Top 10 Realistic Text to Speech Tools Review 2021

Are you an avid reader, who wants to listen to their books? Do you need a plugin for your online business that will automatically voice your entire website or eStore? Are you looking to voiceover your YouTube videos?

Well, then it sounds like you need a text-to-speech software, capable of producing natural, human-like voice that does not sound robotic, crackling, or cheap.

There are numerous amazing free and premium text-to-speech tools out there that are going to provide exactly what you need. This review shows you 10 best realistic text to speech tools, some of which are powered by artificial intelligence.

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Top 10 Realistic Text to Speech Tools Review 2021

1. Descript

Price: Free $0/month; Creator $12.00/month; Pro $24/month

Descript is an easy-to-understand text to speech tool to use for those of you who need a transcript for your voice recordings or videos, making it ideal for podcasters who are also bloggers.

Unfortunately, for now it only works in English, which will be a deal-breaker for any non-English speaking content users.

Either way, Descript is a very convenient and affordable solution for anyone working exclusively in English as it enables editing recordings while creating transcripts.



2. Cereproc -Cerewave AI

Price: Personal use £25.99, Commercial use £299.99 (they only display prices in pounds. I have tried using VPN’s, but it did not work)

Cereproc offers text to speech service called Cerewave AI. Software is based machine learning technology, meaning that the voices are generated synthetically. However, with smart coding the voice does not sound like Stephen Hawking’s; in contract, every voice has its own dialect and ever character (warmth, speech speed, etc.). You might be also surprised to discover that you can opt between female and male voices, as well as child vs adult voice.

As a result, you can choose between several »people« to narrate your texts, from Scottish English to American English and everything in between.



3. AMAI 

Price: ask for a quote

AMAI promises »the best« digital voice that is supposedly »indistinguishable from a human«. While this might sound too good to be true, the software is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning – and this is where magic happens.

However, when you try their demo (you can find it on their website), it everything but triumphant. The voice is heavily robotic and not very natural.




Price: One-time $60, Starter $90/year, Growth $240/year, Business $630/year. offers a great variety of voices, which get updated regularly. The tool has a great social value because users can both download and share audio.

For businesses, creates audio that is highly compatible with SEO guidelines, while also giving you all the commercial and broadcast rights.

Additionally, support is available in multiple languages, ideal for those of you who do not speak English (very well).

Unfortunately, works quite slowly, so the text to speech creation might take a while.



5. Spik.AI

Price: Unregistered users 300 characters, registered users 1,000 characters

Spik.AI is a free online text to speech software that uses a combination of advanced algorithms to generate realistic audio from any text. Any free user can use this program for up to 300-character files, while registered members can extend this limit to 1,000 characters.

Most importantly, you can use text markup to improve the quality of your audio files. For example, <emphasis> tag allows you to emphasize a certain part of the text. The same goes for other aspects of text editing, such as breaks, tone, pitch, and speed (rate).




Price: ask for a quote

ReadSpeaker offers three solutions in total: Text-to-speech voices, Custom text-to-speech voices, and Voice Cloning Software. In over 22 years of experience, this company has built trust with more than 20,000 customers worldwide.

ReadSpeakers utilizes deep neural network to deliver natural-sounding synthesized voices, making it invaluable in industries such as healthcare, educational institutions, non-profits, government, and even automotive.

Text-To-Speech (TTS) voices offers more than 90 almost life-like voices in over 30 languages. Voice Cloning Software sources your input voice and create an exact copy, making it a perfect choice to duplicate someone’s speech. If your needs are more specific, ReadSpeakers offers custom text to speech solution, based on your brand, needs, and niche.





Price: ask for a quote

Listed 7th but one of the best artificial voice technologies tools that is capable of text-to-speech conversion. Sonantic helps create captivating and expressive voices within seconds.

You can either upload prewritten scripts or manually enter text as it continues to render. Using these features, you can create scenes based on voice delivery, accents, pacing, emphasis, and even emotions.



8. AWS Amazon Polly 

Price: 5 Mil characters per months (for 1 year) Free

AWS by Amazon offers a wide variety of high-performance services, including lifelike text-to-speech (TSS). Polly TTS uses advanced deep learning to create natural sounding human speech, that could easily fool even the careful listeners.

Polly supports two speaking styles that give the better option of satisfying your customers: Conversational speaking style and Newscaster reading style.

The former is ideal for two-way communications, such as mobile apps or ATM’s, while the latter works great for narrating news.



9. Google Text-to-speech

Price: Free

And now my favourite – Google Text-to-speech app available for free on Google Play Store. Personally, I have this app installed on my phone, but I do not use it all that often, because I do not need to.

Either way, it is fantastic. You can use it to read aloud your books, messages, or news. Google Text-to-speech also supports numerous languages and dialects – more than 30 in total.

Additionally, you can easily use it by going to Settings > Language & Input > Text-to-speech output.

Unfortunately, only Android users may use this app.




10. NaturalReaders

Price: Education is free, Premium Plan $9.99/month, Plus Plan $19.00/month, 50% off yearly

NaturalReaders offers professional text-to-speech conversion based on your written text. You can upload pdf, txt, doc(x), epub, ods, odt, ppt(x), png, or jpeg formats.

You may also use NaturalReaders for non-personal use such as YouTube videos, e-Learning, commercial purposes.

Unfortunately, due to this tools success your content may not be unique. Several YouTubers choose not to use their voice in the videos; therefore, your videos might be just another voiceover with the same voice.

Final adorable feature is Dyslexia-friendly font.





1.What is the best text to speech website?

The best text-to-speech website is arguably NaturalReaders, thanks to its inexpensive subscription plans, extremely natural voice, and friendly user-interface. Amongst apps, Google Text-to-speech is probably the best option for Android users and the most widely used software for this purpose.

2.How do I convert text to speech?

You can convert text to speech with any decent text-to-speech tool that supports your language.


In conclusion, whether you are going to use an online text-to-speech software, an offline app, a web service, or a mobile app, is up to you to decide based on your needs and preferences.

I recommend you first check every free text-to-speech tool I provided in this list, and if you do not find what you were looking for, check out they paid tools. The latter are usually a lot better at converting text to speech.

Regardless of which software you choose, remember to not cheap-out when it comes to a business or a project. You might regret it later.

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