Tesla AI Day is an event organized by Tesla company. It aims to give people knowledge about the technology they are trying to provide. It is like a show which represents the projects of Tesla in front of the crowd. The Tesla AI Day is finally here, and according to Elon, there is so much more to see than you have ever expected in your life before. They are going to share a lot of technical details about the upcoming technology and wonderful hardware demos.

One of the most renowned and fantastic techs that will be shared in front of the people will be the Tesla Bot or Tesla humanoid bot. This leading tech will steal viewers' attention from all other representations of the technology as it is the most advanced among them. Tesla AI day is the company's main event that will display the progress of robotics and its features to the people.

What is Tesla AI Day?

Tesla AI

Tesla AI Day is an annual luxury event. It is organized to hype the capabilities and features of AI technology and the world's future. Tesla AI Day portrays information to various prospering businesses worldwide so that they will invest their money in Tesla company. The main aim of this event is to hire brilliant engineers with the brightest minds all around the world and to raise awareness of technology.


It is oriented on special dates that are announced first then they organize the whole event. It is done regularly so that people would get more information about Tesla technology. Rather than just simple product launches, the company has a more valuable aim. It is not about the tesla new cars or automobiles but about the emerging AI technologies that the company is working on.


Tesla announced a humanoid bot that will be launched at the event. Just because of the robot launching, the company has to push the date forward so that they can adequately represent the prototype bot. According to the owner of the company Elon Musk, it is a human-friendly bot designed to help humans just like AI helps humans in performing various tasks. The investor's companies are working on about 58 robots that rely on tesla's outstanding grip in neural networks and dojo supercomputer chips.

What's the highlight of Tesla AI Day 2022?

Opening of the event

The date was officially announced to be September 2022. The previous date was changed as they wanted to show some more things to the people taking time. The exact time of starting the event was 5 pm. The live stream was expected to begin at 5 pm from the youtube account tesla. At the 6:15 roundabout, more than 50k viewers were a=wtahcing it when the robot was displayed. The countdown started from 5 fingers to 1 finger. 6:19 Elon Musk said, "should we bring the bot."

Tesla Bot

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, especially organized 2022 Tesla AI Day to display the tesla humanoid bot. The Tesla Bot was revealed, and each of its details was given to raise awareness about AI technology in the audience. As the Tesla Bot was displayed in front of the audience, they were all shocked to see a humanoid bot dressed up. The bot had independently moving fingers. It was designed with AI with the same aim: to help with valuable things. It was made with the same principles as the tesla car, but it cost less than the car at a retail price of 20,000$. The bot was represented, and Elon Musk said," it is vital that people know I can't just do what I want. The public can positively influence my activities and provide better ideas about technology."

What's Tesla Bot?

Tesla AI

The Tesla Optimus bot is created to help humans with AI technology.  It is intended to be friendly and lives within the world of humans. The tesla company made a lot of designs that failed before the making of this bot. The bot was given 28 degrees of freedom of movement to move its body. As the design was taken from the sign of a human being, it has far lower activity than the human being. It has many degrees of movement in his hands and his fingers. With the freedom of movement in his hands and thumbs, it is able to make some opposable actions. The Optimus was created to operate various tools and do useful things, as said by the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk.

It is a robot that will help in various activities for the betterment of human beings. During the event, Elon Musk said if a journalist is going to get a cup of water and there is a toy that comes under their feet, he might trip to the ground. If he had an Tesla Bot, he could ask him to go and fetch a cup of water. To make the life of human beings easier by having a robotic assistant to do their household jobs.

How does Tesla Bot work?

Tesla Bot work with the help of artificial technology that is programmed into it. It is made to help humans with useful things. Hence it works automatically just by giving commands to it. It has far less movement than human beings, so it cannot help in all things. Just like the tesla automobile and cars, it has the same system that is installed in them. The dojo supercomputer chip gives automated systems and directions to the cars. It works by giving human commands to it, like ordering a servant to do a job same is the system of the tesla humanoid bot. Tesla bot can work as a personal assistant for you that do what you say. It has no idea of its own. They will not hesitate to do any order you provide them that is useful for human beings.

Like the modern AI system which has been adopted worldwide by various technologies, Tesla is also installing that system in its humanoid bot. You have to provide various tasks to the bot, and it will do your job perfectly. A series of the most advanced neural networks are programmed in it that make the bot perform all given tasks automatically. It is a prototype humanoid bot that is enhanced with modern AI technology to help humans in their jobs. Tesla is also recruiting more brilliant minds to expand its work and add more requirements to Optimus. 

What Will Tesla Bot Bring to Human Kind?

As technologies are emerging daily, there is a new report every day that this AI technology has launched. But what is the aim of all these advancements? Is it useful for human beings, or are they just taking away the manual effort of humans? Like what are the main aims and goals of the Tesla Bot and what it is created for. This question is one of the most frequently asked questions worldwide. Like all AI, it will relax human beings from manually doing stressful work.

  • It will be a helping hand for human beings having a hard time doing their jobs by themself. To solve this riddle of hard work that is making everyone more like a machine, they go to a job every day to earn money, and when they come home, they have to do household work too.
  • To take away the efforts of the home, Tesla humanoid bot is created, and it will bring a massive change worldwide. As people will relax when they come home, everything will be ready and presented. 
  • If you hire any servant to do the work for your house, there are many problems that you will have to face. He or she will not properly do their job, and many problems will occur.
  •  Human beings make mistakes that can only be improved but cannot be eliminated permanently. Now everyone will have a humanoid personal assistant to assist them with every work they have to do.
  •  Now they will just simply provide and order tasks to the humanoid bots. The bots will obey them and perform the given task immediately.
  •  There are no chances of mistakes in the bots, and life is going to be much easier, and people are going to prosper more as the tensions and stress of tasks will decrease. Therefore, humans will focus more on their jobs and earning money.  

Final Thoughts

If we watch the whole event of Tesla AI Day 2022, we will have a glimpse of the robots emerging into the world of humans, just like in movies. As long as we made the AI technology of humanoid bots for the betterment and improving the lives of humans, then it is better. It is going to change the life of many people globally. Mainly, AI technology is prospering in the world of tools that make tasks easier to perform. There are no proper and particular robots made as personal assistants for humans. There will be a new era, just like the industrialist era. The Robots era has begun.

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