Icons8 Upscaler Review | How to Convert Low Resolution Image to High Resolution

Get High Resolution Images with Icons8

Icons8 has many cool features but this review focuses merely at the Icons8 upscaler tool, which is an image resolution changer. This application can be valuable for many designing tasks or any visual-related task for that matter. Find out more alternatives to Icons8 upscaler here: Top 15 AI Image Upscaler for 2021 .

What is Icons8?

The Icons8 is a multi-feature application that can undertake various image editing tasks such as convert image to high resolution, remove background, generate faces through AI, and more. Besides having a cool name and many features, Icons8 offers these for free. So, if you are looking to convert low resolution image to high resolution online free, look no further.

Feature icons8

How to Use Icons8 Upscaler to Convert Low Resolution Image to High Resolution Online

A short and easy guide on how to convert low resolution image to high resolution online with Icons8.

Step 1: Use this link to proceed to the application’s home page. You will see the Browse button on the right in blue, click on that.

Step 2: A window prompt should open. Browse and select the image that you want to upscale.

Step 3: The application will automatically show you the comparison images and you can download the enhanced image by clicking on Download just below the image. The download button:

Download Button icons8


You can also check out how to use this tool in the video below:

Why do people choose Icons8 Upscaler?

The Icons8 upscaler is powered by Artificial Intelligence based image processing techniques and this alone affects the application in multiple ways. First, due to its AI based design, Icons8 upscaler is an online application that will convert image to high resolution in a matter of seconds automatically. The users have the boring and tedious work done for them and all that’s needed from them are the images. Secondly, the application now deals with images with a speed that is unmatched by the traditional image processing applications. The AI algorithms simply work much faster than any other technologies as of now.

Features of Icons8 Upscaler

The Icons8 upscaler looks like a standard image resolution changer at first glance. However, it has some really good features that other applications usually do not have. Some minor yet welcome features are that you can enlarge images two, four, and even eight times the original with Icons8 upscaler. Also, the images you upload will be secured.

Performance of Icons8 Upscaler

White Flowers After

The image above is a random image taken from the net and enlarged four times the original. The result of this before and after is clear as day. The image on the left is filled with poor film grain type of pixels. This also affects the color saturation and depth in the image. The yellow buds are much richer in the right side image due to the enhanced quality. Not to mention the background has a more distinct feel in the after image. The resolution helps too, of course, since the resolution of the original image is way too small and barely usable.

Is Icons8 Upscaler Free to Use?

There are some other important details that can be taken from this image. The top-left corner says that the user has two more free images available to process. The Icons8 upscaler offers free conversion upto three times and after that, it asks for payment. The simplest plan is to pay $0.20 per image after the initial free stage but if you are keen on keeping this application around, you can opt to pay $99 per month for unlimited number of images.



The Icons8 upscaler is a solid application that can convert image to high resolution with proven efficiency and quality. The application supports JPG and PNG images and it can enlarge them all the way up to 3000×3000 pixels. For an online application that is still upgrading itself, what Icons8 upscaler offers is great. With more interesting features, this application can become one of the popular tools out there to compete with others too.

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