If you are not a photographer, it can be difficult to understand landscape and portrait images. However, when we talk about landscape vs portrait, the debate is usually very heated as to which one is the best choice. 

Sometimes it could also be difficult to know when to use portrait vs landscape orientations. There isn't any discussion about which one is right and which one is wrong, but a presence of guidelines about which one suits the situation is what people need.

This landscape vs portrait debate will help you decide which will work better for each picture you capture. Although some professionals also have their differentiating views about the necessity of the situation. Let's understand how you can adjust your photography skills and get to know about the right moment for a landscape or a portrait.


Learning Landscape Vs Portrait

It is all about learning the basics of a profession, and photography is by far one of the most skillful art that you can master. We think that before you choose what's best for you, we have to educate you about ‘what is a landscape?' and ‘what is a portrait?'

Well, in this part of the situation, it isn't about dictionary definitions and meanings; it is genuinely about understanding the exact idea of it. 

What is a Landscape Photo?

Landscape Photography is about having the perfect shots for an outdoor experience in horizontal style. Usually, artists use landscape photography techniques for natural objects, natural environments, and natural settings. Consider yourself on top of a mountain and what you see is a jaw-dropping view from the top; you bring out your camera and want to capture all of what your eyes can see. This is where landscape photography plays its part.

What are the main types of Landscape Photography?

Overall there are a number of types of landscape photography, but we are here to learn the basics aren't we? Here are the four major types of landscape photography:

Mountain Photography

The type of Landscape photography involves a lot of hiking, climbing, and gear carrying. Photographers are always very cautious with mountain landscape photographs and get creative with their fine lenses.

A setting of different sized mountains is captured inside the lens with the natural flows of colors and beauty.

Seascape Photography

There might be many professionals who agree that seascape is by far the most difficult type of landscape photography. You need special knowledge and understanding of the settings of the camera to get the required output results.

Photographers are always on the verge of getting contrasting images with the sea and foreground.

Astro Photography

Astro landscape photography is something that is known to be perfected after a lot of challenges. An excellent tripod and shutter release are a must for a job like this, as the more subtle and stable the camera is, the more qualified the results will be.

Dramatic foregrounds with a mixture of nighttime are one of the favorite combinations of photographers to capture this type of landscape.

Panorama Photography

Are you always in the loads of getting that perfect wide-format capture? Well, this type of photography is called Panorama, and that is exactly what you need. In this landscape photography, you need to be very sharp in your wit as it is the process of capturing several images and stitching them together as one.

Panorama photography is about keeping the level of your camera maintained. 

What is a Portrait Photo?

Portrait photography takes its title from paintings and photographs of people shot vertically.  Generally, portrait photography is about capturing the personalities of people. As a matter of information, portrait photographers are looking to get the best out of a person's personality by using the background and surrounding colorings.

What are the main types of Portrait Photography?

Just like we went through with landscape photography? This will be about the types of portrait photography that we can use to demonstrate and explain landscape vs portrait more swiftly. Here are the four major types of Portrait Photography;

Candid Portraits

A picture is most rewarding when it's taken while being unaware. Photographers are always moving to capture real emotions, and candid images are what they need.

Close up Portraits

Being very close to the subject and capturing an image involving a closer and sharper look. Some people and photographers also call this type of portrait photography macro pictures.

Group Portraits

This is a bit challenging for the photographer as group portraits require adjustment of poses by everyone. Usually, single-person portraits are easy, but when we talk about group photos, people mostly tend to lean towards the horizontal side.

Self Portraits

It is difficult for the photographer when he is capturing himself as it might be out of his comfort zone. However, with a bit of a relaxed environment, self-portraits can build up confidence.

Landscape Vs Portrait: What They Have In Common.

Landscapes and portraits are just some general and straightforward capturing styles for different environments and objects. Other than that they are quite a bit similar to one another as they can be used in both group photos and single photos.

Things are usually very much simple if we put it this way; If you want the image of a single person to be only limited to his/her personality, a portrait style would do the job. However, if you want to capture the surroundings as well, the Landscape style is the perfect fit for you as it can get more details into the image.

Landscape Vs Portrait: How they are different.

The difference sometimes is huge but only when thought of at a deeper level. Down below are some of the differences that separate Landscapes and Portraits.

  • The landscapes are horizontal pictures, while the portraits are vertical.
  • Landscapes are best suited for places like Mountains, Seascapes, Forest, and Skylines, etc.
  • Portraits are best suited for capturing a single person or two with their complete personality.
  • Landscape photography is mostly considered to be more detailing, while portrait photography is more subject-focused

There might be a lot of differences in terms of technical analysis for these modes of photography. But when we talk generally about landscape vs portraits, these differences are the ones that should make it to the list.


It is the choice of the artist to adopt whatever style of photography he/she likes. IN order to get the perfect result, the decision must be according to the need of the hour.

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Q 1: Which Photography is best for Forests?

A: Landscape photography is the one that you must choose when capturing the world of the jungle. The astonishing natural detail of the greenery and different shades of environment could only be covered in horizontal photographs.

Q 2: How do you take portrait photographs?

A: Keep the camera in a vertical shape and look for the object or subject that you want to capture. Try to be creative with your photos and focus gravely on what the eyes want to see.

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