Top 10 Best Photo Blender Websites on The Internet

Photo Blender is an application that is used to join photos in any symmetry such as vertically, horizontally, and in 2D by blending its edges, photos can be put into the blender apps and could be blended as the result it’s as simple as that. With the help of a photo blender, you can merge multiple pictures on your device with just by few simple steps it is very easy to use and most of them are free and easily accessible. You can crop, rotate, resize, beautify, auto-adjust, and do many other cool things to your photo by using a good photo blending software, application, or website.

Here are the top 10 best photo blender websites review for you.

Top 10 Best Photo Blender Websites on The Internet


photo blender

Photo blender is one of the best apps in which you can blend your photos with different beautiful and attractive things. It is a photo blending tool that possesses powerful photo blending capabilities. You can add text to your photos, blur it, add funny stickers in it and even merge it with another photo. You can make a collage of different photos blur the backgrounds and blend your favorite photos with this powerful photo blending app.


  • Free to use
  • Easily accessible
  • Professional tool kit


  • Difficult user interface
  • Lacking a few options to edit video



Lunapic photo blender is another good application to blend, overlay and make collage of your photos and you can make your photos look more attractive with its powerful editing tool kits. It allows you to apply different filters on your photos so user can select any photo blending filters to apply it on their picture to make it look more attractive and to surely gain more popularity among people. This photo blending app has a professional photo blending and editing tools from which you can edit your photos just the way you like. This application also has so many good reviews of the users using this app.


  • Just a few taps away
  • Plenty of learning sources


  • Not specialized
  • Not industry standard



BLENDER allows you to make background changes and combine your photo with another photo. You can change the background of your picture with an auto tool-kit, it has AI parameters which allow the users to put their photo in auto-blend mode and the application will do the rest for the users, it is one of the most user friendly application and it also allows you to blend your photos in a way that you can make changes to your face as well like make your eyes bigger, hair longer, and even put on some cool shades using this easily accessible photo blending application.


  • Auto-blend feature.
  • User guide.
  • Easily accessible.


  • Not the jack of all trades.
  • Few editing options.


image blender

This app is one of the best when it comes to making the collage of the photos you want to merge or join, With the help of this application you can add multiple photos in your portfolio to make it a memorable picture for example you can make a collage of your photo and your loved one’s photo and you can get a better chance to have a good relationship with them by using this powerful photo blending application. This photo blending application is good for the people who want their photos to be merged quickly without and hustle or any paid software.


  • Free to use
  • Can make collage of multiple pictures


  • Not able to blend professionally
  • Small toolkit.

5. Funny photo blender

funny photo blender

Yes you can  guess the features of this photo blending application by its name, it allows the users to auto-blend the pictures just by customizing its parameters before letting the Bot do its work, it is kind of a professional photo blending software which requires users to be good at photo blending and editing skills because you need to be good at technical analyses and fundamental analyses before you can set the parameters of any picture before setting it for the bot to blend it and the results of this photo blender are shocking because once you have figured out that how to customize the photo blending parameters, you can become a pro at blending photos using this application. It allows the users to blend their photo


  • Fine editing
  • Hassle free


  • For professional use only
  • Complex UI


dreamy blender

This photo blender is another one of the best photo blending software which lets its users to blend their photos using enhanced and powerful editing and blending tools. Users can make very interesting blends to their pictures by using this photo blending app, this app holds one of the best editing toolkits among all the other apps and it is also recommended by some of the senior editors, and they also prefer this app to blend their pictures and to make interesting changes in their photos. This photo blender is used by professionals, and it requires lots of effort to learn how to operate it.


  • Professional toolkit
  • Free to use
  • Advanced photo blending options


  • Needs a lot of time to learn to use.
  • Only recommended using by professionals.

7. Photokit Color burn

photokit color burn

It is a great photo blender which works by bulking the image resizer and it can also compress the image as well as add some new filters to them by just one tap, and they can also be saved to your device in just few seconds. It is very easy to use and very easy to access and it also got very useful photo kit which makes everything painless. It has very intuitive and highly functional user interface along with a large variety of filters which can add more glamour to your pictures and make you look stunning, and your pictures would seem more attractive by using this powerful photo blending software.


  • Large variety of filters
  • Image resizer
  • Easy to use
  • Highly Functional User interface.


  • Not advanced kind of application
  • Recommended for non-professionals.

8. Befunky


This is very popular photo blender, and it is able to crop, resize, rotate, edit background, compress, auto-blend, replace color, exposure, fill light, auto enhance, beautify your pictures as easily as 1 2 3. It has very easy user interface and everyone can use it because it is also free to use and very easily accessible. You can effortlessly edit, blend photos and apply photo effects with Be Funky just by creating an account on it by clicking on sign up button. Their customer care also provides the basic guide for the newbies so they can enjoy blending the photos of their hearts effortlessly and hassle freely.


  • Auto-Enhance feature
  • Beautifies the picture


  • Sluggish Customer care


image online

The special feature of this photo blending app is that you do not need to have a proper skillset to edit or blend the photo you want to blend, you just need to select your base image in tool and add overlay image and there you go. The best part of using this photo blending software is that you do not even need to sign up or login or make any accounts to start editing in this software, just click on the link and start editing the photos of your heart and share the joy with your loved ones. It provides end to end photo blending process where your photos are safe and only you can see your photos so you can blend or edit any photo you like without any risks of your photos being leaked.


  • Safe to use
  • Easy to use
  • No need to create an account


  • Only auto edit
  • Cannot customize photos.



This is a photo blending your application which is used to blend your photos in very creative way. By using this photo blender software, you can edit, blend and add borders and frames to your pictures and also overlay effects to your pictures. You can add multiple frames to your picture such as the theme of birthday, Valentine’s Day, balloons and different creative tool and rule bending to the photos. This software is free and very handy to use, and it is capable to save your pictures in HD quality you can save the blended photo and share it to your social media right away and get the attention of your friends and you can be popular among your crew.


  • Authorized by Microsoft
  • HD quality pictures


  • Too many system requirements


So here it is concluded that if you ever want to blend your pictures and add some spice to your photos then all you need is a good photo blender and the best photo blender websites are mentioned above. You can use the photo blender anytime and from anywhere and all these websites are free to use some of them might require you to login, but it requires very less amount of effort to edit a photo by using the photo blending websites mentioned above.


 Q1:  Is any special skill set required to get started on the photo blending websites mentioned above?

The photo blending websites mentioned above, most of them do not require you to be a professional photo editor or blender to be able to use them but yes some of them have advanced level of tool kit which requires a professional to comprehend the functionality of the tools.

Q2: Are these photo blending websites free to use?

Yes, these photo blending websites are absolutely free to use.

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