Music is called the universal language, and rightly so. It can be argued that there are just as many types of music as they are types of people. We connect to music and want to know more about it. With AI technology advancing in all directions, you can use for how bad is your Spotify. The Pudding Cool Spotify test analyzes your playlist and makes sarcastic comments on it. We love to hear good things about our music taste, but seeing sarcastic and light-hearted comments on our music taste can be just as fun. Of course, when we talk about music taste, we focus on the songs you listen to on Spotify and nothing else. The ‘how bad is your Spotify' app by Pudding Cool can be considered the opposite of the yearly Spotify Wrapped. So, read on to get a good overview of this online app that is essentially a ‘how bad is your Spotify' test. 


How Bad Is Your Spotify Quiz Overview

how bad is your spotify_overview

Perhaps the first question that you may have in your mind is: Is ‘how bad is your Spotify safe? The answer would be yes. The developers have placed good security algorithms that only allow them temporary access to your Spotify or Apple Music account. Their algorithm doesn't even read your profile data but rather only reads through the songs present in your playlists. Furthermore, the app does not store any data after displaying the results. Also, given how fast the app is, your playlist will be shared for a few minutes at max. 

Speaking of the app itself, it appears like a basic online web page. This certainly works as the app is not meant for any visual tasks anyway. Not to mention that the app loads quickly due to this design choice. The ‘how bad is your Spotify' music AI is well-designed and usually has something new and unique about different kinds of music. 

How Bad Is Your Spotify Playlist (Test)

You can start the ‘how bad is your Spotify' test by clicking on the Find Out button on the web page. The AI will start typing out some text and let you know that it needs to access your Spotify or Apple Music playlist to proceed. You can even select the third option for some additional info. Once you log in to your account, the app AI will start analyzing your playlist and keep passing comments. 

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The AI also tends to ask you sarcastic questions in between the test. This makes the overall experience much more engaging, and you somehow feel some way when you are answering these questions. Not to mention that you can hardly guess how the AI will respond to your answers. One of the best aspects of the ‘how bad is your Spotify' music AI is that it can pick out obscure songs and comment on them. As a user, you'd expect it to only know about the mainstream songs and artists such as BTS, Dua Lipa, etc. It is a genuine surprise that the AI system has more profound knowledge than the mainstream. 

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As you can see, these are the kind of results that you can expect from the ‘how bad is your Spotify' test. The app gives even more comments for your playlists, so be prepared. However, for all its great features, the app isn't exactly perfect. The algorithm tends to feature songs or artists that you actually do not listen to much any more but are instead just a part of your playlist. Also, while this isn't the app's fault, users should keep in mind that the app is only analyzing your Spotify playlist and not your music taste in its entirety. Naturally, we listen to music on every platform available. These platforms include YouTube, SoundCloud, and even locally on mobile phones. Therefore, it is best to take the test lightly as it is intended to be. 


Overall, the ‘how bad is your Spotify' taste quiz is a fun and sarcastic innovation made by a couple of developers. Combining AI technology with music to create an app such as this is something people didn't know they needed. Furthermore, the app has more room for improvements and can grow more in scope. It will be interesting to see how the developers take this unique concept further and reach a wider audience. Perhaps these concepts can be spread out to other mediums such as videos, images, Instagram posts, etc.

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