Top 10 3D Image Makers Review

As we keep experimenting with visuals and keep pushing the possibilities of what we can create, we find new styles of images as well. A 3D image maker is definitely what you expect it to be, an application that can convert an image into 3D. However, the 3D image maker applications offer many more features which help users create truly special photos that are valuable to everyone. A lot of the results that people get from 3D image maker apps are capable of generating sales through NFT conversion as well. So, you can also apply a 3D photo effect to your images, add a few edits, and potentially make an NFT art meant for selling.

Top 10 3D Image Makers Review

1. LucidPix

Price: Most of the features and tools are provided for free but with watermark. In order to remove watermark and access more features, you can pay $3 per month or upwards for the Pro version.

With LucidPix, you don’t need to learn how to make a 3D photo as most of the processes that you do in the app are automatic. For instance, when you upload a normal image, the app automatically merges your image with the most appropriate 3D photo template. Additionally, you can convert your image to 3D by simply selecting a few options. The 3D photo maker application also has an active community that you can engage with and possibly connect further for selling and purchasing NFTs.



  • Offers many good features.
  • Active community.
  • Provides automatic results.


  • Portraits are sometimes off.
  • Limited free use.
  • The website has many broken links.

2. 3DThis

Price: This is a 3D photo editor that also offers features for other visual forms and each conversion costs one token. One token is worth $0.30.

This platform is one of the most varied 3D photo effect apps that you will find online. This application not only deals with 3D photos but also with morphing, animations, and much more. When it comes to 3D photo effects, the app can also convert audio into 3D. You can use this app for making your videos more dynamic as well. As for photos, you can upload it easily on the site and start working on it by choosing features from the right hand section.



  • Multiple different features.
  • Really affordable to use.
  • Quick processing.


  • Users need to learn the app.
  • It doesn’t support most browsers.
  • The UI can be improved.

3. ConvertImage

Price: The 3D photo maker application is free to use and requires no downloads or account creations from users.

Similar to the previous entry in the list, this platform too offers multiple features that are useful for creating a 3D photo. The application is easy to use as well. Users only have to upload an image and send the image over on the website. The application will automatically create a 3D image out of it and make it ready for downloading. Other than that, you can edit and scale images, make watermarks, and more.



  • Offers multiple features.
  • Completely free to use.
  • Automatic processing.


  • The UI can be better.
  • Can be buggy.
  • The results are sometimes below average.

4. LunaPic

Price: The LunaPic 3D photo maker online application is free to use without needing any downloads or accounts from the user.

The best advantage of using LunaPic is that you never run out of tools that you can use for your images. When it comes to 3D image maker, you can use the app’s cube box feature that creates multiple copies of your image and fits them into a cube structure. This type of image can be used for videos, presentations, or any other dynamic visual form. You can get started by uploading the image you want to convert and clicking on the Go or Upload button. The app automatically provides you with the result in a few seconds.



  • Sophisticated online application.
  • Free to use.
  • Quick results.


  • No popping up 3D photo effects.
  • Takes time to learn the app.
  • Could use more 3D features.

5. Vectary

Price: The 3D picture maker offers all the basic 3D and AR based features to users for free. The paid options start from $12 per month for each user and offer more features.

This 3D image maker application is a comprehensive editor that offers a lot of high-end tools for users to create anything they want with 3D. However, this also means that users do need to have some expertise when it comes to using these tools. If you are a user who is fairly experienced with such editors, then Vectary is a suitable platform for you. The app offers you materials, collaboration features, and more in order to give you all the creative freedom.



  • You can get all kinds of creative tools.
  • Start creating for free.
  • Sophisticated app.


  • The Pro version should offer more.
  • Takes time to learn the app.
  • No automatic processing.

6. Motionleap

Price: The 3D image maker mobile application is mostly free though it contains in-app purchases that can range from a dollar to a hundred.

The Motionleap mobile app is a great tool to create 3D visuals from scratch. The app offers multiple tools that also let you enhance your current images. It offers many good looking filters, tools, and effects that enhance your image and give them new life. The app also offers animation features to apply to your images. Other than that, you can also edit the background of your images or replace the sky with something else from the app itself.



  • Offers many good features.
  • Mostly free to use.
  • Great filters.


  • Can be buggy.
  • Some features don’t work well.
  • The UI can be better.

7. Vimage 3D

Price: The application offers basic tools and features for free but still contains in-app purchases that can go up to around $80. It also contains ads.

The Vimage 3D image maker application has many similarities with other mobile apps that offer similar services. With this app, you can create overlays, filtered images, and apply other cosmetic effects to your images. You can also turn your images into 3D and share them with the community present in the app. When it comes to sharing, you can also take the social media route from the app itself. Finally, the app also offers animation based features to liven up your visuals to another level.



  • Multiple useful features.
  • Quick processing and results.
  • Good app design.


  • Too many ads.
  • It tends to be buggy.
  • Can be unresponsive.

8. 3D Photo - Stereo Image Maker

Price: This 3D photo maker application is absolutely free and features no ads, hidden in-app purchases, or additional downloads for the user.

This application can not only create 3D images for you automatically but also make the whole process fun and enjoyable. The way that this app works is that users can simply turn on their camera and view everything from the frame. The app automatically converts everything into a 3D image and you can see that by either following the app’s instructions or by wearing 3D glasses. This app allows for a lot of possibilities this way.



  • Automatic process.
  • Free to use.
  • Allows for a lot of dynamic use.


  • No filters or similar features.
  • The app can be slow at times.
  • Can be buggy.

9. Parallax

Price: While the fundamental features and tools are available for free, you will need to pay for a premium account which costs depending on the duration of your subscription.

A good advantage of using this application is that you can work on your images as well as on your videos. You can automatically convert any image into 3D from your app. Moreover, the app offers tools to further change the 3D image. You can rotate the image to choose a favorable angle shot, the app supports all devices, you can blur the background so that the image creates a focus on the object only. The app also offers a dedicated camera with four different modes, each offering a special benefit and meant to be used according to the situation and frame.



  • Works on images and videos.
  • Offers great features.
  • Automatic results.


  • Limited free use.
  • Can be buggy.
  • Video processing takes time.

10. Loopsie

Price: The 3D image maker mobile app offers limited features and tools for free. The paid options are memberships whose costs depend on the type and duration that the user takes.

Loopsie is similar to the other mobile device based 3D image maker apps as it provides basically the same features. You can expect to have a variety of stickers, filters, 3D photo options, and more. This app works for images and videos as well. Not to mention that it offers various tools to users for editing images in the way they want.



  • Multiple features.
  • A lot of good filters.
  • Converts photos to 3D quickly.


  • Limited free use.
  • The Pro version is expensive.
  • The app can be unresponsive sometimes.


A 3D image maker can clearly offer you a lot of benefits. One, it can turn your images into something unique and memorable in just a matter of seconds. Also, with a bit of time and effort, you can actually create an artwork out of your own images, which can later be sold as NFTs. Given how popular NFTs currently are, you should definitely give these 3D image maker apps a try. Moreover, many of these apps are capable of creating 3D images automatically, saving you time and the need to garner expertise beforehand. Read more: Top 10 Best 3D Printing Software.

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