Top 10 Image Sharpeners Review 2020

Sometimes you may find the photos you just take are very blurry and you have to delete them all with great regret. It is quite a waste of time and effort. But with image sharpeners, your blurry images are no longer useless.

How can I make a blurry picture clear?

Start with an effective photo sharpener. To sharpen an image, you can use a photo sharpener to remove blur, enhance details, and dehaze. A good photo sharpener can help you out with powerful features, like removing blur including motion blur (camera shake) and out-of-focus blur, light correction, and improving color and contrast.

Your image blurriness is usually caused by one of three problems: camera shake, focus issues, or general softness. You are also suggested to read Image Enlargers Review for more useful tools.

Top 10 Image Sharpeners Review 2020

For some photographers, they expect an image sharpener to eliminate blur and enhance details without losing image quality, enhancing noise or producing unnatural-looking images. Generally speaking, a good image sharpener can help you:

  • Remove blur including motion blur (camera shake) and out-of-focus blur
  • Remove noise
  • Light correction
  • Dehaze
  • Improve color & contrast

Featured Product Recommended – Vance AI Image Sharpener

  • Price: Free & Paid ($9.9/mo $99.9/yr)
  • Compatibility: Windows

Vance AI Image Sharpener is the one-stop for sharpening images. It allows you to fix blurry and noisy images easily with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. You can get rid of motion blur and out-of-focus blur with one click. It’s easy to use. Just upload an image to this AI image enhancer and it will sharpen your image automatically. Check out more details in How to Enhance Image Quality in Vance AI Image Enhancer.



  • Sharpen image automatically with AI technology
  • Remove blur and noise without manual work
  • Easy to use
  • Output images in high resolution


  • Slow processing speed
  • Lack editing tools, such as filters
  • Limited export formats


1. Topaz Sharpen AI

Price: $79.99

Compatibility: Windows & Mac

Sharpen AI, trained with millions of images, can distinguish between real detail and noise. Then it enhances the detail or even recovers it. With an Intel graphics card, you can get up to 5x faster processing speeds.

This image sharpener includes separate modules to deal with different problems. For instance, the Stabilize module is developed to reverse motion blur and improve handheld images. The Focus module is made to sharpen out-of-focus eyes or correct issues caused by incorrect in-camera focus. The Sharpen module is for correcting small amounts of general softness without any artifacts or halos.

sharpen AI


  • Work on its own or as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop/ Topaz Studio
  • The output quality is excellent
  • Intuitive operation


  • Requirement for your system
  • A little bit expensive
  • Sort of complicated


2. Luminar


Compatibility: Mac & Windows

Luminar provides many ways to enhance details and improve photos. For instance, the Sharpening filter is to enhance edges. The Dehalo mode is to remove halos. The Clarity is to increase contrast along the edges of the mid-tones. Dozens of other filters and effects are available here.

With an AI structure tool integrated, Luminar 4 automatically enhances the details of your photos. After automatic improvement, you can also make manual adjustments.

sharpen the image


  • Easy image organization
  • Modern interface
  • Work on RAW, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and other files
  • Can be used as standalone software or as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop CC/ Lightroom……


  • Still no virtual copies
  • Some features don’t work very well, like sky replacement


3. Adobe Photoshop CC

Price: Subscription plans start from $9.99 per month

Compatibility: Mac, Windows

Adobe Photoshop is something we can’t miss when it comes to photo editing tools. It is well known for its versatility with hundreds of features. Through this software, you can edit your photos in almost all possible ways. Add filters, use artist-designed templates, create layers, apply effects, enhance pictures, and sharpen images. It integrates almost all features that you can imagine.

But it requires some skills to use this professional tool to make advanced improvements. If you don’t plan to spend much time learning it, you’d better switch to another one.



  • Make any adjustments on your images
  • The output quality is quite good
  • Professional & versatile


  • Has a requirement for your hard disk space
  • Quite complicated for beginners


4. SmartDeblur

Price: $98 (pro)

Compatibility: Windows & Mac

This photo sharpener helps to restore the details of blurry, defocused and handheld images. Restore motion blur, make defocused images clear, and easily undo Gaussian blur.

Automatic shake pattern analysis is provided to help you locate the area that needs to be improved and recover it. After this tool automatically improves your images, you can also make some adjustments to it.

For more desktop products to sharpen your images, you can also read Image Upscalers Review.

denoise images


  • Easy to use
  • Support RAW files


  • The output quality is not perfect
  • A little bit expensive


5. Unshake

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows

This free image sharpener is exclusively designed to improve blurry photos. Unshake is an automatic deconvolver, also known as a “blind” deconvolver. Unlike some products, Unshake works to recover what the original scene looked like instead of bringing out hidden details by emphasizing changes in pictures.

Unshake does well in enhancing web-quality and low-resolution images. It provides you a quick fix to your photos and supports batch processing.

deblur images


  • Easy to use
  • Support JPG, GIF, PNG
  • Take up less storage
  • Batch processing


  • Much time to process large files
  • Limited with few features


6. Movavi Photo Editor

Price: $44.95

Compatibility: Windows & Mac

Movavi has AI adjustments that can improve low-quality areas automatically. It easily and quickly fixes color and contrast, restores old pictures, and improves specific areas. You can also use it to remove unnecessary parts from your photos like your finger.

This fun & easy-to-use image sharpener is dedicated to amateur photographers and the general public.

enhance images


  • Easy to use
  • Automatically enhance pictures


  • Only edit one picture each time


7. Focus Magic


Compatibility: Windows & Mac

Focus Magic applies advanced forensic strength deconvolution technology to undo blur. It can deal with both out-of-focus blur and motion blur. One of its features is to switch the depth of field and move focus on the subject, whether it’s in the background or the foreground. You can use it to sharpen images that need a hint of sharpening, as it does not create halos or sharpening artifacts.

sharpen photo


  • Can be used as a plug-in for Photoshop
  • Easy to use


  • Small preview area


8. Fotor Photo Blur

Price: Free and Paid ($3.33/month)

Compatibility: Online

This online image sharpener is a quite good blur remover. Since there are too many options, you may confuse which to choose. The Sharpen option lies in Effect – TILT SHIFT BRUSH. There is also a 1-Tap Enhance. But it seems not to work well. There are many other features for editing, like cropping, rotating, beauty features, adding frames, stickers, and text.

The interface of this tool is very excellent. Given that this tool is an online image sharpener, it may save you much time and effort.

sharpen image


  • Many editing features available


  • The free version has a watermark


9. Enhance

Price: Free

Compatibility: Online

This online photo sharpener mainly has six features, which is not too much compared to the previous one. The features include light correction, color temperature, denoise, deblur, adjust saturation, and fix red-eye.

For some pictures, it is difficult to find out the difference after using this product. Moreover, it only supports a small preview of the result that you can’t zoom in to observe details.

photo sharpener


  • Easy to use
  • Upload from & share with social media


  • The interface is little messy
  • Too many ads
  • The output quality is not pleasant
  • Only a small preview of the result


10. Lunapic

Price: Free

Compatibility: Online

Lunapic is very hard to use. Every time I click the tools on the left column or on the top menu, the picture I’ve uploaded will be refreshing, which makes me quite confused. Moreover, the refreshing is so slow and takes much time. Besides, too many options make users confused. When you’re not an old hand and don’t want to spend time on it, it is totally a disaster.

image sharpener


  • The result is fine


  • Very complicated to use
  • Not user-friendly



It is not very common that you download or buy software for only one of its features. Given that, we recommend you Luminar and Adobe Photoshop (professional users only). They can not only sharpen your images in blurriness, noise, light, and contrast but also allow you to add some effects and make some other adjustments.

If you don’t need other features and the only thing you really care about is to remove the blur and noise of your images, then we recommend Topaz Sharpen AI, which has no other features but can produce an excellent result.

When it comes to online products, we recommend Fotor Photo Blur. It is quite easy to use and integrated with many features for editing images. When you don’t want to download any software, this one is exactly what you’re looking for.

By the way, some products can work as both standalone software and plug-in. When you use one as an extension for Photoshop or some others, pay attention to their versions and make sure they are compatible. Sometimes you update one product, and the other just can’t work at all.

If you want to browse more articles about image sharpening, then we recommend you Photo Enhancers Review for more useful tools.


1.How to sharpen an image in photoshop?


2.Can you fix a blurred photo?

Yes. Find the best photo sharpeners in this article, which can help you fix blurry photos easily. If you don’t need extra features and the only thing you really care about is to remove the blur and noise of your images, then we recommend Topaz Sharpen AI.

3.How to make a blurry picture clear online?

To fix blurry pictures online free, you can use the photo enhancers listed in the article. Here we recommend, which comes with an intuitive interface. It’s free to use. Just upload an image by Clicking “From disk”. Then, you can check or uncheck checkbox options, such as color temperature and deblurring. Save it. Done.


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