My theory is that if you're leading to show the world your vanity, you may as well do it from the nicest perspective possible. And there's no better way to show off your vanity than by taking a selfie in the mirror. Everywhere we look, we see mirror selfies: Tinder profiles of shirtless men. WFH clothes of millennials and Gen Z on Instagram.

My photo gallery. I'm not a PhD in this field, but because my friends nominated me for this course on how to posture in front of the looking glass, I felt I'd start at the beginning and share what I've learned.


How to Take Mirror Selfie Perfectly?

Mirror selfies give you complete control (even if it means spending so much time in front of the mirror that your arms ache), and it's certainly simpler than asking your irritated pal to snap hundreds of photos of you in your new favourite outfit!

This isn't to say that they're simple; finding the proper outfit might be nearly tough! As a result, we've compiled a list of our best mirror selfie tricks!

But first, here's 13-year-old Grand Duchess Anastasia (yes, the Romanov legend's Anastasia) in 1913, arguably the earliest mirror selfie ever taken. You have to give the princess credit for laying the groundwork.

How to Take Mirror Selfie Perfectly

Now for the genuine recommendation...

Select an angled mirror and fire upwards from the chest.

My legs appear to be quite lengthy in this photo. Is it true, however, that they are this long? Let me ask you a question:

Would the last moment in Call Me by Your Name be as heartbreaking if Timmy Chalamet wasn't in it? Negative. Angles are crucial. Even if you're not model-esque (I'm 5'6 and have an extremely long torso), shooting up from the stomach on a tilted mirror will give you the impression that you are. It's for this reason that many store mirrors are tilted. Have you ever returned home after trying on a Reformation gown and wondered why you looked better in the fitting room? This is the reason.

Select an angled mirror and fire upwards from the chest.

Stretch your neck, thrust your chin out, and tilt your head.

Last night, you had three glasses of wine? We've got you covered. Have you moved through all of your quarantine snacks in one sitting? It's not a problem. Apply bronzer on your face and cock your head. While being too aloof to realize your jawline can cut glass, you'll appear to be flirting with your mirror and inviting a vampire bite. The jawline check challenge (which opens in a new tab) on TikTok is focused on the wonder of a jutted out chin. It will feel strange at first, but you will look fantastic. (This is without prejudice to the double-chin, which I like and has kept my neck warm for many years.)

Stretch your neck, thrust your chin out, and tilt your head.

Lighting and Angles

Knowing your angles is a must for every selfie shooter. Finding the proper perspective for you is crucial to feeling comfortable in your photos, and when it's combined with proper lighting (natural is always preferable), you'll look fantastic!

Find out what works best for you!

It may take some moment to discover the perfect selfie mirror, but you'll never want to be without it once you do. Stick with it if you've discovered a position you like—whether for the beautiful lighting, the fitting backdrop, or the beautiful mirror. The bigger the mirror, the better - you'll be able to fit in all of your gorgeous OOTD and yet have enough room to strike a pose!

Find out what works best for you!

In the dark, take a photo using your mirror.

You'll need to set up a little bit, but if you can stand your phone and use your self-timer, you can shoot a mirror selfie next to the actual mirror. Prepare yourself by standing up straight. What if you did it on your own? You should be pleased with yourself. The most excellent aspect is that it will result in a spark in the shot where the flash was used. Without Van Gogh, it's Starry Night. I'm putting in a lot of effort. The end product is still pleasing.

In the dark, take a photo using your mirror.

Keep your face hidden.

The finest expressions aren't always visible. Sitting has the effect of calming you down. And if you're one of those folks who freezes when the camera is on them—even if it's your selfie camera—this is a solution that won't make you hide. Shoes are not required.

Keep your face hidden.

You'd best get in shape.

The unsung heroes of the mirror selfie are round mirrors. Circles make you feel contained, safe, and entire (psychologically speaking, the phrase "full circle" refers to a path that leads back to the Source). You are the Source in this case). Consider it as if you're in the limelight.

You'd best get in shape.

Make a broad smile and fill your surroundings with colour.

The smile's power is a trope for a reason. The broader your grin, the more cheerful you appear. And those who are joyful don't snap poor selfies. That was an over-the-top Legally Blonde allusion, but I believe that smiling may improve your mood and posture, which are essential parts of a successful photograph.

Make a broad smile and fill your surroundings with colour.

How to Make Your Selfie Look Better with VanceAI Portrait Retoucher?

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anceAI Portrait Retoucher

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Here's how to retouch wrinkles in images using VanceAI Portrait Retoucher, step by step.

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step 2

Step 3: After seeing the processed image, click "Download Image."

portrait retoucher-step 3 portrait retoucher-vanceai portrait retoucher-vanceai portrait retoucher-vanceai portrait retoucher

step 3

Image retoucher from VanceAI works like this. It's a fantastic tool that's simple to use and produces good results. With this tool, you may remove undesirable markings and imperfections from your face, making you seem flawless and saving you time and effort.


Rose (played by Queen Barbara Streisand) remarks in the 1996 film The Mirror Has Two Faces (opens in new tab), "We all want to fall in love, whether via myth or deception. We feel alive after that event. Our daily lives are destroyed, and we are catapulted into the sky. It may just be for a second or an hour, but it does not negate its worth. We have memories to cherish for the rest of our life." To summarize, a good photograph is a remembrance of you when you are most present. So make it lovely and long-lasting.


  1. How do you take a decent selfie in the mirror?

Stand against the mirror and utilize the front camera for a nice double photo. Switch your phone to the front-facing camera, which you use to shoot a typical selfie, while you lean towards the mirror. Hold the phone out in front of you for an artistic impact so that the image gets both you and your reflection.

  1. Is it true that selfies taken in front of a mirror are accurate?

It depends on your point of view whether a mirror or a photograph is more accurate. When you look in the mirror, as most people do several times a day, you see a reversed picture of yourself. Many people believe that a mirror image is the most accurate.

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