Attractiveness Scale: Know How Attractive You Are

It's human nature that everybody wants to know how attractive they look. But now, there is no need to confirm from someone else because there is an attractiveness scale to explore how pretty you are.

Yes, you read it right; a filter scale will let you know how hot and attractive you look!

Challenges and trends churned out immediately, and so TikTok's attractive scale is. The #attractivenessscale has reached up to 6milliion views. This popularity increased like a wildfire.

Are you looking forward to how you can use the TikTok attractiveness scale? Let’s go ahead, and unfold more about this one of the latest fads and some other apps that you can try to know your attractiveness.

Are you ready? Here we go!

What Is The ‘Attractiveness Scale’ On Tiktok?

Regardless of age and gender, TikTok is one of the most used social media apps famous due to its short videos, trends, and filters. Many male and female celebrities use TikTok “attractiveness scale” to rank their beauty 1-10 attractiveness scale. A score of 10 means you are the most attractive.

Take the example of Tom Cruise, who scored 10 - he is one of the most good-looking males according to the TikTok filter chart. However, Daniel Kaluuya was ranked as a six in the chart.

The square face, hunter eyes, and masculine features are considered attractive on the TikTok scale.

Meanwhile, on the attractiveness scale, Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr scored 9/10 while, depending on the chart, Emma Watson and Amy Schumer are recorded as 10s. The user @grahamazonprime was also happy to be ranked as a 10. Similarly, TikTok user @satansgirlfriends was stocked to be scaled a nine with the supermodels.

The highest level in the female chart represents extreme attractiveness, and many people agree that the high scorer has stunning and hot features. Only a few variances make a person look unique and highly symmetrical.

Despite all this fun, the fact is, it is not a scientific scale, and users have mixed reactions about it. Yet, it is a joy to try it once!

How Do I Get The Attractiveness Scale On Tiktok?

If you want to participate in the attractiveness scale, you can upload your photo on the male or female chart and use the “shapeshifter” filter. The TikTok effect will analyze your features and the facial features in the picture. Then you will find your celebrity match!

For further detail, and help Watch This YouTube Video.

Best 6 Attractiveness Scale Apps to Know How Pretty You Are

No worries if you want to use apps other than TikTok's attractive scale. We have six attractiveness scale apps here. You can perform beauty tests by downloading these user-friendly apps that include only a few simple steps.

Let’s explore some of the features of these apps.

1. Attractivenesstest.Com


Use this app to figure out how attractive you look or how others perceive you. You need to upload your picture, and the app's calculator will calculate your attractiveness. The sale will rate you between 1 and 10 (10 stands for the most attractive one).

If you want to rate your beauty on this app, go with simple and natural pictures. Additionally, you are suggested to:

  • Avoid uploading photos where your face is covered or wearing sunglasses.
  • Don’t upload Instagram filters or black and white images.
  • Keep your facial expressions neutral.

Note: Your hair doesn’t significantly impact the beauty test; your face matters.

2. Pretty Scale

Pretty Scale

If you want to test whether you are pretty or not, you can confidently test by using this scale. You just need to pick your gender and upload your photo. Within 3 minutes, your beauty test will be analyzed.

Instead of uploading a picture, you can instantly capture your image using a webcam.


  • If you have confidence issues or low-esteem, avoid this or other such attractiveness tests.
  • Your uploaded photos and the rest information will remain confidential (neither it will be saved nor shared)
  • Complex mathematical calculations calculate results.

3. Vanity App - Face Test

Vanity App - Face Test

Here is another best beauty measuring app—Vanity App—that you can use to perform your beauty test. It is intuitive, delightful, and easy to use this app. This app works well for males and females - all races and faces. To download this app, you can use the Mac App Store and enjoy the results you get.

For accuracy, you are suggested to zoom in on your photos.

4. Beauty Meter - Are you pretty?

Beauty Meter - Are you pretty

Beauty meter is also a fantastic app to analyze and calculate the beauty score of the face. With a 3.9 rating, this app has won many hearts and is being enjoyed by different users around the globe.

5. FaceRate


For an attractive face rating test, FaceRate is also a great option. This app isolates your face into five sections - eyes area, mouth area, haw area, nose area, and skin area, then it detects every feature, from the symmetry of the nose to the clarity of the skin.

FaceRate uses the latest and deep learning strategies to rate your face.


At one or another phase of our life, we all want to know how hot we are. To get it known, is really a terrific option.

For precision, the Machine Learning algorithm of this app reveals the attractiveness of users on an attractiveness scale 1-10.

The algorithm identifies and compares the person's features against other people's facial features and real people's points of view about that person’s attractiveness. So, it is better to consider the result of this database fun and lighthearted only.

Our Summary

It is always interesting to know how attractive we look, whether by uploading the pictures on different apps or asking the friend's recommendations. However, the TikTok attractiveness scale has added more spice. Every social media user loves to give the TikTok attentiveness scale a shot so that they can get the exact figure between 1 to 10.

Besides TikTok, the Play Store is also overwhelmed with different beauty test apps; we have also reviewed some of the fantastic apps you can use to do beauty tests. Yes, finding the results and sharing them with friends is always entertaining. Still, nobody should take this stuff too seriously because you all are beautiful!

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