How to Enlarge Image with Bigjpg?

When you have photos that are too small to be used, you might want to make them bigger. For example, you save an image online but its quality is low. Is there any way to upgrade it to super-resolution while you resize it?

Sure. Bigjpg is an AI image enlarger that comes with an intuitive interface. It allows you to enlarge photos without losing quality, which is made possible with AI technology. In this article, we will look at how to use Bigjpg and how well it works.

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How to enlarge images with Bigjpg?

Enlarging images with Bigjpg is easy. Follow the steps below and you will be able to upscale an image without distorting it.

Step 1. Upload an image to Bigjpg

Click on Select File to upload an image to Bigjpg. The file size should be smaller than 10MB and the resolution smaller than 3000x3000px.


Tip: if you want to enlarge an image with greater size, you can upgrade your plan.

Step 2. Choose scale before you enlarge image with Bigjpg

After you upload an image, click Start and a pop-up will appear. Choose image type, scale and noise reduction level. Free users are allowed to upscale by 2x or 4x. If you upgrade the plan, you can upscale images up to 16x. Click OK to move on.


Step 3. Download enlarged image from Bigjpg

The processing time is much longer than other image enlargers. Tap on Download to save the result. You can only save your image as JPG format.



When you resize an image with Bigjpg, you are given a result with a bigger size. But if you want to save your storage space, perhaps you need to resize your photos to a smaller size. You can use image compressors which allow you to compress the size of images without losing quality.

What is Bigjpg?

Price: Free & Paid ($22/month/1000 pics)

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Online

Bigjpg offers a new solution to image enlargement with AI technology. Unlike complicated desktop programs such as Photoshop, Bigjpg is effective and simple to use. It avoids images getting blurry or noisy by using neural network and a special algorithm. It allows you to automatically enlarge images without losing quality. In addition to online image enlargement service, Bigjpg is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.


  • Easy to use
  • The free version is available
  • Offline enlargement and 20 images for a free plan
  • Support API
  • 3000x3000px


  • Processing speed is kind of slow
  • The output has some visible blur
  • Can’t choose the output resolution



1.   How to increase resolution of image?

To increase photo resolution, you can work with many tools. But the quality of the original images is not preserved in most cases. The good news is that you can work with Let’s Enhance. This AI image enlarger is one of the best tools that allow you to increase the resolution of an image without losing quality.

2.   How to enlarge a picture for printing?

Using Bigjpg to enlarge a picture for printing requires some preparations. Before you print a picture, you need to consider the DPI, or dots per inch, and size of your image. 300 DPI is very popular and 4″x5″(1200 px by 1500 px) or 5″x7″ (1500px by 2100px) are recommended sizes. Then you can use Bigjpg to enlarge your photos by uploading an image with adjusted size.

3.  Are there any limits if I use Bigjpg?

There are some limits to the function, like less than 10MB, lower than 3000x3000px, and single-image processing. Paid users enjoy a faster and more stable processing speed. It supports a higher resolution and many more features.



If you are involved in different online activities, such as posting blogs or any other content on your eCommerce store or simply doing ads, a rule of thumb is that high-quality images are no less important than words.

Luckily, in a world of photos, you can access numerous photos for free online or just take pictures with your smartphone. But many of these photos have a small size and low quality. It’s not a good idea to use them directly. If you want to fully take advantage of them, Bigjpg makes it possible to enlarge photos without distorting them. But this tool is not perfect. The downside of this AI image enlarger is that it has a longer processing time and it loses more details, especially on portraits.


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