Top 10 Best AI Audio Enhancers for Audio Denoise 2023

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With the many options of converting audio into hundreds of audio formats, there are also more and more instances of audio quality being altered due to those formats and their conversion styles. This is not satisfactory since even the smallest of audio clips with poor quality can just make users turn it off. Popular websites that deal with audio particularly need to be cautious of this. Therefore, an audio enhancer is usually the way to go for ensuring that your audio sounds perfect. An audio enhancer can enhance audio and provide speech enhancement as well.

When it comes to speech enhancement, there is mainly the technique to denoise audio in a way that accentuates the vocals. This is really important for videos such as podcasts and information based videos that do include some music as background.

Dealing with audio is just complicated in general, so we have compiled a list of the best audio enhancer tools that you can use without worry. You will find audio enhancer online tools and audio enhancer app for mobile as well. You can start using these applications to enhance your audio to the next level and catch the attention of users. Related article: Top 10 Voice Generator Review 2023

The 10 Best AI Audio Enhancer Review


Price: This online audio enhancer tool is free to use as a demo. If you are looking for a paid version, you can start off with a standard edition that costs $0.05 for every minute of audio. Besides, you get 200 minutes for free anyway. is a really good audio enhancer application to start with because of how easily and quickly it works. You only need to upload audio and let the tool handle the rest. You can also record audio there itself and have it processed. With the use of audio engineering and other technologies, the developers have managed to create this wonderful application with a few lines of code. Not to mention that the team is an active one, working on multiple features to be released soon.



  • Good technology.
  • Smooth interface.


  • The record feature works better than uploading audio.

2. Krisp

Price: You can use this free audio enhancer for 120 minutes per week. Anything beyond that requires an upgrade. You can start off with Personal Pro that costs $5 per month and there are other types of subscriptions for teams.

Krisp is a world-wide known audio enhancer application, having been featured in Forbes and various other esteemed magazines for its cutting edge innovation as an audio enhancer tool. The application revolves majorly around online meetings and being able to cut out unnecessary background noise. It is difficult to maintain a professional scene with online meetings when you have children playing around or pets around. Krisp makes sure that no such noise comes through. It can even eliminate keyboard clicks.

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  • Popular application with active dev team.
  • Brilliant technology.


  • It is rather niche in application.

3. AI Mastering

Price: You can use this audio enhancer online tool for free. You just need to create a free account with them first.

AI Mastering is an audio enhancer tool that focuses on user convenience and experience. When you are using this tool, you can expect everything to be easily done. For starters, they have given some easy alternatives for signing up an account with them. You can use your GitHub, Google, or Twitter account to quickly set up an account. Not to mention that its AI based technology allows for automatic audio conversions. This is an application that is slowly but surely gaining traction with increasing numbers of users reaching out every month.



  • Easy to use.
  • Completely free of cost.


  • The audio processing takes time.

4. Auphonic

Price: You can use this audio enhancer for free for 2 hours of audio time. For more, you can purchase any of the paid plans starting from $11 for 9 hours audio time and more. There are also options for buying one-time credits.


If Auphonic could be described in one word it would be “variety”. This AI based audio enhancer application can work with pretty much anything. It can offer audio denoise for podcasts, movies, radio shows, and much more. Other than that, it can perform complex tasks such as detect speech of close to 80 languages, offer encoding for many formats like MP3 and FLAC, and perform audio restoration. Moreover, this is an audio enhancer for android and desktop too.


  • It has a lot of features and algorithms to enhance audio.
  • Free version is great.


  • The processing can be slow.

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5. Audio Super Resolution

Price: This is a free to use audio enhancer application.

This is a new use of the traditional AI methodologies that goes into enhancing audio files. Here, there is an algorithm designed to fill in the gaps left by the denoise audio tracks and that in turn makes the audio enhanced with new bits. You can also listen to a whole bunch of sample audios from the link above to see how the algorithm differs from others and what kind of output audio it generates. There is also a GitHub page of this tool with all the code and documentation available, if you are a tech person too and would like to dig in.



  • New algorithms and design.


  • It is not a fully developed app yet.

6. Adobe Audition

Price: Adobe Audition audio enhancer tool is free to use but you will need to at least install it first and have an account. Installing and making an account are free as well.

The best thing about any Adobe tool is the sheer amount of detailed editing it can offer and the same is the case for Adobe Audition. You can denoise audio or reduce other kinds of background noise with incredible precision no matter which platform you are using currently. You can drop any audio file and start editing. You can apply multiple noise cancellation or enhancer functions to your track to not only reduce unwanted noise but also enhance the audio itself. Not to mention that you can listen to tracks as you edit them, saving time and allowing for better edits. Since it is an Adobe product, you can seamlessly transition between different Adobe products with the audio you are using in Adobe Audition.



  • The fact that you can use multiple Adobe products allows for an amazing audio editing experience.
  • It is fully free to use.


  • You need to spend some time to first learn the audio enhancer tool.


Price: You can use AudioDenoise for free.

This is a really simple and straightforward online tool to enhance audio. All you have to do is upload an audio file first and then go to the settings below. You will see a bunch of options to choose from such as Noise Model Type, the amount of noise reduction needed, time smoothing, and more. After you are done with settings, just click on Start and you will have your audio file ready to download.




  • It is one of the easiest to use tools you will find.


  • The lack of UI can deter some users.

8. Audio Noise Reducer

Price: This audio enhancer for android is fully free to use.

The advantage of having this application is that you can reduce noise in plain audio files as well as in video files, which is something not many applications offer. Even though it is a simple mobile application, it manages to incorporate Deep Learning technologies into it for audio processing. Furthermore, it has a high compatibility range that supports audio file formats like MP2, MP3, FLAC, AMR, and many more. One thing you should know before getting into the tool is that it does not work with music, for it was not designed for something like it. However, it will work well for everything else.



  • It has solid technology running behind the application.
  • Multiple file formats supported.
  • Noiseless videos.


  • Cannot work with music.


Price: You can always use this tool for minor projects that are under 10 mins and 50 MB in size with a watermark attached. You can otherwise purchase a Basic account for $18 per month. There are other paid plans as well.

Even with a free account, you can make use of a number of useful features from this tool. It offers storage of around 2 GB for your files and you can download files as many times as you want. You can work on projects that are within 10 minutes of runtime. Also, you can have automatic subtitles. With better paid accounts, these features are upgraded and you get new features together with them. For instance, a Basic account gives you access to 25 GB worth of storage and you can get customer service which is live-chat based.



  • The UI is smooth.
  • Good quality of life features.


  • It only works for videos.

10. Audioalter

Price: This audio enhancer online software is free to use.

Audioalter offers many audio related tools that all serve different purposes and you can use any of them online from their website. Their noise reducer tool can denoise audio with just a few clicks without disrupting the primary track. It is also an automatic tool that only requires you to upload a file and leave the rest to the tool.



  • Many tools to play around with.


  • Has low compatibility.


You can use almost all of these tools rather easily to enhance your audio. Many of the tools mentioned here are dedicated software tools that go beyond noise cancellation and end up offering a lot more. On the other hand, you will also find tools like Auphonic that are simply focused on audio denoise, which is great for users looking for a quick tool. Related article: Top 10 Realistic Text to Speech Tools Review 2023


1. What is the best AI Audio Enhancer?

If you are a user who does not mind downloading a software application, then Krisp is the perfect tool for you mainly due to its performance and accuracy regarding noise cancellation. The samples on their site are enough proof to showcase how powerful the technology behind Krisp is. If you want a strictly online tool, you can go for and Auphonic.

2. How to enhance audio with AI?

Though there are slight changes, almost all of the websites or tools based on AI work the same way. You need to just upload an audio file and wait for it to get processed by the tool. Once that is done, simply download the file. Sometimes you may need to have a free account before you get started but again, most of these tools support Google sign ups so that’s not a big deal.

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