10 Top Image Upscalers Review 2020

According to a study, 78% of images uploaded to the Internet have low quality and even digital noise. But with image upscaling tools, they can still be used. Image upscaler is designed to upscale or enlarge photos without losing quality. It is good news for both professionals and common users who need high-quality photos.

How to upscale an image

There are two solutions, traditional image upscaling tools and AI image upscalers. Through AI deep learning, AI image upscaler recognizes many things, like the human face and hair, bricks and walls, background. It allows you to fill in the lost colors, details, and textures of the original images during the automatic processing.

Featured Product Recommended – Vance AI Image Enlarger

  • Price: Free, Basic ($9.90/mo), Pro ($19.90/mo)
  • Compatibility: Online, Windows
Vance AI Image Upscaler provides online image upscaling service and desktop software for Windows. With Vance AI Image Enlarger, you can upscale up to 5 images for free each month. Online image upscaler has an intuitive interface. You can easily upscale images up to 4x for free and 8x if you subscribe. 
Besides, Vance AI Image Enhancer is more powerful, which allows you to upscale images up to 40x automatically. Unlike most image upscalers that produce pixelated results, Vance AI fills in more details to your images to avoid pixelation. You can upscale images without losing quality for printing, branding, exhibition and more.  Check out more details in How to Enhance Image Quality in Vance AI Image Enhancer



  • Upscale images without losing quality online
  • Upscale images to 2x, 4x, and even 40x with software
  • Vance AI recovers details intelligently
  • Free users can download up to 5 images upscaled for free each month

How to use Vance AI Image Enlarger

  • Drag and drop your image, or upload one from local
  • Select the scale you’d like to upscale your image, 2X or 4X
  • Start the enlarging process and download the target image

How to use Vance AI Image Enhancer

  • Open Vance AI Image Upscaler
  • Drag and drop your image
  • Choose scale (2x, 4x, 6x) or enter a value ranging from 1x to 40x
  • Download result to your PC


Part 1. 10 Top AI Image Upscaler 2020

1. Photoshop

  • Image Upscaler Using Traditional Image Processing Technology
  •  Available Platforms: Windows & Mac

 Photoshop, as a famous image processing software, could also work as an image upscaler, while it is backed by traditional image processing technology instead of the cutting-edge AI tech. Rather than creating new pixels, Photoshop only enlarges the image resolution and size based on its analysis of current existing pixels and information.


How to Upscale an Image in Photoshop?

  • Launch Photoshop and open the low-res image
  • Choose Image > Image Size, multiply the pixel of width and height by the scale you’d like to achieve
  • Then remember to click Resample> Preserve Details 2.0
  • Choose to reduce noise or not based on the original image (Optional)
  • Click “OK”

 2. AI Image Enlarger

  • Price: Free for a basic plan; Premium plan:14.99$; Pro Plan: 39.99$.
  • Technology: Powered by AI technology and pioneer SRCNN structure
  • Available Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

AI Image Enlarger is an online image upscaler that allows users to upscale their image without installing its software. Right, you could upscale images online by uploading it to this platform, and the free plan is for 19 images a month. For more images to be upscaled, you need to subscribe for a Premium plan starting from 14.99$ for 99 images a month, or Pro plan for a larger number of images priced at 39.99$. Besides an online platform, you could also install its software to achieve better functions and processing stability. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to create an account on this platform before using it for upscaling images without losing quality.

ai image enlarger


  • Superfast image processing speed
  • Support batch conversion process
  • Compatible with Windows as well as Mac OS
  • Small size, less than 4.0Mb for the .exe file and 1Mb for .dmg file.
  • Easy to upscale and enhance your small and LD images.

How to Upscale an Image with AI Image Enlarger?

  • Click the central button to upload the low-resolution image
  • Set relevant parameters regarding how you’d like to upgrade your image, there is a recommended default setting: “High Grade, 4x”, which shall produce the most satisfying result.
  • Click on “Start

3. Let’s Enhance

  • Subscription6.99$ for Monthly Subscription, 4.33$ for Yearly Subscription;
  • Bundles—4.99$ for 20 images, up to 120 images for 19.99$
  • Technology: Image Super-Resolution technology based on Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Available Platforms: Windows, Mac

Let’s Enhance, an image upscaler aimed at upscaling images without losing quality through techniques of improving colors, recovering lost textures and details, removing compression and more, could upscale your image up to 16x. With this image upscaler, photo improvement would just be an easy job. The free function could only let you enlarge the image by limited times up to 4x, and if you would like to achieve better image resolution and processing effect, like to upscale image online by 8x or 16x, you need to pay for a premium plan. Please do remember, the free function has a 15 megapixel as well as 15 megabytes limit, and it shall remove JPEG noise during processing if you upload a JPG or JPEF format image.

let's enhance


  • Upscale the image up to 16x
  • Compatible with Windows as well as Mac OS
  • Compression artifacts removal
  • Free upscale image to 4k online
  • Smart HDR and color enhancement

How to Upscale an Image with Let’s Enhance?

  • Upload the low-res image to the platform;
  • Select processing option from Photos and art, Illustrations, selecting Add textures or Improve colors based on your image type;
  • Make advanced settings: choose how many times you’d like to upscale your image, for example 2x, 4x, 8x or 16x.
  • Choose the target image format and start upscaling images without losing quality

4. BigJPG

  • Basic: 500 images/month,
  • Standard version: 1000 images/month
  • Pro version: 2000 images/month
  • Technology: AI Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (based on waifu2x)
  •  Available Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Having some fuzzy anime images or illustrations on hand? Don’t worry, there is an image upscaler best for these kinds of images called BigJPG. BigJPG ranks the 3rd on our top list of AI image upscalers, famous for processing anime images and illustrations and upscaling images without losing quality. During this process, colors, details, and edges are all well filled. Besides that, this wonderful image upscaler also supports API as well as offline enlarging after login-in. Lastly, one thing to bear in mind is that currently, BigJPG has set a limit for an uploaded photo as 3000x3000px and 10MB.



  • High-performance servers with high speed and stability
  • Upload images up to 10MB
  • Upscale image online to 16x without losing quality
  • Support batch enlarging simultaneously

How to Upscale an Image with BigJPG?

  • Create an account and log in
  • Upload the low-res image to this platform
  • Make the configuration right by choosing relevant image types, enlarge time as well as noise reduction settings.

5. Topaz Gigapixel AI

  • Price: 99.99$
  • Technology: Powered by AI machine learning technology
  • Available Platforms: Windows & Mac

Topaz Gigapixel AI is an AI-powered image enlarging software capable of shake reduction and upscaling images without losing quality. When it comes to image blur, it is non-deniable that even the steadiest hands cannot compare to a tripod. With that being said, you can’t bring a tripod everywhere, but don’t worry, this image upscaler Gigapixel AI can solve the issue in image after processing. Through millions of tests and trial, Gigapixel AI has been trained to learn the features of detail and noise, therefore it can solve motion blur and make handheld images look like they were taken with a tripod. Backed by AI machine learning, this image upscaler could accurately upscale your low-res image into full-resolution files that you can actually use and add the lost details during such a process.

Check Photo Enhancers Review to edit and improve your photos in almost all aspects.



  • Natural shake reduction and focus correction
  • Enhance edge and adds artifacts and correct blur
  • Automatic face refinement and recover real detail
  • Enlarge Images by up to 600%
  • Support image batch enlarging

How to Upscale an Image with Topaz Gigapixel AI?

  • Launch Gigapixel AI
  • Click the central button to upload the low-res images you’d like to enlarge
  • Make image processing settings in the right section, like enlarging the scale, output quality, format, etc.
  • Start to upscaling images without losing quality

6. Deep Image

  • Price: Free for 5 Images, Varied Pricing for Premium Plan (up to 5000$/monthly)
  • Technology: AI Super-Resolution Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Available Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android

As of now, Deep Image is the only completely free AI image upscaler, and a great part is that you don’t need to sign up to use this platform. This image upscaler is compatible with Windows and Mac OS and has developed its app for users to easily upscale image online as well as on their mobile phones. If you would like to have AI image processing ability in your mobile app, now you could do it. Capable of removing JPG artifacts, Deep Image utilizes the current AI technology to reverse the image compression used by many companies, like Facebook or Google. With the JPEG filter of Deep Image, it is possible to restore the image to its original quality with fewer artifacts and smoother edges. Remember, the image limit is 5000 x 5000 (25 megapixels) for either registered and unregistered users.

Deep Image


  • Support AIP
  • Batch upload and enlarging
  • Upscaling images without losing quality up to 4k resolution

How to Upscale an Image with Deep Image?

  • Choose one file, or batch upload function to select the image of low resolution;
  • Select the upscale times from 2x, 4x or up to 4k resolution
  • Remove artifacts or not
  • Click “Enhance image!

7. ImageUpscaler

  • Price: Varied pricing plan
  • Technology: AI Deep Learning & Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN)
  • Available Platforms: Web-based

ImageUpscaler is an online platform that allows people to upscale their images up to 4 times. Backed by Artificial Intelligence, this image upscaler platform could upscale image online without losing quality, and more importantly, it could analyze the enlarged picture to add the lost details. The maximum image size is 5 MB, with an image width-and-height limit setting as 2500 pixels. But for what kind of images this image upscaler works well with? Just keep in mind, logos, cartoons, animes or other synthesized images are those it could upscale for the best.



  • Upscale image online up to 4x
  • Remove JPEG artifacts after compression
  • Support picture deblurring

How to Upscale an Image with ImageUpscaler?

  • Click “Resize Image Now!”
  • Upload the low-res image from local
  • Select the scale you’d like to enlarge your image, 2x or 4x
  • Start the enlarging process and download the target image

8. Waifu2x

  • Price: Free
  • Technology: AI-Powered Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Available Platforms: Web-based

Waifu2x is an image upscaler best for anime-style art powered by AI Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. Besides that, it also supports photo processing and could upscale image online. Despite the UI of its website is not very well designed and organized, the functions to upscale an image are quite good. You could enter the URL of online images, or upload from the local file. Waifu2x also supports noise reduction, and the largest scale it could upscale is 2x, which might be a little bit limited compared to other image upscalers mentioned above.



  • Upscale image online up to 2x free
  • Best for anime-style images
  • Support image noise reduction but not JPEG artifact
  • Batch conversion

How to Upscale an Image with Waifu2x?

  • Enter the URL of online images, or upload from local
  • Choose the image type as artwork or photo
  • Select upscaling to 1.6x or 2x.
  • Click “Conversion”

9. Upscale Pics

  • Price: Subscription: 4$/monthly; Image purchase plan: starting from 20 images
  • Technology: AI-Powered Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Available Platforms: Windows & Mac

Upscale Pics is a website that could upscale image resolution without reducing quality. What is amazing is that this image upscaler is capable of enhancing your images to any desired size up to 8X. Backed by the algorithm of Artificial Intelligence, it adds details to your images, making them look as if they were taken by a professional photographer. Upscale Pics has a free plan for trial.

Upscale Pics


  • Remove JPEG artifacts
  • Upscale image online up to 8X
  • Improve the tone of images and add extra details

How to Upscale an Image with Upscale Pics?

  • Create an account and login on this image upscaler;
  • Upload the image of low resolution;
  • Adjust the bar to set enlarging scale from 2x up to 8x;
  • Click “Start”

10. Photolemur

  • Price: 35$
  • Technology: AI Deep Learning
  • Available Platforms: Windows & Mac

Backed by AI deep learning technology, Photolemur could automatically upscale your images without losing quality after learning millions of details and instantly performing complex adjustments. No photo editing experience? No problem if you have Photolemur. This image upscaler is a user-friendly oriented software that helps non-experts to easily reborn their cherished old photos.



  • Restore lost details, boost lighting and colors, fix exposure
  • Batch processing an unlimited number of photos
  • Supports all popular image formats, including RAW
  • Could serve as an Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop plugin

Part 2. Extension: Video UpscalerUpgraded Image Processing

All right, top list of 10 image upscalers finished here! But, some readers still wonder, even if they have solved the issue of upscaling images without losing quality, how about video? Could video be enhanced as well through AI technology?

The answer is 100% positive. It is beyond question that video is composed of continuous movement of images. therefore, to the core, videos could be analyzed just like images. Breaking one frame of video into multiple images, analyzing and enhancing the quality of them one by one, and combining the newly refreshed images altogether into a video is exactly the job of a video enhancer.

DVDFab Enlarger AI, is the world’s first AI video enhancer software for users to upgrade their videos from low resolution to higher ones. For example, you have an old DVD or video taken many years ago, now you’d like to enhance it to a higher resolution like 1080p and even 4k. Is it possible? The answer is yes. With this AI-powered video enhancer, you could certainly refresh those old memories.


Next, we are going to conclude this article with some frequently asked questions for your reference. If you want to enhance your videos without losing quality, please check our list in Video Enhancer Review.

Part 3. FAQs

FAQ 1: What Kind of AI technology is Being Used in this video enhancer, DVDFab AI Enlarger?

Smart color correction algorithms, AI Super-Resolution technology, TensorFlow.

FAQ 2: Is the Enhanced Video of Same Resolution?

No, it depends on your choice. You could upscale your video from 480p to 1080p, or from 1080p to 4k. Besides that, there are two settings available, one is Premium Quality, and the other is called Ultra Quality. The image of the later is better than the former, but apparently, the conversion process shall take more time.

FAQ 3: How to Upscale a DVD to Blu-ray Standard?

Regarding the specific steps, it shall involve the software installation and system requirement. Normally you should upscale your DVD under Copy or Ripper Mode, please read further about the steps on How to upscale a DVD to Blu-ray with AI.

FAQ 4: What is the Best A.I. Image Upscaler?


FAQ 5: What is image upscaler?

Traditionally, Image Upscalerrefers to the image editing software or tools, like Photoshop, aimed at improving image resolution through adjusting parameters regarding color, temperature, outline, brightness, shadows, etc. The methods it employed are quite traditional and have been around for decades.

Besides, You can read Image Enlargers Review to get more AI-powered image enlargers.

FAQ 6: What is AI Image Upscale?

AI Image Upscaler: refers to image upscaling program or software that fixes the blurred image through AI deep learning algorithm, for example, detecting the blurred outline or space and fix it to recover the lost colors, textures and details.

FAQ 7: How to upscale an Image using A.I?


FAQ 8: Is AI image upscaler better than traditional image upscaling software?

Generally, Yes. When you use one traditional image upscaler, there would be no new information about the image, which, in other words, means that you just couldn’t add extra quality even if the resolution has been increased. That is what makes the AI-powered image upscalers so unique.

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