations on the free version
  • Quite expensive


  • Price: Varies in accordance with different plans

It seems that AIVA has a rich experience of composing emotional soundtracks for ads, video games or movies. You can use it to generate music without going through the music licensing process.

Through this AI music composer, you can quickly make it automatically generate music by choosing a preset style and clicking Create. On top of that, people with a demand for a more-specialized music composer can find this helpful. You can use it to edit existing songs.

If you don’t require a specialized and more powerful AI music composer, a free version is totally enough for you. If you need more, however, the paid version can also give a big surprise.



  • A free version is available
  • Edit soundtracks


  • Video upload not supported
  • There is a chance that you fail to receive the registration mail

3. Ecrett Music

  • Price: INDIVIDUAL $ 4.99/month

This online AI music generator has a very intuitive interface with a variety of scenes, moods, and genres. After registration and subscription, you have to upload a video for which you want to generate music and select the style you like. Then click on the Create Music button and wait for the program to generate the soundtrack for you.

You can have a trial before you subscribe. If you like it, you can choose to subscribe to the whole download or to download the previewed music. I really like the produced music though it may not be that creative. It is quite enough to generate a piece of music for your video as background music without a copyright problem.

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ecrett music


  • Easy to use
  • A trial is available


  • Can’t edit soundtracks

4. Humtap

  • Price: Free
  • Compatibility: iOS

This AI-powered platform allows users to create studio-quality music with human natural voice right on your phone. You can just hum a melody and the app will automatically generate an entire song using different instruments. You can adjust a song by slowing down or speeding up its tempo or add beats with a single tap.

You can also add vocals to the generated music and adjust your vocals with 5 different effects. It is allowed to upload videos or photos from camera roll to add your music to your memories. All tracks and videos generated with the Humtap AI music composer can be saved to your phone.



  • Produce pretty good music


  • Sometimes crashes

5. Amadeus Code

  • Price: Free & Paid plans
  • Compatibility: iOS

This iOS-based app is designed for both skilled musicians and music enthusiasts to create new melodies in a quick way. The music you create through Amadeus Code can be exported as audio and MIDI files to a DAW of your choice for further creative production.

According to its description, this platform will preinstall hundreds of chord progressions, and then collect more based on history’s most beloved songs. By doing this, the Amadeus Code can generate infinite melody variations.

Some users commented that the music produced by Amadeus Code is “vacuous and empty” because that would be proscribing an emotion onto the “faceless banality of the algorithm”.



  • Powerful data sets
  • Can be exported as audio and MIDI files


  • The quality of the produced music may not be that good

6. Computoser

  • Price: Free

Computoser uses an algorithm to generate creative music through a unique combination of tones, rhythm, and instruments. Since this product is still on trial, you may encounter both good and bad pieces. After playing the generated music, you can choose Like or Dislike to tell them about their performance.

The interface is quite clean and easy to comprehend. You just need to choose the one you need from its available options and click Play to enjoy your music. You can also download the generated music if desired. It supports to export audio in MIDI, MP3 and MusicXML format. And you don’t need to worry about the license issue.



  • Easy to use
  • Able to download


  • Can’t edit the generated music

7. Google’s Magenta tools

  • Price: Free

This infinite drum is one of Magenta’s available prebuilt tools. As its name suggests, this is a drum machine composed of everyday sounds that were organized through machine learning. According to the GitHub description, “The computer wasn’t given any descriptions or tags—only the audio.”

“Using a technique called t-SNE, the computer placed similar sounds closer together. You can use the map to explore neighborhoods of similar sounds and even make beats using the drum sequencer."

The interface is quite simple. By scrolling around or search for a general category of sound, you can get a piece of music with four categories combined. You are also allowed to shuffle things up or change the tempo from the bottom buttons.

google drum


  • Data set is composed of everyday sounds, which is quite interesting and creative


  • It seems that the generated videos are not allowed to download


8. Chromes Song Maker

  • Price: Free

Technically, this platform from Chrome Music Lab is not an AI music composer in any sense since it can not automatically generate music based on a great amount of data. It is just a tool to make almost everyone compose a piece of music. You don’t need to know anything about pitch, note or rhythm.

The interface is mainly covered by a grid representing beats on the X-axis and tones on the Y. By filling in any individual square, you can generate a piece of melodious music. On the bottom of the grid, there are five options for tonal instruments (piano, synth, strings, marimba, woodwind) and four for percussion (electronic, blocks, kit, conga). You can manually point, click and add through a MIDI keyboard or by singing into a mic.

You can make your loop up to 16 bars, change into funky time signatures like 5/4 or 12/8, break the note subdivisions into triplets or sixteenth notes, choose any key you'd want by the alternating scale and the starting note, and extend your range up to three octaves.

song maker


  • Compose music in a quite easy way with much fun


  • Can not generate music automatically

9. fm

  • Price: Subscription plans start from $6,95 per month

Unlike an AI music generator that allows you to generate music according to your demands, this website just provides a series of AI-generated music for you, just like the name of this site, to refresh your brain.

This platform seems to be designed for those who spend a lot of time at work and need some music to relax. If you need an AI music composer to generate music for your videos or something, this should not be your choice. But if you only need some AI-generated music to appreciate or learn, this site may suit you well.


  • Relax with a lot of AI-generated music in various genres
  • With a subscribed version, you can enjoy offline access


  • Can’t generate your own music

10. MuseNet

  • Price: Free

As a new online tool about AI music generator, OpenAI’s MuseNet is claimed to be able to generate songs with as many as 10 different instruments and create music in as many as 15 different styles. It can also imitate classical composers like Mozart, contemporary artists like Lady Gaga.

Using a deep neural network that has’ been trained on a data set of MIDI files gathered from online sources, MuseNet is able to analyze music over long periods of time.

You can go to its website to check out the samples from SOUNDCLOUD. But for now, it seems like you are only allowed to enjoy that bunch of AI-generated music instead of creating your own.



  • A great number of samples available


  • Can’t generate your own music

Can AI music Generator Really Replace Musicians?

Since an increasing number of AI music generators come forth, some of you may wonder whether the music produced by AI is good enough to win an original song award, or as good and creative as a human composer? Probably not. Will it destroy jobs? How will it affect musical copyright? Will it ever be able to without a human? We all have our own answers. It could probably make you lose your job, and it could also probably bring you the spark of inspiration. It can be both a threat and an opportunity.

One of its benefits is that those without a bit of knowledge of music with these AI music composers can compose and get a piece of original music. In this sense, it is probably a product that is good enough.


The opportunities AI music composers offer are still not explored adequately because most of these technologies are still at the stage of development. The AI tools, as I mentioned above, composers can perform exceptionally well in this sense. Before using these products, make sure what you want from them because they work differently though they are all about AI-generated music. Music, melody, and lyrics are always connected, and if you want to know tools for lyrics generator, please read Top 10 Lyric Generator Review 2023.

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