Top10 Best After Effects Alternatives

After the rampant rise of the film industry, the need for movie ag because everything could not be perfect in the first shot. And Adobe After Effects was one of the apps and software created for it. After Effects is a compositing, motion graphics, and digital visual effects application developed by Adobe, it applies mainly in the postproduction of video games films. It includes tools for compositing, animation, tracking, etc. However, After Effects does not come without its disadvantages which include the fact that it uses a lot of processing power which can cause considerable delays in your projects. It is also a bit complicated to use, and Adobe After Effects price is a bit high. Thus, you can use after effect alternatives that provide you with at least the same tools, if not more. These can be used as enhancers for photo or video to improve your films, video games postproduction. Many after effect alternative apps are on the market, so we have chosen the ten best ones. We have ranked them based on price and the tools they provide. Do give them a try!

Top10 Best After Effects Alternatives

1.      Aescripts

after effects alternative_aescripts

Aescripts has one of the best After Effect plugins. It has tools that can allow you to edit videos, pictures like After Effects, and much more. Its Blender AE will enable you to select and export 3D data from Blender to After Effects. Moreover, the Matte Tools can make working with layers and mattes in After Effects. Other tools include a depth scanner, which allows you to make detailed enhancements, and Textor to create text animations. All these plugins have to be downloaded from this website and attached to Adobe After Effects. While some of them are free, many of them are costly (even more so than Adobe After Effects). Hence, be cautious of which tool you want to download.


  • Various tools with different functions are available.
  • Compatible with Adobe After Effect.


  • Expensive.
  • Need to be downloaded separately.
  • Unable to work with Adobe After Effect.

2.      Video copilot

after effects alternative_video copilot

Video copilot is another website that has several Adobe After Effects plugins. One of the most used ones is Element 3D. As the name suggests, Element 3D can visualize 3D effects in films or video games. 

Its features include Matter reflection mode, group symmetry creation mode, dynamic group folder reflections, etc. You can create 3D shadows in your films and videos to make them look more realistic. All these allow you to import 3D objects to After Effects. It has an excellent interface but might be complicated to use if you are starting. Another tool is Optical Flares which can be used for 3D animation, compositing, commercials, motion graphics, etc. 


  • Excellent for 3D effects.
  • It can make videos look realistic.
  • Excellent interface.


  • It is a bit complicated to use.
  • Expensive.

3.      Motion Array

after effects alternative_motion array

Motion Array is a professional filmmaker's platform with tools to fulfill every filmmaker's needs. It has templates, presets, motion graphics, plugins, and much more. Its accessible after effects templates allow you to create intros, titles, logo reveals, etc.

Also, there is a separate tool with numerous after effect free transitions that can make your video editing easier. A great After Effects alternative here is the Adobe Premiere plugins, which can visualize effects in pictures and videos. These include wrong signals, camera shake, slashing, etc. Another alternative for picture effects that you can use is an  AI Photo retoucher that improves picture quality, exposure, etc. 


  • It has several features and templates which can allow you to edit your videos professionally.
  • It is good After Effect Alternative.


  • Everything has to be downloaded.
  • No advanced features than others.

4.      Mix kit

after effects alternative_mix kit

Mix kit is a website that can be an excellent asset for your next video project. It has tools templates for every use. Its plethora of stock videos can add aesthetic shots to your videos that you might not be able to shoot yourself. 

Its music stockpile makes every video exciting and fun. Moreover, it has sound effects for games, instruments, and more. That is not all, though; it even has free After Effects templates that can be downloaded and used to bring visual impact to your videos. 


  • It has a high number of tools that can be used to edit videos.
  • Templates and shots that can be used with After Effects.
  • Nice interface.


  • Its templates are a bit basic and simple.

5.      Video Hive

after effects alternative_video hive

Video Hive is another app that can be used by video professionals all over the world. It has millions of video effects and stock footage which can be downloaded for free. It allows you to add graphics, audio, and 3D effects to your videos. Hence, it is a great After Effects alternative. That is not all. Through Video Hive, you can download openings, logo strings, templates, and much more for After Effects.


  • A massive stock of videos available.
  • Mutiple tools to aid your video editing
  • Cheaper than other after effect altenatives.

6.      Rocket Stock

after effects alternative_rocket stock

Rocket stock is a project by the famous shutter stock with a considerable stock of video templates added to your videos and films for effects. It also has AI templates which include promos, logo reveals, overlays, and lower thirds. All this does not come free, though. You have to pay a lot for these templates. However, if you need to enlarge your images without decreasing their quality, you must go for VanceAI Image Enlarger.


  • A considerable stock of high-quality videos and templates supported.


  • Iimited video editing features.

7.      Mister Horse

after effects alternative_mister horse

Mister Horse is another website with plugins that improve After Effects definition. It has a wide range of plugins which include animation composer, motion presets, text presets, and many more, which allow you to add aesthetic effects to your videos. These plugins are an editor’s dream come true because they encompass almost every video editing feature.


  • It has a high number of plugins.
  • Great interface.


  • It can only be used if you have After Effect .
  • Not a good After Effect alternative.

8.      Natron

after effects alternative_natron

Natron is a proper After Effect alternative because it is open-source software for VFX and motion graphics. By that, it means it has many editing features, including flexible rotoscoping, keying tools, etc. Any professional video editor can use this tool to make their videos perfect.


  • Mainstream video editing features supported.
  • It is compatible with almost every OS.


  • It has to be downloaded.

9.      Apple Motion

after effects alternative_apple motion

Apple motion is another After Effect alternative and one of the most powerful video editing tools out there. You can add special effects to your videos and create cinematic titles through apple motion. What’s more, you can create motion graphics at very high speeds through this. Thus, it is an excellent tool for all video editors.


  • Multiple videos editing options supported.


  • Macs available only.

10.      Blender

after effects alternative_blender

Blender is a website that allows you to edit your videos by adding special effects, graphics, and templates. It has a plethora of options to choose from, including an inbuilt compositor, motion tracking, etc. In addition, if you are looking to create a portrait for yourself or a loved one, then you must try VansPortrait


  • A high number of video editing tools.


  • It is a bit expensive.


All these websites provide great after-effect alternatives for image or video editings. Have you tried using an AI image enhancer? If not, it is a must-try for all those who love taking distant pictures! So, if you are tired of using Adobe’s products and need something new or different, then do give these a try!

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