Video enhancement is a really crucial aspect of any kind of editing even though it is often overlooked since many either aren't much aware about it or they don't do it because it would take a lot of effort. While video enhancement and editing does take effort, especially for applications such as After Effects, the Topaz Video Enhance AI software is one that can solve the problem while offering great results. With this Topaz Video Enhance AI review, we will take a better look at the software application's performance, features, prices, and other essential factors like Topaz Video Enhance AI models in order to give you a better picture about the software and whether you should use it.

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Design and Performance of Topaz Video Enhance AI

Starting from the basics, you can definitely get Topaz Video Enhance AI free of cost demo from the official website itself. The software supports MacOS and Windows operating systems. Use the link above to access the website and click on the Try for Free option. The website will prompt you to share your email address on the textbox. After that, the setup file will start downloading. Run it and just follow the simple instructions to install the software. Upon running the software, you will see the UI that looks something like this:


At first glance, this application looks really simplistic but it reveals a lot of the features once you upload your file.

However, it is absolutely recommended that you go through the tutorials that are kept below. Each of the three images at the bottom prompt different tutorials. While you go through the tutorials, you will also get the idea of how the UI works. When it comes to the design, this application is pretty smooth and easy to use for beginners as well.


The performance of this application also depends on your own system. It is highly recommended that you keep only the crucial applications running while using the Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI because this is an intensive app. Not to mention that if you are using this application for the first time or rendering something new, the application will download and install Topaz Video Enhance AI models that will slow down the entire process. The software definitely needs more polishing when it comes to processing speeds, especially considering the fact that the official system requirements stated a mere 8 GB of total RAM and 2GB of VRAM. The system used for this review had 16GB RAM and 4GB of VRAM but the processing speed was underwhelming anyway. The installation of AI models will give you this screen:


However, when the performance came to delivering the results and high-quality upscaling, the Topaz Video Enhance AI definitely provided with really good looking outputs. Here's one of the videos which was upscaled to 400% from 200 and had applied the Gaia video filter:


The change in the video quality is clearly evident and the video enhancement software managed to provide the result within a few seconds of processing. When it comes to the performance and AI of Topaz Video Enhance AI, it is surely one of the best when talking about the video format. It is also worth pointing out that if you are someone who edits or enhances videos regularly, it is best to install this software in your SSD.


Of course, you will need to pay for the software to get full access to the application in regards to the features as well as accessibility. You can do so by visiting the official website of the application and clicking on the Buy option. In regular cases, the software costs $199.99, which is certainly a very pricey software, especially for beginners. However, Topaz Labs have regular sales for their products as well. In fact, as of writing this, the current sale has brought the price of the software to $149.99, which makes it a bit more affordable. Also, you can get yourself a voucher or a promo code online with some dedicated research, such as looking for reviews or videos featuring the software in question. You will get full support and free updates while your subscription lasts. Overall, even for a software like Topaz Video Enhance AI, it is best to wait for a sale or get a promo code for the perfect deal.

Features and More

Naturally, the Topaz Video Enhance AI software is more than just a video upscaling tool meant for just one job. There are a good amount of features that are pretty useful during the creation process and they definitely bring new to video editing.

One of the popular features of this application is the ‘slow-mo' one that is a really good feature for many kinds of videos. As the name suggests, the application will render the footage and find the best instance in the video to slow down in order to give the best feel. Thanks to AI based technology, users don't even need to scan through a video to find the best moments.


On a similar note, this application also allows users to switch up their FPS itself. FPS stands for Frames Per Second and basically dictates the pace of your video. Most videos are set at 24 FPS and the minimum FPS for video games is meant to be at 30. With this software, you can increase the FPS from 24 to 30 or even to 60. The difference between the slow-mo and FPS change is that slow-mo affects only the specific moment of a video whereas the FPS change is typically applied to the entire video.

A few other notable features include batch processing, good support for multiple video file formats regarding import and export, a ton of AI models and the AI itself, frame sampling, and more. Of course, when using batch processing, the Topaz Video Enhance AI will take much more time and power from the system, so it is important for users to close off other applications beforehand. The AI is well designed, however, and plays an important role in most operations and it is also capable of suggesting a plan of action to users, which can be really useful for beginners.


1. Does Topaz Video Enhance AI work?

The Topaz Video Enhance AI software is a really popular software for video enhancements and supports the popular operating systems like MacOS and Windows. Though you need a really good system to run the software, it works fairly well once you get enough RAM and VRAM.

2. How do you use Topaz Video Enhance AI?

You can first access the website and click on the Try for Free option to start the download. Install the software and click on each tutorial to get a good idea of how the application works. The good news is that users don't have to do anything beyond selecting features and clicking once to apply them. This is due to the excellent AI system designed into the application.

3. What are Topaz Video Enhance AI requirements?

There are not many specific requirements to be found on the official website except a few overall details. When it comes to the process, any Intel processor from 2015 onwards and any AMD processor from 2016 onwards meets the minimum requirements. When it comes to RAM and VRAM, a minimum of 8 GB and 2 GB respectively is required.


The Topaz Video Enhance AI software is a premium application that makes use of highly advanced AI based technology to deliver the kind of results you'll hardly see from other video enhancement applications. Though it isn't a perfect software, having clear performance issues regarding processing speeds and the occasional unresponsiveness of the UI, it still delivers on most fronts. Regardless of the user being someone who deals with video editing and enhancement everyday or a beginner, Topaz Video Enhance AI is definitely worth getting into. However, it is recommended to first try the free trial entirely then purchasing the software with a decent discount on a sale or a promo code. Finally, the software does offer a good amount of features that not only help in video enhancement but also in video editing. Features such as the FPS changer, slow-mo, and AI models assist in adding more creative elements into your videos with a single click, thanks to the AI technology ever-present in the software. Also read: Top 10 Video Enhancers Review 2024.

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Topaz Video AI

Topaz Video AI provides features like video upscaling, deinterlacing, motion interpolation, and shake stabilization.

  • Video Edit
  • Video Enhancer
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  • $299 To Buy
  • More bundle plans
  • Excellent video upscaling quality
  • Wide range of features, including slow-mo, FPS changer, and AI models
  • Batch processing
  • High price
  • Requires a powerful system