Video editing is a difficult task as there are so many editing features involved in editing. It can take more than hours or maybe days if you want to create a professionally edited video for your work. Invideo offers all the requirements that you need in order to edit your videos accurately. Now you can make your videos as much detailed as you want without any issues or mistakes. Fulfill your requirements and choose those templates that are required for your video among 5k+ video templates provided by Invideo.

What is Invideo?


Invideo is good software, or you can say that it is the best software that allows you to create videos instantly. If you dream of creating amazing videos for yourself or for your social media platform, then you are choosing the right platform. Now you can edit your videos as much as you like without any effort within no time. You can become a professional video editor without having any kind of experience or any type of skills. Now you can create your own personalized videos with the proper editing that is required for your Instagram, and Facebook reels. You can edit your videos the way you want them to be perfect. It is the fastest and easiest way to create videos that give you the proper authority in video editing. With almost unlimited templates, you can make awesome videos within no time. If you love editing your videos in new ways, then you can use Invideo. You can replace the video background with one click in no time. If you want to get a transparent video background or you want to add another video background, then it has background-removing features that will get the job done in no time. You can create videos from scratch and make them awesome.

Invideo Reviews

Invideo is one of the best software you can use if you are interested in creating awesome videos. This software can meet all your required and essential needs in video creation. Invideo mission is to make video creation accessible to everyone in the world. The future of video creation is now in the form of browsers, devices, or collaboration the way you like it. For most people around the world, it is easy to use any kind of software as they have an android phone; not every software provides features for iPhone users. The Invideo especially deal with those people who are IOS users and have iPhones. You can add music videos to your iPhone as much as you want and also combine videos on your iPhone to create fantastic videos within no time.

Invideo has a flexible timeline along with frag and drop features that allows you to become a professional video editor online on your browser. Most people have issues with customer support when they are editing videos on their browsers. If you are using Invideo, you don't have to worry about customer support, as Invideo provides 24/7 customer support. Invideo has about 26k+ community support from Facebook which adds more value to the creator's work. With proper customer feedback, the product can properly shape itself. All those defaults that professional editors catch are progressively improved from time to time. This tool can be accurately used by those people who make videos for a living.


  • Simple and versatile video creation tool.
  • It is the complete solution for creating professional videos without the need for any skills.
  • A highly effective program that promotes video and image editing. 
  • A Perfect tool for classy video production.

5000+ Video Templates

Invideo Review

Invideo provides more than 5000+ templates for your videos that you can use. You can create slideshows for your videos among various templates. If you want to create videos for your Instagram reels, then you can choose your required template. There are various templates with different categories, and each has its own unique design. You can customize your videos and fulfill your requirements that, can make your video more creative. Enhance the features of your image with unlimited amazing and unique filters. Browse through 500-plus handcrafted templates that are ready for you to use.

Single Click Shortcuts

If you want to remove the background of your video, then you can replace the background of your video properly. This tool is designed to deal with complex situations in that even a piece of hair is perfectly removed from your video. Now even if you don't have a green screen, you can still get a transparent background video for yourself. Library of music and media that you can use in your videos. Use stock media for your videos and don't get copyright strict on your video; if you're a social media influencer and create the content video, then this tool will suit you. You can apply unique brand colors and fonts within your video to make it look more appealing to the audience. All these features are available for you within one click. Now you won't have to waste your time on manual editing when you can use single-click shortcuts for Invideo.

Time-saving AI tools

Well, you might have knowledge about AI tools, and you know that they are time-saving. Say goodbye to your complex manual methods that are stressing your hands. Just simply use AI tools with useful features that allow you to do various tasks within no time. Convert your script, article, or blog into a proper video form within no time. You can use Invideo AI-based tools that professional editors design so you can get professional-level results within no time. It also has the features of text to video editor with professional editing tools.

All-in-one Workflow

It is an all-rounder tool that can take care of all types of video editing features without any effort. You can enjoy all the features under one single platform, you can select a template, upload your images and logos, and edit and animate under one page. You can have access to 8M+ stock media that is available right inside the editor. You can work with your team and collaborate on your videos if you have an organization. If you want your own voice or any other voice in your videos, you can add voiceovers or simply convert text into speech. You can properly set up your own unique brand for social media success. Save the time required to create videos and optimize the workflow easily.


  • Allows you to add a music video to your iPhone.
  • Offers so many editing features without any effort.
  • Stock media and music library.


  • You cannot save things in a folder.
  • There is no proper categorization of templates to choose from.
  • No proper searching features of requirements.

How much does Invideo cost?

how much does Invideo cost

  • The business package requires 15$ per month.
  • The unlimited package requires 30$ per month.
  • A lifetime business plan requires 399$ once only.

Other functions

Rather than just simple video editing, it also has some other features with proper details. Like you can create birthday videos, Instagram videos, and invitation videos for yourself, you can make ad videos for your work with this tool easily without hesitation. You can use bespoke graphic assets for your videos.

Final Words

Edit your video automatically without any effort when you have Invideo on your device. Especially for beginners who have no skill or experience in video editing, can become professionals. With so many templates provided by Invideo just, simply upload your video and choose the required template you like and instantly get an edited video. All it requires is a simple login, and you can enjoy the free trial as it offers almost all the features required normally to edit videos.


  • How to continue videos on iPhone?

First of all, open the photos app from your phone and tap on the video you want to edit. Then start editing your videos from your phone. If you want to continue your video on your iPhone, when you open the app, you will see the edited videos saved on the app. You can continue videos from there anytime you like too.

  • How to loop a youtube video?

Firstly you will have to select the video. Then click on the loop option given at the top of your screen. Once it is clicked, then you can change the time duration to loop the video as you like.

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InVideo simplifies video creation with ready-made templates and AI models.

  • AI video genrator
  • Video Enhancer
  • AI
  • Free Plan
  • $15/mo for Business ($30/ mo for monthly plan)
  • $30/ mo for Unlimited ($60/ mo for monthly plan)
  • Allows you to add a music video to your iPhone.
  • Offers so many editing features without any effort.
  • Stock media and music library.
  • You cannot save things in a folder.
  • There is no proper categorization of templates to choose from.
  • No proper searching features of requirements.