This article provides an overview of the top 10 video translator tools for translating and captioning videos in various languages. The review covers factors such as accuracy, processing speed, user-friendliness, pricing, customization options, and compatibility with different video formats. This resource is useful for businesses or individuals looking to create multilingual videos for international audiences.

Frequently, we come across amusing TikTok clips, mouthwatering recipes on YouTube, or useful life hacks on Facebook Reels that we wish to share with our loved ones. However, a hurdle we often face is the language barrier.

Thankfully, most streaming platforms now offer automatic transcribers like YouTube's auto-generated captions and TikTok's caption generator. While these tools have made content more accessible, they are merely a stepping stone towards greater inclusivity. The next frontier is video translation

Video translation technology has made tremendous strides over the past decade. The top 10 video translators of 2024 combine speed, accuracy, and voice-recognition capabilities to create an experience that can't be beaten by any other means of communication. Whether you need to hold a business meeting with colleagues from around the world or you want to teach your children languages from home, consider using one of these top 10 video translators of 2024 for the best results.

Top 10 Video Translator

Now welcome to our top 10 AI product review! As professionals in the field, we have personally tried and tested each of these products to provide you with an objective rating. Our ratings are based on the product information you provided, considering factors such as usability, accuracy, and value for money. Stay tuned for our detailed reviews and ratings to help you make informed decisions about these AI tools.

Product Name Accuracy & Quality User-Friendliness Supported Languages Customization Options Compatibility Free/Paid Suitable for
Google Video Translator ★★★★★ ★★★☆☆ 100+ Online Free Casual users or those needing quick translations
Veed.IO ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆ 50+ Browser Freemium Content creators or amateur videographers
Flixier ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ 30+ Browser Paid Professional video editors or filmmakers
Kapwing ★★★☆☆ ★★★☆☆ 20+ Browser Freemium Social media users or casual content creators
Type Studio ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ 65+ Browser Paid Professional video editors or business professionals
Happy Scribe ★★★☆☆ ★★★☆☆ 119 Desktop, Online Paid Podcasters or journalists needing accurate subtitles

Please note that product updates may occur that do not match the content of this article, and we will try to update them as soon as possible, and we welcome your comments.

1. Google Translator 

Overall ratings: ★★★★☆ 9/10

Notable features: Translate any video to another language, supports up to 100 languages, accurate results.

Google Video Translator

Google Translator is an excellent AI-driven tool to translate video to English or other different languages. It offers accurate translations in over 100 languages, making it a versatile solution for global communication. The service is free to use and provides high-quality results, with false translations occurring less than 1% of the time.

Technically speaking, Google Translator is not a tool that can process video language directly, but we think if your project is important, we recommend you use more accurate software before adding subtitles to the video.

One drawback we noticed is that it can not process video directly (You can use some Chrome extensions from Google however) Overall, Google Video Translator is a reliable and convenient tool for multilingual video content.

Pricing: Free 


  • Translate any video to another language
  • It has a lot of different languages for people who need them
  • You can even translate speech from one language to another
  • Just set up the app and you'll be able to start using it right away


  • Can not deal with video directly
  • False translations happen less than 1% of the time

2. Veed.IO

Overall ratings: ★★★★☆ 8.5/10

Notable features: Subtitles, editing, effects, text encoding, one-click subtitling.


Veed.IO is a powerful software that excels in video editing and subtitle generation. It offers a range of features, video translation is one of the important features, and it also includes editing, effects, and text encoding, all in one place. The one-click subtitling feature saves time and effort, making it easy to add subtitles to videos.

One minor issue we encountered is the difficulty in selecting specific date ranges for video trimming. The interface only allows manual date entry, which can be time-consuming for precise edits. Nevertheless, if you just need a video translation tool, Veed.IO provides a comprehensive solution for video editing and subtitle creation.

Pricing: Free, Basic 12$/monthly, Pro 24$/monthly


  • Veed does so much more than just subtitles
  • Everything in one place: Subtitles, editing, effects, text encoding
  • One-click subtitling saves time
  • Free version includes many features


  • Selecting the correct date ranges for videos to trim.
  • Doesn't have an option other than entering a date manually into the interface, which can take a lot of time and effort if you're hunting down exact minutes.

3. Flixier

Overall ratings: ★★★★☆ 8.5/10

Notable features: Real-time collaboration, 1-minute exports, cloud storage.


Flixier is a user-friendly video editing software that offers fast and efficient editing capabilities and also translate a video. With features like real-time collaboration and quick 1-minute exports, it streamlines the video production process. The software supports various device types and provides cloud storage and file history for easy access to projects.

Flixier allows you to conveniently add subtitles to your videos directly from your browser. A stable internet connection is the only requirement. To begin, simply click on the text icon and select the "Add subtitle" option. After entering your desired text, you are ready to change your video language effortlessly. Just select the language and click on Translate.

During our testing, we noticed a downside in the product's learning curve for new features. While there are explanations available, staying up to date with the constant updates can be challenging. Nonetheless, Flixier is a reliable option for quick and effortless video translation.

Pricing: Creator 10$/monthly, Business 25$/monthly


  • Flixier makes video production easy for small teams
  • Collaborate in real-time for better efficiency
  • It supports many device types.
  • Flixier has cloud storage and file history, so you never lose track


  • New features can be tough to figure out when you are first using them, but there are usually explanations in the options panel or on the developer's website.
  • Flixier is constantly updating, so it can be tough keeping up with everything coming out!

4. Kapwing

Overall ratings: ★★★★☆ 8.5/10

Notable features: Built-in subtitles, accurate subtitles in over 30 languages.

Kapwing's online video translator is equipped with artificial intelligence that can automatically translate a video into more than 60 foreign languages. This innovative tool eliminates the need for tedious manual labor such as typing out subtitles and translating them, saving you time and effort. With just a few simple clicks, the Kapwing can generate new subtitles for your video in mere seconds.

One minor inconvenience we encountered is the adjustment to new features when they are added without notice. However, Kapwing usually provides explanations in the options panel or on its website to assist users. Overall, Kapwing is a reliable option for professional-looking videos with excellent subtitle capabilities.


Pricing: Free, Pro 16$/monthly 


  • It has never been easier or more affordable to create professional-looking videos online with built-in subtitles
  • Perfect subtitles every time
  • Accurate subtitles in over 30 languages
  • Kapwing Subtitler is undoubtedly the most valuable tool offered by the app
  • It works like a charm - easy use, perfect output - multi-language support (AI autogenerated subtitles are the best on the market) - it's free.


  • It can be hard to adjust to new features when they're added without notice. Maybe we could have tutorials pop up if major updates occur.

5. Type Studio

Overall ratings: ★★★★☆ 8.5/10

Notable features: Automatic subtitle addition, digital transcript creation.

Type Studio is an exceptional editor for text-based videos. Type Studio is your perfect solution for effortlessly translating your videos into more than 30 different languages. With this state-of-the-art technology, you can be assured of the highest level of accuracy possible. This automated translation feature will save you time and effort, enabling you to reach a wider audience with ease.

It is also an excellent video editor tool that allows users to edit videos directly from the transcribed text and automatically adds subtitles for improved viewing. The software is particularly useful for students seeking help understanding videos.

This is complete software and does not have any major drawbacks. Type Studio simplifies the process of video editing and transcription, providing a seamless experience for users.

Type Studio

Pricing: Free, Starter 12$/monthly, Pro 20$/monthly


  • Create a digital transcript of your video
  • Gets rid of the tedious transcription process
  • 30+ languages supported
  • Great for students looking for help understanding videos


  • Long learning curve

6. Happy Scribe

Overall ratings: ★★★★☆ 8.0/10

Notable features: Faster caption writing, human-like captions, 100% accuracy.

Happy Scribe is customized for a variety of users, including videographers, researchers, podcasters, journalists, and students. It provides faster caption writing, saving time and effort. The software generates captions that sound like they were written by a human, ensuring 100% accuracy. Besides video translation, this tool can also support audio translation, just upload your video or audio to complete the language transformation.

However, it should be noted that this tool currently supports translation into only 10 languages. And the way it charges is through time.

Happy Scribe

Pricing: Automatic 0.20$/per minute, Human-made 2$/per minute 


  • Write captions for your videos faster
  • Save time and energy while captions are written for you
  • Captions that sound like they were written by a human
  • Humanized subtitles so you don't have to do the work
  • 100% accuracy and peace of mind


  • Once in a while, the subtitle function ignores silent moments in videos, resulting in time code mismatches that require a lot of reformatting.
  • The fact is that there is no option to have an unlimited time deal; it's hard to scale up if the time is always limited.

7. Video Translator

Overall ratings: ★★★☆☆ 7.5/10

Notable features: Quick video editing, translation in 30+ languages, simplified text-based video editing.

Video Translator simplifies video editing on any device and enables remote collaboration. It provides a secure platform for storing and editing work. The software allows for quick video content editing in less than 5 minutes and supports translation in 30+ languages.

The only issue we encountered was related to adjusting video lengths and adding text. Careful attention is required to avoid spending excessive time searching for the desired scenes. Nonetheless, Video Translator offers an efficient solution for text-based video editing and translation.

Video Translator
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Pricing: 10$/monthly 


  • Save time and energy editing videos
  • Edit video content in less than 5 minutes
  • Translate videos in 30+ languages
  • Happy Scribe is the best video editor ever created by humanity
  • Add subtitles for hard of hearing or foreign speakers
  • Simpler text-based video editing made easy
  • No more tedious hours of laborious cropping


  • The only issue I ever encountered was when it came to adjusting the video lengths and adding text. If you're not careful, you might spend hours hunting down the time stamp of your desired scene.

8. Capte

Overall ratings: ★★★☆☆ 7.5/10

Notable features: Quick captions, subtitles for YouTube and other platforms.

Capté is a unique software that facilitates subtitle creation for videos. It enables users to caption and edit videos with customizable text, color, and fonts before downloading them in various formats. Capté is suitable for converting text into subtitles for platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

Technically speaking, this tool is also not a tool that can directly translate videos, but it provides a good way to add subtitles quickly, so if you use it with google translate, you will get surprising results.

There are limitations to the subtitles, such as the inability to change their location once selected. Additionally, the software only supports one language option per video, making it challenging to use videos with multiple languages. Despite these limitations, Capté provides an affordable and accessible solution for subtitle creation.

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Pricing: Free, Standard 18$/monthly, Premium 45$/monthly


  • Get captions done in just moments
  • Convert any video clip or YouTube video into subtitled text
  • Save time for when you need it most
  • Take your captions to the next level
  • No need for expensive software, Capté does it for you
  • Want more accessibility? Capté has got you covered


  • There are some limitations to the subtitles that you can add; for example, you can't change the location of the subtitle once it's selected.
  • Another limitation is that only having one language option per video makes it difficult to use videos with multiple languages.

9. Nova A.I.

Overall ratings: ★★★☆☆ 7.0/10

Notable features: Time-saving automation, translation in over 40 languages.

Nova A.I. is designed to simplify tasks for sales personnel. It is an AI-Powered automatic video translator that can effectively translate the audio of your video into 75 diverse languages, including major languages like Spanish, English, and French. This innovative tool utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to provide seamless and accurate ourputs, enabling you to reach a global audience with ease.

One drawback we noticed is the occasional mismatch between time codes and scenes without sound in the subtitles. This requires additional reformatting. Moreover, the lack of an option for unlimited timestamp lengths limits scalability. Nonetheless, Nova A.I. is a valuable tool for sales professionals seeking efficient video translation.

Nova A.I.

Pricing: Free, Basic 10$/monthly, Pro 18$/monthly


  • Nova A.I. saves you time and hassle by doing all the work for you
  • Translate videos quickly and easily
  • 100% accurate translation without any human intervention
  • Nova A.I. understands over 40 different languages, including all the major ones such as Spanish, English, French, Italian, and many others


  • Occasionally the subtitle function ignores scenes without sound, resulting in time code mismatches that require a lot of reformatting.
  • There is no way to use infinite timestamp lengths; it is hard to scale up when the time always has an end.

10. DeskDub

Overall ratings: ★★★☆☆ 7.0/10

Notable features: AI-based transcription and translation.

DeskDub leverages AI to transcribe and translate audio or video files. It provides convenient online review and editing options for subtitles before downloading them. The software allows users to translate subtitles into different languages, enhancing accessibility for diverse audiences.

Occasionally, the subtitles may be lost in soundless video clips, and aligning the timelines between the video and subtitles can be challenging due to limitations. Additionally, the inability to upgrade beyond a certain point can pose limitations. Nevertheless, DeskDub offers a reliable solution for subtitle translation.

Desk dub
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Pricing: 1.20$/per minute 


  • Discover the best subtitle translation software
  • You can download subtitle files after uploading them
  • It's easy to review and edit subtitles online before downloading them
  • Allows online review and editing before downloading
  • Translate any subtitle in any language


  • The subtitles get lost when it comes to soundless clips in videos from time to time.
  • There are some discrepancies between the video and subtitle timelines, which are difficult to align because of how limited they are.
  • It's also tricky because once you reach a certain point, you can't upgrade anymore.


Based on all these reviews, the pros and cons, and pricing of the top ten video translators, the best three are Google translate,, and Type studio.

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Q1: How to translate videos more accurately?

Typically, translating a video requires you to export the subtitles into text format first, then use Google Translate tools to translate that text, and then use a tool like Capté to add the subtitles to the video after translation. This approach is the most accurate and less error-prone, but can be more time-consuming.

Q2: How to translate videos faster?

There are some AI tools that allow you to eliminate the step of importing and exporting text subtitles when you need to translate a video. For example, Jitterbug's video editing software provides sound recognition, but does not support translation. You can use Happy scribe and Nova AI mentioned in the article, these tools just need to import the video into the platform to complete the video translation.

Q3: What is Video translation?

Video translation refers to the process of translating the spoken or written content in a video into a different language. It involves converting the audio or subtitles of a video to enable understanding and accessibility for viewers who speak different languages, facilitating global communication and audience reach.

Q4: What are some essential features of a video translation?

Translate a video: Video translator uses transcribing and subtitling technologies to add subtitles to the video file, which can be translated into any given language.
Transcribing: turns audio from one recording or broadcast into text. It listens to long recordings and types them up neatly into an easily readable document.
API: It stands for Application Programming Interface, allowing languages across cultures to better understand each other through virtual international projects such as subtitled music videos.

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