Top 10 AI Translation Tools Review

AI Translation

With the world coming together through social media, digital content, and trade, there has been an increasing need for communication across countries. Machine learning translation has made this possible for all of us. With the use of software to convert text or speech from one language to another, neural machine translation has brought the world together.

Being quick, secure, and an easy way to comprehend new languages, machine translation eschews the need for a middle man to facilitate communication. Besides, machine translation is also more consistent and cheaper than human translators. If you need to sift through a large amount of content in foreign languages, an AI translation tool is your best bet.

What is an AI Translation Tool?

An AI translation tool is a digital tool that assists in translating different languages, either spoken or written, into a language of choice with the help of artificial intelligence technology. Apple’s Siri, Google Translate, and Duolingo are all samples of this. Apart from overcoming the language barrier in communication, an AI translator has a rising role in language learning. It is easy to access and has benefits while traveling.

Top 10 AI Translation Tools Review

1. Alexa Translations

Having been in the language services industry since 2002, Alexa Translations is the best in the field for translating documents in the legal, financial, marketing, technical, and government sectors.

Delivering customized and premium machine learning services to its users, this AI translator has unmatched speed in translating. Interestingly, this translator fits in seamlessly with a human translator’s services. This is one safe way to translate confidential texts.


● Translates up to 100 documents in seconds
● Can be used to translate web content
● Client-specific results are offered

● Only specialized for Canadian legal systems

2. DeepL Translator

Often described as the world’s best machine learning translator, DeepL is a fast and accurate translator that does wonders with text-to-text translations. With the ability to customize the translations, the user can maintain a fair bit of control over the automatic translation. Further making the translator attractive, the AI technology retains the formatting of the original document, thereby saving lots of time.


● Translates almost 26 international languages.
● No limits on texts to be translated
● Windows extension is available

● Only available in select countries

3. Taia

With the help of AI technology and experienced translators, Taia gives you an accurate translation in almost 97 languages. Instead of leaving the whole process to AI, the translations are done by humans who use machine translation to quicken the process. There is no need for mailing or installing any program, all you need to do is upload the content onto the platform assigned for this. Moreover, Taia gives an instant rate estimate without any hidden fees.


● Translation in almost 97 languages
● Combination of human translators and machine learning technology
● No hidden fees

● Can fall on the pricier side

4. Google Translate

This has to be the most popular AI translation tool on this list. In fact, Google Translate is almost synonymous with an AI translator. Being quick to respond and free to use had laid the foundation of this translator’s popularity. It is cheap and an effective way to translate over 100 languages. With native speakers contributing to training the AI algorithm, Google Translate can be trusted to give verified translations.


● Easy to use and access
● Verified translations
● Free to use

● While translating from certain languages, the AI algorithm fails to take the meaning of the content into consideration.

5. Smartling: Language Translation and Content Localization Solutions

Partners with world-class enterprises, Smartling is a translation management service that you should look into for smart, centralized, and end-to-end results. Often reducing the manual work that CMS connectors have to do, Smartling has a robust suite of functions and features to simplify language translation. The AI translator’s cloud-based platform has everything to ensure that your team is empowered to do what they do the best.


● Context window to view how the translation can be used in real life
● Stellar customer support
● Gives accurate predictive insights

● Separate software needs to be downloaded

6. Mirai Translate

Mirai is a neural machine translator that is often used by large corporations. Operational in multiple languages, Mirai increases the productivity and speed of translation processes by being compatible with numerous file formats. This cloud-based API vendor service also supports speech translation. The accuracy of this machine learning translator is claimed to be close to that of a human translator with a TOEIC score of 960.


● Models developed for sector-specific translation
● Acquired ISO 27017 certification for cloud machine translation in Japan
● Supports various file formats

● Complicated for simple everyday translation

7. Stepes

Stepes offers more than one AI-powered translational service for real and significant machine learning translation. Offering quality translations continuously, Stepes has a patented online and mobile translation technology to deliver translations on demand. Serving the top Fortune 500 companies, this translation service has a reputation reaching far and wide. Offering their services in over 100 languages and six continents, Stepes has the world’s first human translation app to break down language barriers everywhere.


● Available on six continents and in 100 languages
● Suited for business translations
● Offers services on all devices

● Not for users looking for free automatic translators

8. Sonix

If you are looking for a strong automated audio translator, you should try out Sonix. With an in-browser editor that allows users to search, edit, play, and organize files, you can have your translated content in over 30 languages. For video content creators, if you need a trustworthy transcriptor and translator, Sonix can make your content more engaging and accessible with their service.


● Grants 30 minutes of free transcription
● Automated conversion of audio and subtitling
● Available in 40+ languages

● Has difficulty picking up certain languages

9. Phrase

If you need a reliable localization team to boost your global growth, what you are looking for is Phrase. Formerly known as PhraseApp, it provides a variety of integration possibilities. The program’s API is designed to import and download local files, tag keys, or interact in multiple ways with the localization data stored. It also has another set of features such as Glossary, Translation Memory, In-context Editor, and SmartSuggest to improve the accuracy of the translations.


● Excellent for localization
● Trusted by world-renowned brands
● Has a Translation Editor for improved accuracy

● Has an interface that is tricky to learn

10. Fluently

Fluently is your software if you need to improve your writing in a foreign language. Built with a multilingual translator, grammar checker, and synonyms library, this program is actually an online distraction-free editor. Ranked as the fifth most voted product in 2020, Fluently displays errors and translation in real-time and allows users to compare the results side-by-side.


● An editor with amenities such as a multilingual translator
● Formatting remains untouched
● Includes multilingual synonym library

● Supports only around 21 languages


There are millions of apps and software existing just to make translations a bit easier every day. While promoting a culture of intermingling without language barriers, this list of AI translation tools is accurate and confidential in their translations. Becoming a topic of rising interest, machine learning can take humanity to new heights. Also read: AI Frame Interpolation Can Convert Videos to 60fps


How is AI used in translation?

The latest technology involved in the language translation software is neural machine learning. It predicts, converts, and assesses the accurate words or phrases from its database while the process of translation is undertaken. Such translation management systems are highly unlikely to bring out incorrect translations.

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