Discover the power of Midjourney AI and how to use it, an impressive art generator capable of creating highly realistic images using AI technology. And its perfect partner: VanceAI Image Upscaler.

Can you believe it? Now any photo you see on the Internet could be completely fabricated by AI out of thin air. Midjourney's realistic image generation has sparked a global wave of excitement about AI-generated images and a renewed understanding of AI.

Nowadays, anyone can create a stunning photographic image using Midjourney AI, which can include anything you desire at any time. Just like the following Twitter post, it's really hard to believe that the woman in this unbelievably real-looking photo turned out to be completely non-existent:

From age 3 to 100 — a fascinating AI exploration using Midjourney v5 & Runway ml

by christianortner Girl At Different Ages Made By Midjounrey

— Tansu YEĞEN (@TansuYegen) March 31, 2024

In the past, even a highly skilled oil painter would take hours to produce such realistic and surreal paintings, and they would need the appropriate models.

As the quality of AI-generated images continues to improve lately, people are amazed again and again by what can be accomplished using this technology. Midjourney's work in particular has caused quite a stir, as many people have been unable to tell the difference between their generated images and actual photos.

Now, at TopTenAI let me share some awesome details on this Midjourney AI image generator!

What is Midjourney?

You might have heard about Midjourney, but you do not have proper knowledge about what Midjourney AI art is. Midjourney is an art-generating tool that is based on artificial intelligence programming that is created by professional artists and painters. They have transformed the talent of professional artists into a computerized system to generate beautiful art without effort. It has a special software called DALL-E 2, an AI tool.

It creates professional drawings by just simply typing any image text you want. If you order an object like a flying airplane, it will draw an image of an aircraft flying in the sky. It means to say that anything you are thinking about and just type on the Midjourney AI art will become an actual image. It's like transforming thoughts into real photos online. There is also another tool known as DALL-Mini it is free to use tool that you can use to create beautiful images.

Unique Advantage of Midjourney AI

Midjourney's AI image generation is effortless and efficient, producing detailed images within seconds. Unlike traditional image generators, it operates on artificial intelligence and is more relaxing to use, reducing work pressure. With a range of classifications and great attention to detail, Midjourney AI art provides fresh, clean images that are easy to create with just a few text inputs. Its powerful tools enable users to produce professional-grade images effortlessly.

Here is an excellent image generated with the help of Midjourney. As you can see, all the details of the image are drawn effortlessly. All you have to do is simply type, and your image will be generated instantly.



This realism is achieved through the use of cutting-edge deep learning technology, which allows Midjourney to analyze and understand the patterns and features of existing images in order to create new, highly realistic ones. The system is able to learn from vast amounts of visual data, allowing it to accurately simulate the intricate details and nuances of real-world scenes.

The ability to generate such realistic images has broad applications in a variety of fields, from advertising and marketing to filmmaking and gaming. It can also be used in scientific research, such as in simulations or modeling, to accurately predict and visualize complex scenarios.



Overall, Midjourney's unique ability to generate highly realistic images across a wide range of styles is a testament to the power of deep learning and AI and has the potential to transform the way we create and consume visual content.

How to use Midjourney AI Beta to create your own special art?

If you are new to this platform and don't have proper knowledge about how to operate the platform. You will need to create a Discord account because that is its first requirement.

Step 1

midjourney ai art

After successfully creating an account on Discord, now you can go to the Discord server where the Midjourney AI art features are enabled. Click on this link to open the click on this link Discord to join the Discord server of the Midjourney AI tool.

Step 2

You can click on already have an account, type your account details, and open the link to the server where the Midjourney AI tool bot is available. 

Step 3

STEP 3 how to use midjourney ai

After that, you could create your own room or just select a room where people can create their own art images and share them with others. We will introduce how to create your own room in the later text. (If you want to keep the promotes and images only seen by yourself, you may need to create a new room)

Step 4

midjourney ai art

To begin, you will have to type something that starts with a discord slash command like /Imagine. And then you can type your prompts and click "Enter". Your message will be conveyed to the Midjourney bot, which will immediately start generating your images online like an expert.

step 4 how to use midjourney ai

Step 5

It may take some time, depending on your internet connection. Give some time to the Midjourney AI tool bot to generate images. 

Step 6

midjourney ai art

Click on the open original then the image will be opened on another page. You can easily download pictures by left click and save the image. Download the image on your device with a few simple clicks effortlessly. 

Step 7 Upscaling and Variation (Optional)

midjourney ai art

You can select the variations accordingly.

U= It stands for upscale you can select the upscale quality of your choice. Click U1, then it will upscale picture 1, wait a min then you will see it.

V= It represents variation that creates a new image based on your selection. Click V2, the AI will optimize and generate more images that are similar to picture 2.

If you want to download the HD image, you can click "Open in Browser", right-click the mouse and select Save Picture.

How to use Midjourney AI to make your photos more wonderful? (Updated May 2024)

Now you have known how to use Midjourney AI to create an image with words, now if you want to have more fun, follow me to magically turn your normal photo into a wonderful one.

Usually, you want to keep the photo of yourself private, so now let's talk about how to create a new room only available to you. And turn your photo to other art styles.

Step 1: To create your own room, you will need to click the "+".

Step 2: Select "Create My Own" and then "For me and my friends". And also you can rename your service and upload the profile photo. (Click on the images below for a larger view)



Step 3: Add the Midjourney bot to your discord service.



Now you have successfully created your own room, where your information will not be shared with the world. Go back to the service channel to start to transform your selfie into other styles.

Step 4: Choose a clear photo in which your face and silhouette are clearly visible. And you should copy the link to this photo. To get a link to the photo you can send the photo to a dialog box, after which you can click on the image, right-click and select "Copy Image Link".

Step 5: Type "/imagine" and input the link you just copied and add more promptsjust like what you did in the previous part. When you are done, then just click "Enter"  to wait for your result.
how to use midjourney ai

See, this is a 3D carbonized selfie image made by us, it's fabulous and easy.

Here is our example prompt, go and have a try  "Change this photo into a 3D cartoon photo, A boy has short black hair and big eyes, a happy expression, Pixar style, Minimalist, epic detail, ultra-high definition, epic details, 8k". You may need to change it according to your own specific needs.

Good Combination:  Midjourney + VanceAI Image Upscaler

Although Midjourney can generate a variety of highly realistic images, it currently only supports generating images with a resolution of 512*512. This limitation may not be sufficient for those who need larger or high-resolution images, especially for printing purposes. However, you can use VanceAI Image Upscaler, which we have reviewed previously and think may be helpful to enlarge your Midjourney-generated images.

VanceAI Image Upscaler is also a deep AI-based image enlargement tool that can enlarge your images up to 8 times in resolution (web version), and up to 40 times in resolution if you use their PC version. This is an incredible technology because it can enlarge images while intelligently recognizing the image content and adding pixels to maintain image quality, resulting in a clear and sharp image even after enlargement.

Just like Midjourney, VanceAI Image Upscaler offers different models for different types of images, including photography, cartoons, art, text, and more, ensuring that your image enlargement is accurate and effective.


VanceAI Image Upscaler + Midjourney
VanceAI Image Upscaler + Midjourney


Therefore, if you are using Midjourney, VanceAI Image Upscaler can be a good combination for generating high-quality images at larger resolutions.

Performance of Midjourney AI 

Midjourney AI has a very outstanding performance if we talk about the working of this platform. A painter's job is to draw images through his brush. Now the technology has changed from manual to automated systems. People have switched to artificial intelligence to do innovative work rather than working hard. There is no need for any brushes and tools that requires manual effort. All the things are operated automatically with a short click and nothing else.

You will also have to follow some rules while using this platform. Here are some rules that you must adopt while operating.

  • Don't try to create images that are not social.
  • Adult content cannot be performed on the platform. 
  • Show respect to others to take care of yourself.

Why Midjourney AI Caused Panic?

Midjourney is an intelligent art-generating tool with many features by which you can create images online. It has caused panic among professional artists and painters due to some reasons. First of all, you need to know what Midjourney is.

It is an art-generating tool that can create art with just simply typing. You have to type a text, and that art will be generated in no time. Let's discuss the panic. It has created a lot of trouble for artists because their job was to create art and earn money. Now people have started using Midjourney AI art to create images. Why would someone hire a professional artist to draw art when they can draw it by simply typing on their device?

Most artists are against this artificial intelligence because it has taken the place of many artists. Now even if you are a beginner and don't have good experience in drawing art. Depending on your choice, you can simply use the Midjourney AI tool to create vibrant images. Now you won't have to go to any type of professional that would have to draw an image for you. It also saves the time you spend drawing pictures from anyone. 

Alternatives to Midjourney AI

AI generator from VanceAI

It is important to note that due to the high demand for Midjourney, they no longer offer a free trial. However, there are alternative image generators available that you can try, such as the VanceAI Art Generator, which has recently been released and is gaining popularity, and Fotor Image Generator.

Both of these alternative options offer different features and styles for generating images. VanceAI Art Generator, for instance, uses deep learning to create a range of art styles, while Fotor Image Generator offers a wide range of templates and design elements for users to create their own images.

Here is a chart that you may need:

Comparison chart Midjourney AI VanceAI Art Generator Fotor Image Generator
Price Free Trial Free / Paid (monthly) Free / Paid (monthly)
Quality ★★★★★ ★★★★☆ ★★★☆☆
Support Device Online, Web Online, Web Online, Web
Easy to use
high-quality images ×
various styles × √(wide variety of templates)
customizable settings ×(Need to describe the effect you want yourself)

If you are interested in trying out different image generators, it's worth exploring different options to find the one that best fits your needs and preferences.


  • What is Midjourney AI Art? 

Midjourney is an art-generating tool based on artificial intelligence that can create art simply by typing. It has a bot that generates millions of art online by typing anything of your choice. It allows you to make beautiful images by typing them on the platform. 

  • How do I use Midjourney?

There is a complete guideline given for your comfort. You can follow the steps given and create images within no time. You can also visit their Quick Start Guideline, where its proper usage with skimmable steps is given that you can use.

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Midjourney AI

Midjourney is an art-generating tool that is based on artificial intelligence programming.

  • Image Generator
  • Art Generator
  • AI
  • Basic $10 ($8 for yearly)
  • Standard $30 ($24 for yearly)
  • Pro $60 ($48 for yearly)
  • Powerful AI image generator
  • Active community
  • Wide range of styles and techniques
  • Time-consuming to generate complex images
  • Need much skills about writing prompts