Top 10 Voice Generator Review 2023

AI voice generators enable realistic voice cloning for branding, games, films, audiobooks, and voice assistants, transforming text-to-speech and creating custom AI voices with ease and efficiency.

In today's fast-paced world, individuals often find themselves in situations where they need to recreate or mimic the voices of celebrities, others, or even themselves. Voice cloning used to be a daunting task, requiring extensive voice samples and resources. However, with the advancements in AI and voice synthesis technology, creating deepfake voices with realistic emotions and intonations has become significantly more accessible. This review aims to address the pain points associated with traditional voice cloning methods and provide solutions through AI voice generators. By offering an objective and experienced perspective on the latest tools, we'll guide you through the process of generating custom AI voices with minimal effort and resources.


Top 10 Voice Generators Review

Voice cloning might sound a little scary to some. But it can bring real benefits to businesses and individuals. AI voice generators have wider applications in commercial areas than personal entertainment. AI generated voice can be used for branding, games, animated films, audiobooks, and voice assistants. This article will look at the top 10 voice generators. They include AI powered voice generating tools that generate deepfake voice and robot voice generators that are fun to experiment with. The rest can help you generate robot voices easily based on text to speech technology.

Product Price Language Support Custom AI Voice Creation Text-to-Speech Free Trial Free / Contact for Pro 120+ languages No✗ Yes✓ Yes✓ Free Limited No✗ Yes✓ No✗
LOVO $19.99 - $99.99 per month Limited Yes✓ Yes✓ Yes✓ $24 - $449 per month Limited Yes✓ Yes✓ Yes✓
Replica Free / $16 per month Limited Yes✓ Yes✓ Yes✓

This is the preview table we created after reviewing and summarizing the top five products. Continue reading if you want to know more.


Notable features: Cloud-based, realistic text-to-speech, 120+ languages. is an efficient cloud-based voice generator designed for content creators, making it ideal for producing voiceovers for YouTube videos, podcasts, advertisements, presentations, e-learning content, and more.

Utilizing AI and deep machine learning technologies, generates ultra-realistic voiceovers in over 120 languages, making it highly versatile.

However, its free plan is time-limited, which could be a drawback for some users. text to voice converter


  • You can sample the service for free for a short period.
  • It has a strong AI voice generator that can produce high-quality voiceovers with no effort.
  • When compared to other goods on the market, it is cheaper for professional users.


  • The free plan has a time limit.

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Notable features: Free text-to-speech reader, audio and video to text conversion, video editing options. is a reliable text-to-speech reader, best suited for content creators who need to convert text to audio and incorporate it into their videos for platforms like YouTube.

This tool allows users to convert both text to voice and voice to text, making it highly functional. Additionally, it offers robust video editing options for customizing content.

Despite its versatility, the tool's complexity due to its multiple features might make it more challenging to use compared to simpler alternatives.

veed io text to voice


  • Both text to voice transfer and voice to text transfer is available
  • Fast to process


  • The operation may be more complex than a typical tool because it has more functions


Notable features: Personal AI voice creation, 50+ voice skins, voice cloning technology.


Price: $19.99/ Starter; $34.99/ Personal $99.99/ Freelancer

LOVO, ideal for creating personalized and emotionally connected voices, is a powerful AI voice generator backed by text-to-speech technology.

With 50+ voice skins to choose from, each with unique traits to fit different content styles, LOVO adopts voice cloning technology that requires just 10 minutes of a target voice for customization.

A downside to LOVO is that it requires signing up to access the free trial service, which might deter some potential users. For more information about Lovo AI click here: How to Use Lovo To Create Realistic Voiceovers?

ai voice generator


  • Create AI voice
  • 50+voice skins
  • Powered by AI


  • Require signing up


Notable features: AI Voice building, deep fake voices, human-like emotions and intonations.

Price: Entry $24/month; Professional $449/ month

Resemble allows users to build their AI Voice using pre-existing audio data, making it ideal for content creators who need realistic voiceovers with human-like emotions and intonations.

The platform enables users to record 50 sentences or upload raw audio data directly, generating deepfake voices quickly and efficiently.

A drawback of this tool is the requirement to sign up to access the free trial service, which could discourage some users.

ai voice generator


  • Generate human-like voices
  • Fast speed


  • Require signing up

5. Replica

Notable features: AI-powered natural voices, multiple voice styles, creative project-oriented.

Free & Paid

Price: $16/month

Designed for creative projects, Replica is an AI voice generator that enables users to create unique AI voices by capturing speech patterns, pronunciation, and emotional range of provided audio samples.

The tool offers a range of voices in its library, allowing users to find the perfect voice for their projects, such as animations, advertisements, gaming, and voice apps.

While Replica offers useful features in the free plan, it requires signing up, which might be an inconvenience for some potential users.

ai voice generator


  • Generate AI voice
  • Offer free trial
  • Choose different voice styles


  • Require signing up

6. Voicery

Notable features: Customized branded voices, AI and deep learning powered, business-oriented.

Free & Paid Price: 0.001/character for starter

Voicery is a powerful AI voice generator designed for businesses, offering customized branded voices with accents and emotions for applications like automotive, voice assistants, call centers, and audiobooks.

Committed to helping businesses create digital voices with warmth, emotion, and charisma, Voicery utilizes AI and deep learning technologies to achieve realistic voice generation.

A potential downside to Voicery is that it is not intended for personal use, making it less suitable for individual content creators or casual users.

ai voice generator


  • Free to try different voice styles and speakers
  • Focus on branded voices


  • Not for personal use

7. Lyrebird

Notable features: Digital voice creation, small audio samples, AI-powered.

Lyrebird enables users to create a digital voice that mimics their own from a small audio sample, making it perfect for personalized voice applications.

Equipped with AI-based voice synthesis technology, Lyrebird controls the emotion of the generated voice, offering increased versatility and customization.

A limitation of Lyrebird is that it is not easily accessible, as users must contact the platform to access voice cloning services.

ai voice generator


  • Create digital voice
  • Use small audio samples
  • Powered by AI


Not easily accessible

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8. Robot voice generator

Notable features: Text-to-speech, pitch and speed adjustment, fun to use.

Robot voice generator from is a fun and free tool that allows users to transform their text into robot voices.

This generator enables users to adjust the pitch and speed of the robot voice, providing a customizable experience. Additionally, it allows for downloading audio files with a single click.

A drawback of this tool is its lack of support for multiple languages, limiting its appeal for non-English speakers.

ai voice generator


  • Shift text to speech
  • Serve as robot voice generator
  • Download audio files
  • Fun to use
  • Free to use
  • Intuitive interface


  • Not support multiple languages

9. onlinetonegenerator

Notable features: Free, easy to use, and supports different languages.

Onlinetonegenerator is a helpful online voice generator that can quickly turn text into speech in various languages.

The tool is free and easy to use, requiring users only to enter text into the box and listen to the computer-generated voice with a single click.

However, it does not support voice cloning, and its compatibility with browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer is limited.

ai voice generator


  • Free to use
  • Easy to use
  • Support different languages


  • Not support voice cloning
  • Not compatible with some browsers, like Firefox and IE.

10. Natural Reader

Notable features: Easy to use, text-to-speech converter, emulates human-like speech.


Natural Reader Online is a powerful and user-friendly voice generator that can convert any written text into spoken words.

It offers two types of free voices, while the paid version provides a wide variety of voices to choose from. The tool supports uploading documents for added convenience.

The downside of Natural Reader is that its free plan offers limited features, potentially restricting its appeal to users seeking more extensive functionality.

ai voice generator


  • Easy to use
  • Text to speech converter
  • Emulate human-like speech


  • Free plan offers limited features


1. Can you Deepfake a voice?

Thanks to AI technology, it's possible to deepfake a voice now. Check out this video to see how to use Lyirbird AI voice generator to clone the voice.


Voices are an essential part of our identity. If you want to create an AI that mimics the tone, personality, accent, and style, AI voice generators are a better choice. However, when businesses AI voice generators, security should not be an afterthought. It is important to ensure cloned voices are used for good. In addition, robot voice generator from is fun to play with. About the voice generators not powered by AI, they are quite handy as they can help you to convert text to speech and even to MP3 files. They are more suitable for individual users who just need a voice generator to read the text.

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  3. is also an AI voice generator, to clone your voice in the most natural way, you need to record at least 100 of your sayings. The sound will sound more like you if you record a lot of your sentences. It allows you to test it for free for 5 consecutive days.

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