The article provides a review of the top 10 best lip-sync apps available for download on mobile devices. The review covers various features of each app, such as music options and editing tools. It also includes pros and cons for each app to help readers choose the best one for their needs.

Are you tired of scrolling through social media and seeing the same old content? Are you looking for a way to spice up your videos and stand out from the crowd? If so, you're not alone. With the rise of social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, creating engaging video content has become more critical than ever. Many people struggle with syncing their lips to music, which can be frustrating and time-consuming. However, there is a solution: lip sync apps.

Lip sync apps offer an easy and fun way to create entertaining videos without the hassle of trying to match your lips to the music yourself. In this article, we reviewed some of the best lip sync apps available in the market.

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Best 6 AI Lip Sync Apps and Tools (Updated June 2024)

AI-based lip sync animation apps and platforms are revamping the way the 3D and VR world is shaping. Artificial intelligence will time your video according to the selected soundtrack. AI is great but even then there is a high chance the timing won't be perfect, but with a little practice you'll be making perfect lip sync videos in no time.

Lip-Sync App Generating Speed Output Quality Online or Not Free or Paid AI-Based Lip Sync ★★★★✩ ★★★★★ App Free
Speakr App ★★★★✩ ★★★★✩ App Free/In-App Purchases
Lipsync AI by Emotech ★★★✩✩ ★★★✩✩ App Free
Text to Lip-sync Animation ★★✩✩✩ ★★✩✩✩ Online Free
Interactive Wav2Lip Demo ★★★✩✩ ★★★★✩ Online Free
Blender Lip Sync Addon ★★★★✩ ★★★★✩ App Free

Note: We've personally tested each product, evaluating factors like accuracy, user-friendliness, features, and overall performance. Our ratings ensure trustworthy guidance for users seeking the best lip sync apps.

1. Lip Sync

Wombo lip sync app can animate your selfies by taking ‘facial feature data' and making the different parts of the face move according to the song you're trying to fake lip sync. The app uses AI/Machine learning to animate your face and has apps available on both iPhone and Android.

However, one limitation is that it may not always produce accurate lip sync as it relies on pre-defined animations and may not perfectly match the nuances of individual voices.

Our ratings: 9/10

2. Speakr App | Lip Sync And Deepfake App

Speakr App

Speakr App is another such lip sync app that works in a similar way as Wombo, the app works by taking your stills or videos and animating your facial anchor points to produce lip sync animations. Speakr App also makes use of machine learning and with every use of the app, the AI is improved.

This app may raise concerns about privacy and ethical use, as it enables users to create deepfake videos by syncing their own lips with someone else's speech.

Our ratings: 9/10

3. Lipsync AI by Emotech | AI powered Speech Animation

Lipsync AI

Lipsync AI by Emotech is a very polished machine learning engine that is improving every day. Every video processed through machine learning improves the AI capabilities of the platform and it can even animate 3D game characters.

Lipsync AI by Emotech uses real-time facial movements to improve their AI. Millions of facial movements are fed into the system to help understand what facial movements do each word or sentence produces.

A limitation of this app could be its dependency on a stable internet connection since it requires online processing and data exchange to generate the lip sync animation.

Our ratings: 8/10

4. Text to Lip-sync Animation | iClone & Replica Studios (

Text to Lip-sync Animation

Text to Lip-sync Animation by iClone & Replica Studios is a powerful lip sync tool that enables users to generate realistic lip-sync animations from text inputs.

The unique feature of this product is its advanced AI technology, which analyzes the text input and generates accurate lip movements that synchronize with the spoken words. This tool effectively solves the problem of creating lip-sync animations manually, saving time and effort for animators and content creators.

The product is suitable for animators, filmmakers, and game developers who require high-quality lip-sync animations for their projects. During our use of this tool, it significantly simplified the lip-syncing process. However, one limitation is that it may not always capture the subtle nuances of speech, requiring manual adjustments for perfect synchronization.

Our ratings: 7/10

5. Interactive Wav2Lip Demo (

Interactive Wav2Lip Demo

Blender Lip Sync Addon, specifically the Auto-Lip-Sync feature, is a valuable tool for creating lip sync animations within the Blender software. It can automatically generate lip movements based on audio files or phonetic transcriptions, streamlining the lip-syncing process.

The Blender Lip Sync Addon is also suitable for animators, designers, and artists who work with Blender and require accurate and realistic lip-sync animations because this tool simplifies the lip-syncing workflow effectively.

However, the limitations lie in its dependency on the quality of audio or transcriptions, which may require manual adjustments for precise synchronization.

Our ratings: 7/10


6. Blender Lip Sync Addon | Auto-Lip-Sync


The Interactive Wav2Lip Demo is another AI-based lip-sync app that allows users to generate lip-sync animations by directly manipulating an actor's lip movements.

This demo is its real-time interactivity, enabling users to control and modify the lip movements of a target actor through simple inputs. It provides accurately syncing lip movements with pre-recorded or synthetic voices.

The Interactive Wav2Lip Demo is suitable for filmmakers, video editors, and content creators who require precise lip-sync animations in their projects. Our experience of using this demo is exciting, as it offers real-time control over lip movements. However, it has limitations in terms of dependency on input quality and may require manual adjustments for optimal results in certain scenarios.

Our ratings: 6/10

Best 4 Lip Sync Apps for Android/iOS (Updated April 2024)

Lip-Sync App Generating Speed Output Quality Online or Not Free or Paid AI-Based
TikTok ★★★★✩ ★★★★✩ App Free
Dubsmash ★★★★✩ ★★★✩✩ Online/App Free
StarMake ★★★✩✩ ★★★✩✩ App Free
Triller ★★★★✩ ★★★★✩ App Free

1. TikTok - Make Your Day


TikTok uses a perfect implementation of lip sync AI platforms and helps create fun to watch content. TikTok also acquired And has over 150 million users.

You won't find the animation lips features that bring 3D artifacts to life but you can create excellent voice-overs over your physical acting. The easy to use UI has scissors icon where the start and endpoints of a song can be defined and there are options to control the playback speed. Once everything is ready, hit the record button to record your new lip sync video.

The platform also offers the option of publishing it on the TikTok social media platform.

Our ratings: 8/10

2. Dubsmash - Videos for everyone on the App Store


Dubsmash features a comprehensive sound and music libraries that will help you create lip sync videos of your favorite movie and TV shows. Just like TikTok, Dubsmash also offers the option to upload your content.

You can start by choosing a song or a sound clip and hit the record button. Your followers can like or share your videos featuring lip sync meaning you can become a prodigy in no time by just acting through your favorite moments.

While there isn't an option for animated lips 3D render, you still get to add text effects, filters or stickers to add spice to your content and also have the option to download or share. TikTok lip sync relies on pre-recorded audio, which limits the ability to synchronize lips with real-time speech or user-generated content.

Our ratings: 8/10

3. StarMaker-Sing Karaoke Songs on the App Store

Starmaker app

StarMaker also features a long list of top songs for your lip sync videos. StarMaker is positioned perfectly as a platform for music enthusiasts. You can start by selecting a song, adjusting the audio and video settings and tapping start.

There's an option to go live but that can't be done for videos featuring lip sync meaning you'll have to download or share after the creation is finalized. But Dubsmash also relies on pre-recorded audio clips like TikTok, which restricts the flexibility for users to sync their own lips with custom or original content. This app's limitation is that lip sync accuracy may vary depending on the quality of the user's audio recording, as it heavily relies on the input audio for synchronization.

Our ratings: 7/10

4. Triller: Social Videos & Clips on the App Store


Triller brings the best of all platforms with fan favorite features like sharing, commenting, liking, and following other fellow content creators. There is a rich choice for content creators just like other platforms.

The platform was just made for lip sync videos as the song library contains songs up to 30 seconds of length. There isn't an option for animation lip videos like powerful AI platforms that can animate objects but you get excellent lip sync capabilities.

Add your favorite emojis, stickers, or apply filters to your lip sync videos. Just like other platforms there are options to create, download, and share the videos both offline and online. The platform is seeing a huge influx of users as people are liking and sharing more and more through lip sync videos. One thing to mention, Triller's lip sync feature may not provide fine-grained control over lip movements, as it focuses more on creating music videos with quick edits rather than precise synchronization.

Our ratings: 7/10


In conclusion, this article delved into the world of lip-sync apps for Android and iPhone, highlighting the best options available. We explored their features, user-friendliness, and overall performance. These apps offer a fun and creative way to synchronize your lip movements with popular songs or dialogues. However, it is important to note that while many lip-sync apps are free, they often come with limitations or in-app purchases. Additionally, issues such as privacy concerns and data security should be taken into account when using these apps. When choosing a lip-sync app, it's essential to find the right balance between functionality, ease of use, and respect for your personal information. So, go ahead, unleash your creativity, and enjoy the world of lip-syncing with the best lip sync app that suits your needs.


1. What does lip-sync mean?

Lip sync means synchronizing your lip movement to a pre-recorded soundtrack/audio clip. The trend picked up pace in 2017/2018 with Dubsmash where people would act as if they are singing the song or recreating a popular scene from a movie.2.

2. What's the best lip sync app?

The best lip sync app depends on personal preferences and device compatibility. However, some popular choices for free lip sync apps include TikTok, Dubsmash, and Triller. These apps offer a wide range of features and a vast community of users to share your lip sync videos with.

3. How to make a lip sync video?

To make a lip sync video, you'll need a lip syncing app or lip sync software. Choose a song or dialogue, play it while recording yourself mouthing the words, and synchronize your lip movements with the audio. Edit and enhance the video as desired before sharing it with others.

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