Aurora HDR is a software application with a focus on HDR based photography and image enhancement. This HDR software is designed by Skylum, a reputed company which also has other remarkable products such as Luminar. HDR is a crucial aspect of photography, especially outdoor photography, and the Skylum Aurora HDR software can be really useful to maximize the quality of the photos you take involving HDR. You can download this Aurora HDR for PC and use it as a post-production or post-processing software application. In this Aurora HDR review, we will be giving you insight on how the application works, some of its important features, prices, and more.


What is Aurora HDR?

To put it simply, the Skylum Aurora HDR software is an application that is designed for editing and enhancing HDR based images automatically. The Aurora HD software is powered by a really efficient AI based system that enables it to process images automatically and with accurate results.

Aurora HDR


This software offers compatibility with both Mac and Windows operating systems though it can also be used as a plugin feature on popular editing applications such as Lightroom, Photoshop, Apple Photos, etc. It should be noted that you do need a decent system to run this software comfortably. Overall, the Aurora HDR software application can be your ideal post-production solution.

How to use Aurora HDR?

  1. If you are new to the Aurora software, you'd naturally first need to purchase and install the software. To do that, you can access the page from here. The software costs somewhere around $95. Be sure to choose the appropriate operating system.

How to use Aurora HDR1

2.Install and run the software. Luckily, the app is based on AI and so you just have to upload an image there using the Open option and adjust some settings. Once the image is open, you will see multiple HDR based tools on your right. Simply adjust them and observe as the changes apply to your image. For example, you can raise or drop the temperature levels of the image.

How to use Aurora HDR2

3.Click on the Save option on the top right and you can set the location anywhere on your local device.


Aurora HDR pricing

Performance of Aurora HDR

A really useful aspect of the Aurora HDR software design is that it implements manual and automatic processing in the application. Basically, when you open an image, Aurora HD will enhance it first but users can take a step further and try out different tools by themselves to make something more creative. The software is filled with various tools and filters for users to try out.

We can see a few great results from the official website itself:

Performance of Aurora HDR

This image has an amazing blend of realistic color and contrast. Particular aspects such as the sun rays on the top of the trees and the colors of the tower really strike out, resulting in a vibrant image.

Performance of Aurora HDR1

The Aurora photo editor definitely manages to bring out the realistic colors of an image but it also maintains the high level of detail of the original image as well.


The Aurora HDR software can be an excellent addition to your inventory of photo editing tools. The software is capable of turning out consistently stunning visuals without requiring you to invest a lot of time or effort. Moreover, the software is also priced reasonably and definitely delivers money's worth. It also utilizes the AI based technology really well, delivering changes instantly and reading images with immense detail.

Although, this application would not be recommended if you are someone who does not deal with HDR regularly. Unlike Skylum's other applications like Luminar, which is a general photo editor, Aurora HDR is specifically for images with HDR or similar. Not to mention that you should have a good system to run this application smoothly.

If you prefer an online approach for image enhancements, you can then consider online photo editors such as VanceAI, LunaPic, and more. The best photo enhancer depends on your specific needs.


1. Is Aurora HDR any good?

Aurora HDR is a pretty excellent application because of multiple reasons. To begin with, the software is well designed and uses AI based image processing technology to give you the best looking and realistic results from any kind of photo. Moreover, Skylum has made the UI of the software really simple to follow. You can easily pick up the software and understand how to use it regardless of being a professional or not. To top it all off, the software can be used on desktops and as a plugin at a pretty reasonable price.

2. What is Aurora HDR?

Aurora HDR is a software application to tackle HDR based image editing and enhancements. HDR, as you would know, involves photography with brightness, color, and more. By making use of AI based technology, it can read through HDR images and offer tools to improve its visuals. Users can use multiple tools such as temperature bars, contrasts, filters, etc to adjust the image. If you are someone into photography, especially outdoor and landscape photography, Aurora HDR can be a great addition.

3. Is Aurora HDR better than Lightroom?

While Lightroom does offer comprehensive and sophisticated features as well, Aurora HDR is an application that is much more intuitive and easy to use. Given that it is designed with AI image processing in mind, you can automatically get your results within a few seconds. Only if you already own multiple Adobe editing products such as Photoshop, will you find Lightroom a better choice. As a stand-alone application, Aurora HDR is easier to get into and offers incredible results.

4. What is the latest version of Aurora HDR?

If you are someone who already owns a previous version of Aurora HDR, you can find the options to upgrade it here. This version has all the features that we have discussed so far in this review. All you would need to do is send your name and either the serial number or email id over to Skylum and you will get the updates soon.

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Aurora HDR

Aurora HDR is a software application with a focus on HDR based photography and image enhancement.

  • Image Enhance
  • $99
  • AI-powered HDR image processing
  • Available on desktops and as a plugin
  • Easy to use interface
  • Not recommended for those who don't deal with HDR regularly
  • Requires a good system to run smoothly