Top 12 Best Deepfake Voice Software Review

Summary: The article provides a review of the best deepfake voice tools. It explains how these tools work, and then goes on to review the top 10 from aspects of price, features, ease of use, and accuracy. 


Do you know Deepfake? And do you know that your voice can be cloned? About Deepfake technology, almost everybody knows a little about it, though most people only seem to associate it with face-swapping. But while its ability to manipulate video content is certainly very impressive, the technology is just as effective at cloning and swapping voices. In fact, deepfake voice software has been around for longer than its video counterpart and is in some ways more advanced. This technology is widely used in the production of audiobooks and to help restore the voices of people who have lost their voices. This YouTube video shows you how interesting it is once you start using deepfake audio software.

One of the main issues with regular deepfake audio software is that it can take quite a while to wrap your head around it. In short, this technology uses AI and machine learning capabilities to analyze the input voice and ultimately simulate the clone's voice. Sure, there are certain apps that try to simplify the process but these are generally hard to find and often quite expensive. Voice cloning software, on the other hand, is quite a bit more accessible and tends to be cheaper, if not downright free. At least in some cases.

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Getting your hands on powerful deepfake voice tools is just a matter of knowing where to look. But you don’t have to worry about that because we already did all the hard work for you. We did a lot of research on this topic and put together a handy list of tools you’re certain to enjoy. Check it out below.

In recent years, Deepfake Voice has been used to threaten, intimidate, and scam by some people. We are writing this article for scientific and educational purposes only, and we firmly resist any abuse of Deepfake and the use of this technology for illegal and unethical purposes.

Top 12 Best Deepfake Voice Generators to Try in 2023

We will rate them in terms of their price, ease of use, and functionality. This rating is for reference only, different people may have different usage scenarios and ratings.

1. Resemble [Free for 2 min]


  • Price: 2 minutes of audio for free. Past that, prices start at $30/mo.
  • Rating:4.8/5 

Resemble AI is a very powerful text-to-speech and deepfake audio software that can create high-quality audio without requiring large amounts of data. In fact, the AI powering this voice cloning software only needs about 5 minutes to get started. You can use the tool’s quick sampler to train Resemble to mimic your own voice or upload pre-recorded clips instead. The clips can, of course, be of someone else’s voice too. One of the most impressive features of this tool is its ability to use a form of modulation that changes the intonation and adds emotion to the speech.

Efficient and easy to use
Advanced speech gradients
Supports a wide variety of languages
cons Only one type of package for individual use
cons Primarily aimed at businesses

How to deepfake a voice with Resemble AI?

Step 1: Go to Resemble website and click “Clone your voice for free”

Resemble Website

Step 2: Sign up with an email to start

Step 3: Click “CREATE” to see the workplace.

Step 4: Type into your words.
Name your voice, select the voice type, and type into your words.

Step 5: Turn the words into voice
Hit “Create all” to turn the words into voice and click the down arrow to select to download full audio or separately.

Resemble Download

2. Fakeyou [Free]


  • Rating:4.6/5 

Fake You is a speech synthesis product based on artificial intelligence technology that can be used to generate natural and smooth artificial speech.  Fakeyou's main function is to convert text to speech, and users can choose different parameters such as voice, speech speed, and intonation to customize the generated speech. FakeYou's voice quality is more natural, realistic, and smooth than traditional speech synthesis technology.

FakeYou uses deep learning techniques to generate speech, and it employs modern deep learning techniques such as neural network models and self-attentive mechanisms. Specifically, it uses the WaveGlow and Glow TTS open-source, Transformer model to improve the naturalness of speech. The FakeYou also uses large-scale speech datasets to train the model, thus improving the quality and diversity of the generated speech.

  Easy to use on Fake You
  No registration required
  Users can customize specific attributes
cons  Lacking in detail and depth
cons  No other related services.

3. Descript


  • Price: 3 hours of transcription and 20 screen recordings for free. Paid plans start at $12/mo.
  • Rating:4.5/5

Descript uses deepfake voice generator to create ultra-realistic voices based on transcripts or audio clips. This deepfake audio software fancies itself more of an audio/video editor that incorporates a wide variety of useful tools, including speech synthesizer, screen recorder, multitrack editing, transcription tool, and more. The editing process is an absolute breeze with Descript, allowing users to modify existing recordings instead of doing additional takes. The main purposes of the tool is to enable users to create quality voiceovers for their videos, and even provides an impressive selection of stock voices to choose from.

Very impressive editing capabilities
Comes with many useful tools
High-quality speech synthesizer
cons Can feel a bit intimidating at first
cons Some of the stock voices can sound artificial

How to use Descript to generate deepfake voice?

This video will help you to use Descript to overdub voice.

4. VoiceAI


Price: Starts at $10 per month


VoiceAI is also a voice generation product based on artificial intelligence technology, with the main function of converting text into natural speech, supporting multiple languages and tone selection. It features a high degree of realism and natural fluency in the generated voice, as well as customizability and personalization features.

VoiceAI uses technologies including deep learning, natural language processing, speech synthesis, and other advanced technologies in related fields, of which deep learning models are its core technology to generate high-quality artificial voice through massive data training. In addition, VoiceAI also uses sound signal processing technology to improve the quality and fidelity of the generated speech.

High realism and natural smoothness
Multi-language support and timbre selection
Rich customizability and personalization features
cons Inability to completely replace the real human voice
cons High cost

5. ReplicaStudios


  • Price: 30 minutes free voice credit. Paid plans start at $24 per 4 hours of voice credit
  • Rating:4.0/5 

Need talented actors to voice your video game or movie characters but can’t afford their services? ReplicaStudios came up with a solution to that problem by providing efficient and fairly cheap AI voice actors instead. The AI actors are trained by professionals working in the industry so you’re getting their actual voices. The difference is that you can make them say whatever you want without hiring the people themselves. You can’t easily replicate the voice of a celebrity, for example, but you can customize existing voice packs to suit your needs.

Straightforward payment model
AI trained by actual professional voice actors
Good customization tools
cons Difficult to clone third-party voices
cons Commercial use only

6. ReadSpeaker - Voice Cloning Software

ReadSpeaker - Voice Cloning Software

  • Price: Negotiable
  • Rating:3.8/5 

ReadSpeaker is another voice cloning software with many possible applications, including virtual assistant personas, guidance & navigation, smart home controls, gaming, and more. The main targeted audience, however, seems to be marketers. The tool allows for the easy creation of commercials in various languages using voices of celebrities or fictional characters. Just like the previous celebrity voice generators on this list, ReadSpeaker isn’t really meant for the general public but you can request a demo and they will get back to you with a price quota.

Great deepfake voice solution for businesses
Cross-lingual cloned voices
Custom pronunciation dictionaries
cons Synthesized voices can sound artificial
cons No readily available to the general public

7. ReSpeecher


  • Price: 1-week free trial. Paid access $200/mo
  • Rating:3.5/5 

You may have already heard about this one as the software has become very popular in recent years. This deepfake audio software was recently even used to recreate the voice of young Luke Skywalker in Disney’s The Mandalorian. Gaining the trust of a massive company like Lucasfilm speaks volumes about the quality of ReSpeecher. The software is able to create highly realistic and emotional speech that can be used for everything from movies and advertising to video games, dubbing, audiobooks, and more. There’s a very high demand for ReSpeecher right now so it may take a while before you are able to gain access, but you can take advantage of the free trial in the meantime.

Amazing high-quality synthesized speech
Impressive track record
Generous free trial
cons Access limited to 50 users every two weeks
cons Expensive, with no flexible payment options

8. – VoiceWear


  • Price: Free to try, Paid version starts from $9.99/month
  • Rating:3.5/5 

This next character voice generator is quite unique in that it is able to change your voice to an entirely different one in real time.’s VoiceWear is a very advanced tool primarily designed to allow gamers to take on the voice of their favorite video game characters. It’s essentially a role-playing tool but a lot more sophisticated than anything else you can find out there. VoiceWear can perfectly mimic the user’s intonation, emotion and even accent, allowing them to sound like normal people, just with a different voice. Despite being designed with game characters in mind, VoiceWear can easily replicate anyone’s voice.

Advanced software developed at Cambridge
Able to synthesize non-human voices (orcs, robots etc.)
Works in real-time
cons Not readily available to the public
cons Creating custom voices based on specific individuals takes around a month

9. Voice Changer with Effects [Free With Ads]

Voice Changer with Effects

  • Price: Free with ads (in-app purchases)
  • Rating:3.5/5 

Last but not least we have Voice Change with Effects, a fairly traditional voice cloning software. The app is very straightforward and easy to use – record your voice, slap on some quirky effects, and have fun with it. Technically speaking, this isn’t really deepfake voice since you can’t clone other people’s voices. However, you can create a similar effect by combining its text-to-speech engine with imported pre-recorded audio. There are more than 40 effects to choose from and a handful of customization options along with various other features like the ability to create images with sound, set recordings as ringtones, and more.

Easily accessible to everyone
Entirely free
cons Not many advanced features
cons Ads can be bothersome

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10. CereVoice Me – Voice Cloning Service


  • Price: $685.99 lifetime license
  • Rating:3.0/5 

CereProc is a Scottish company that specializes in advanced text-to-speech and speech synthesis software. The company offers high-quality voice packs in over two dozen different languages. You can buy not only male and female voices here but also those of children. Unlike similar services, CereVoice Me doesn’t require a monthly subscription, opting instead to sell lifetime licenses. This applies to both the voice packs and the voice cloning services. Speaking of which, this character voice generator is extremely efficient, requiring only a sample of a voice, albeit a lengthy one, in order to get the ball rolling.

Voice packs available in over two dozen languages
Male, female, and children voices
Clone your own voice by simply reading a script
cons Requires a large upfront investment
cons Voice cloning tool designed for personal use only

11. iSpeech [Free]


  • Rating:3.0/5 

iSpeech is also a deepfake voice generator that you can use absolutely for free. The tool is available online and can also be downloaded, provided you’re willing to sign up for an account first. In addition to a voice cloning tool, iSpeech also provides text-to-speech, speech recognition, and web reader solutions, among other things. If you want to get started quickly with iSpeech, you can make use of one of the available demos of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Barrack Obama. Otherwise, you can record your own voices and create custom templates.

Entirely free
Easy to use
Supports over two dozen languages
cons Lacks in quality compared to other tools
cons Primarily designed for developers

12. RealTimeVoiceCloning [Free]

  • Rating:2.5/5 

Real-Time Voice Cloning is an open-source project available GitHub. This toolbox allows you to synthesize someone’s voice using as little as 5 seconds of audio. Previously I have introduced a paid software that is very similar to this open-source toolbox here. Thanks for one of our readers who have left an important message here: this software is a scam site that charges you $999.99 lifetime license.

Can synthesize voices with only 5 seconds of audio
Free to install the toolbox
Open-source project
cons No online version
cons Not easy to use and require some technical skills

Final Thoughts

Voice cloning software hasn’t been around for all that long but the technology can already do a lot of impressive things. Although it may seem like this technology is mainly used to impersonate famous people, which does happen on occasion, deepfake’s primary goal is entirely different. The future of deepfake will be in industries such as entertainment, advertising and automation, and we can already see signs of that happening right now. But while most of the tools we covered today aren’t necessarily aimed at regular users, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t check them out anyway. Especially the cheaper ones.

Finally, we emphasize again that we do such reviews for scientific purposes only, and we resist any misuse of Deepfake tools to fool and defraud others.

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How to Deepfake a Voice?

You can deepfake a voice using a wide variety of AI-based voice cloning software and apps. The process usually involves uploading samples of either your own voices or someone else’s and then letting the modulation engine process them. A lot of these tools tend to have a text-to-speech feature, which essentially allows you to make the resulting voice say whatever you want.

What is the Best Deep Voice Software?

As with most categories of voice cloning software, it’s hard to make the argument that one is hands-down better than all the others. That said, Resemble and Descript are generally seen as some of the most advanced at the moment so we recommend starting with those before testing any others.

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