This article presents top PDFescape alternatives that offer PDF editing and conversion tools to enhance document management.

PDF Escape is used as an offline desktop app with free, Premium, and ultimate versions. It contains four different varieties of PDF tools, and all four varieties with varying capabilities and features. 

PDFescape is accessible through your favorite browser. It is a free web app. It does not have any lengthy installation procedure, and working on it is not so slow. The users can connect to the internet, easily access editors by using any operating system. PDFescape can be a PDF editor by using multiple free and paid editions.

PDFescape as some alternatives such as PDFFiller, Docfly, VancePDF,IlovePDFA, sodaPDF, adobe acrobat, PDF2Go, smallPDF and PDFfiller. And here I list 10 best PDFEscape Alternatives. Keep reading.

Top 10 Fascinating PDFescape Alternative

This is the preview table we created after reviewing and summarizing the top five products. Continue reading if you want to know more.

Product Price Conversion Features Editing Features Security Features Additional Features
PDF Escape Free PDF to Word Annotations Watermark-free Fill and design forms
VancePDF Free PDF to Word / 256-bit SSL AI Optical Recognition
ILovePDF $7/month or $48/year (Premium) PDF to Word, PPT OCR SSL encryption Repair damaged files
PDFfiller $8/month (Basic), $12/month (Plus), $15/month (Premium) / Edit text 180-day money-back guarantee Fill and sign forms
Docfly $7.99/month or $47.88/year (Pro plan) PDF to Word Edit text / Cloud storage

1.PDF Escape

Price: Free  

PDF escape

The free online tool is PDFescape introduction. There are many online tools, but for PDFescape, there will be no need to upgrade desktop subscriptions offerings. PDFescape free tool contains a complete set of PDF editor, PDF review, and PDF annotation tools and with the capability to design and fill forms. Anyone can print and save his work with watermark-free to PDFescape's servers. 

As a free tool, an online tool has some uncertain limitations. PDF could not exceed the limit of 10MB/ 100 pages, and not anyone could store more than 10 files. The excess of only the last seven days' file history is available. In addition, the interface is adorned with advertisements. 


  • Free online tool
  • Advanced business features supported by the Desktop app
  • Intuitive interface 


  • For advanced desktop features, a paid subscription is required to unlock 
  • Many editions are confused

2. VancePDF

Price: FREE


VancePDF provides a quick and straightforward way to convert PDF into word. The conversion process takes place by AI optical recognition technology. This allows converting PDF to word more efficiently. This is a quick conversion tool. Drag the file, drop PDF into VancePDF, then change PDF to word document. 

This free PDF to word converter maintains the original styles, format, and layout. The converted document does not need any manual adjustment after conversion. VancePDF is concerned about document security and data privacy. VancePDF solutions use 256-bit SS encryption technology to save the data. Customers are the ones who can use and see the document. VancePDF converter is compatible with:

  • Chrome 
  • Safari
  • Firefox


  • Best output quality
  • No need to log in
  • Speed of conversion is high 


  • Big files take a long time to convert

3. ILovePDF

Price: The free and paid version is available. For a month, it costs $7 per month and for an annual payment of $48 per year.


iLovePDF is a converter tool from PDF files to Word documents. It is designed as an all one PDF editor tool. It can use as optical character recognition tool and make files accurate and correct. To get editable word file options, paid version should require. ILovePDF repairs the dame file as well. ILovePDF offers 

  • Domain filtering
  • SSL encryption
  • Analytics 
  • Data recovery
  • Document archiving 

ILovePDF converts PDF to PowerPoint documents, Word documents, JPEG, Excel by providing multiple functions like merging, compressing, flipping, rotating, and unlocking. For more details, check its website.


  • Provide secured services
  • Repair damaged files
  • Uses OCR for accurate and correct reading 


  • In the free version, no editable word document is available
  • No mobile or linux app

4. PDFfiller

Price: Basic $8/ Plus $12/ Premium $15


PDFFiller is a tool to fill in and sign a single PDF form. If someone wants to fill more forms, fill in PDFfiller, and needs smooth interference, added features, and extensibility, so all these features collectively are not provided by the free app. Therefore, PDFFiller is the best option. It gives a 30-day free trial for the first experience.

PDFfiller is not a free version. Credit card details are required for registration, but this can be canceled anytime. PDFfiller offers a 180-day money-back guarantee to make customers happy. 

Pdffiller provides a three-level subscription.

  • The Basic plan costs eight $ per month for one user and primarily for freelancers and single entrepreneurs
  • The Premium plan costs 15$ per month for five users and primarily for medium-sized businesses.
  • The Business Cloud plan costs 50$ per month for complex Business. 

With pdffiller, anyone can easily edit files, make changes. The steps are below to use PDFfiller.

  • Upload image, open PDF( Word, PowerPoint, JPEG, PNG)
  • Edit the existing text
  • Add boxes, erase, blackout parts from the PDF document
  • Rearrange the page order(add, duplicate or delete page) 
  • Save all changes and print or download the edited file.
  • The document can be shared with business partners to edit or fill out


  • Free trial
  • 3 different subscription


  • Expensive
  • Not the same as the original file

5. Docfly

Price: The Dolly pro plan costss $7.99 per month,includings unlimited exports per month, 10GB of file storage, unlimited downloads, prints, or emails./ Docfly pro plan costs $47.88 per year, which saves 50% at $3.99per month, including unlimited exports per month, 10GB file storage, unlimited downloads, prints, and emails.


Docfly was developed to provide a top-line PDF editing tool. Because of Docfly's expensive software licenses or unnecessary desktop application needs was finished. Docfly edit, convert, compress and add text to PDF file directly in the browser. It provides access to the file over the cloud when we need them. It provides a free online editor. The small 4 step process is used: Upload the file to do fly, Start editing the file, Create pdf in one click, Convert pdf in word or image format also, Ten click on save button or print the pdf.


  • Not too expensive
  • Easy to use


  • Storage limited
  • Lengthier processing time 

6. Sejda PDF

Price: Three kinds of pricing subscriptions are available:

  • Web week pass of $5 and only for sejda web. This is for a one-time payment.
  • Web monthly pass of $7.50 per month and access to sejda web and no access to Sejda desktop.
  • Desktop and web annually save 30% with the cost of $63 per year and access to sejda web and desktop both available in it.

sejda Pdf

Sejda design tool. It provides quick PDF editing. It is straightforward and focused on fast PDF signature and basic text editing for the uploaded document. Sejda pdf is an online app that needs the internet to use and a free PDF editor, including:

  • Font format
  • Add image 
  • Fill out forms
  • Add and edit hyperlinks 


  • Price is fantastic
  • Easily accessible 
  • Easy to download the file after the edition


  • Large files not processed
  • Desktop version is not so good

7. SmallPDF

 Price: For team plan. Smallpdf plan costs $10 per month or $84 per year for a single user. The small pdf plan cost starts from USD 12 per month or $108 per year for a single user for the Pro plan.


Smallpdf is a mobile, desktop, and cloud-based PDF documents conversions and editor tool. Smallpdf provides 21 PDF tools to build, edit, convert, and electronic signatures in documents in almost 24 languages. Online and offline processing is accessible via the online web app or Desktop app. Smallpdf integrates with google drive and Dropbox for file storage. 

Smallpdf offers tools to simplify the PDF document conversion process by providing: Compression, Conversion, Merging, Splitting, Editing, Rotating, Signing, Unlocking pdf documents.


  • Unlimited use of the app
  • The vast range of features
  • User-friendly interface


  • Large files conversion is time-consuming.
  • The paid version required more features.

8. SodaPDF

Pricing: For standard: $6.76 per month, billed yearly/ Pro: $ 10.51 per month billed annually/Business: $ 16.68 per month billed yearly.


SodaPDF converter tool to convert files like Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, image, and Html to Word documents. It offers to merge, rearrange, split, sign and convert documents. SodaPDF allows storing both original and edited documents in the cloud and email. It uses advanced AI automation to convert PDF to word. SodaPDF provides an easy and accurate font reading design. It is also a mobile app. 


  • Multiple plaform accessible 
  • Good speed and accuracy of file conversion
  • Batch processing available 
  • Trail version available


  • No optical character recognition 
  • Expensive

9. PDF2Go

Price: Free/ Premium price at $6.50 per month per user and billed once a year at $78.


PDF2Go is an online free PDF editor and converter tool. It provides many features, including compressing, splitting, unlocking, protecting, merging, and repairing PDF files. PDF to Excel conversion is smooth and easy by using this tool. 


  • Support batch file processing 
  • Multiple online programs 
  • Allow processing files from URLs


  • The limited and ad-laden free version
  • No watermark or e-signature is available

10. Adobe Acrobat

Pricing: $178.88 per year

adobe acrobat

Adobe Acrobat provides the best PDF management tool. It can convert PDF to Word documents with minimal effort. This is a free online app. It privatizes user privacy. Adobe acrobat secures all data. Adobe Acrobat provides quick access to recent PDF files. Acrobat stored the file locally, which are reviewed and edited for signature. These files are stored in Adobe Document Cloud, in third-party services, for example, Box or Microsoft one drive. To use the app,  check it here.


  • It converts accurately
  • Fast, free, and easy to use
  • No installation of any software


  • Batch processing unsupported


PDF documents pose the major problem of being non-editable. That is why PDF converting tools are mentioned above. Remember a tool that is fast, acute, easy to use and ensures file safety, and does not hinder original document quality. PDFescape are supposed to make use of advanced features free. And it should be an addition of some fast, secure and accurate editor features. There should be less confusion when more editions add in PDF files. As for our recommendation, if you are looking advanced and, fast processing tool, all the tools here are excellent.


Question 1: How can we convert PDF into word documents?

Many tools mentioned above are used to convert PDF into word documents. Just subscription plans are the requirement to use them. To convert PDF to word document, use VancePDF or PdfEscape. Just upload the file, click the process and start editing. These tools will convert the files to an editable Word document for free,, but a paid subscription is required for advanced features. 

Question 2: What benefit is to use the pdf escape?

PDFescape is easy and provides multiple editions in PDF. It can be used to fill out forms and design them. PDFescape delivers the capability to share documents via links and emails. It stores recent records, so there is no need to upload the paper repeatedly.

More tools about PDF also read: Top 10 Tools to Delete Pages from PDF.

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