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Stencil Maker

There are many ways and reasons to use a stencil maker tool. Now that we can have AI powered applications converting photo to stencil drawings, we can not only get better-looking results but we can also get them much quicker. You can turn photos into line drawing with remarkable ease by using some online tools like Vance AI Sketch Converter. Not to mention the variations that these photo stencil maker tools can bring. With that out of the way, let’s dive into our list of top ten stencil maker applications.

Top 10 AI Stencil Makers

1. Vance AI Sketch Converter

Price: This is a free stencil maker tool albeit for a limited amount of uses. The paid subscriptions provide more image credits and features at $9.90/mo or $19.90/mo. Vance AI also has an offer going on right now.

Vance AI Sketch Converter is a stencil converter online that is also AI and Deep Learning focused. This enables the application to make the user experience much smoother and easier. When you visit the website, all you will need to do is upload an image and simply wait as the tool processes and displays the output within seconds. Though it does not contain any manual editing options, it is nonetheless a great tool for users who want great results really fast. For more creative AI features and photo enhancer solutions, you may go to Vance AI and find its various AI-based tools.

SKetch Converter


  • Automatic results.
  • Useful features.
  • Smooth UI design.


  • Limited amount of free use.
  • Sketches of entire images don’t work as well as just faces.
  • No manual editing can deter experienced users.

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About Vance AI

Vance AI is an AI-based image editing online tool. Other than creative AI features like Vance AI Sketch Converter, it also provides integrated AI image quality enhancer solutions like improving resolution, enhancing portrait, removing noise and so on.

How to use this picture outline maker?

  • Step 1: Upload an image to this stencil maker
  • Step 2: Click on "Start to Process"
  • Step 3: Download the output result

2. Stencil Creator

Price: Stencil Creator tool is a free online stencil maker application.

This particular stencil maker tool is more artistic. It is especially good at recreating images into famous painting styles and after you upload an image, it will showcase a few unique styles that your image could adopt. You can choose any style with a click. It also has premade images on display that you can check out. Other than that, you can also edit the already chosen style by mixing and making changes in the color.



  • Artistic designs.
  • Easy to use.
  • Color editing.


  • While it offers multiple styles, they are still not as many.
  • Some outputs don’t render the original image correctly.
  • Takes time to process.

3. Rapid Resizer

Price: While normal sized edits don’t require payment, the images that are for print will cost according to the image you create.

This stencil maker application has a little more editing involved compared to the previous two tools. In this application, you have a lot of control over text and text-based editing, as this application revolves majorly around those aspects. While it doesn’t offer much regarding visuals, you can easily pair your awesome fonts with premade visuals to make a great stencil art.

RapidResizer HS


  • Text-based stencil maker.
  • Easy to use.
  • Good UI design.


  • Font options can be more diverse.
  • Print version is paid.
  • No visuals.

4. SunCatcher Studio

Price: This is a free picture stencil maker.

The SunCatcher Studio online application is a diverse one since it offers much more than stencil art. With this tool, you can use the stencil maker tool, patterns, monograms, and more. When it comes to the stencil maker tool, you get decent options such as contrast settings, density settings, and the ability to choose the output from JPG or PNG. You can upload GIF, PNG, SVG, and other kinds of formats.

SCS Home


  • Easy to use.
  • Different tools.
  • Free stencil maker.


  • Average results.
  • Few features.
  • UI could be better.

5. Photo2Stencil

Price: This tool offers stencil art for free.

This tool is another one that is best suited for different requirements. The way this stencil maker is designed is to provide either one-layer or three-layer stencil arts that can be stacked on top of each other. Other than that, the stencils that they create are SVG files optimal for laser cutting and similar tasks. The best kind of images that you would want to upload are those consisting of a white background with light.

P2ST Home


  • Quick stencil maker.
  • SVG format output.
  • Optimal for laser cut images.


  • Only useful for specific needs.
  • Works best on certain images only.
  • Results can vary.

6. BeFunky

Price: The paid versions start from $4.99 though you can still create some stencil art with the free version anyway.

A great feature or rather design of BeFunky is that it offers a really good editor even though it is an online stencil maker tool. With this editor, you can create a bunch of different image edits that are not even stencil art. BeFunky is similar to Vance AI, in the way that it also enables extra image editing. This tool is also based on AI, so you can simply click on stencil effects on the editor to apply it to the image.

BeFunky Editor


  • Editor provided.
  • Easy to use.
  • Stock images.


  • Limited free use.
  • Many great features have a paywall.
  • The editor can be buggy.

7. IMGonline

Price: This is a popular stencil maker and image editor that is also free to use.

This online application is simple to understand and offers a decent amount of settings in the same page itself. When it comes to uploading images, you can choose from quite a few formats that include GIF, TIFF, BMP, etc. Apart from that, you can choose other image related settings such as brightness, color contours, inversion of colors, and more.

IMGonline Home


Popular image editor and stencil maker.

Decent amount of settings.

Easy to use.


  • No manual editing.
  • Offers less formats for output.
  • The results are not always up to the mark.

8. Super Stencil Maker

Price: The pricing rules are pretty easy for this stencil maker tool. All single layer stencil images are completely free whereas multi layer images cost $2 flat.

This application is a sophisticated stencil maker that is designed similar to Photo2Stencil but arguably easier to use and understand. Single layer stencil images are rather simple, as they do not need much processing or anything else. However, this application can also handle multi layer stencils which are basically one image broken into multiple parts. As you will see from the image below, the stencil maker attaches these layers to form a union.

Stencil Maker Home


  • Really good results.
  • Good pricing.
  • Can be printed onto objects.


  • Less editing options.
  • Uploaded images have to be high quality.
  • Less file format compatibility.

9. AIPortraits

Price: This picture stencil maker is online and free to use.

The online stencil maker offers a good amount of compatibility for images. It supports JPG, JPEG, and PNG file formats when it comes to uploads. Furthermore, the images supported should be within 5 MB of image size and 1200x1200 resolutions. Even if an image exceeds it, the stencil maker automatically readjusts the image. Finally, due to the tool being an AI based tool, you can expect the processing to be fast enough.

AI Portraits Home


  • Easy to use.
  • Fast processing.
  • Free to use.


  • No editing.
  • Works best with small and simple images.
  • It can only sketch faces, not entire images.

10. LunaPic

Price: LunaPic is one of the most popular stencil maker tools available online for free.

Similar to BeFunky, LunaPic is also an online image editing tool that also offers stencil art and a detailed editor wherein you can create your own stencil art. However, there are a few differences. BeFunky is mostly AI based, hence it doesn’t offer manual editing. LunaPic, on the other hand, offers at least a few options such as choosing transparency, fade pixels, etc.

Luna Pic Home


  • Popular stencil maker application.
  • Free to use.
  • Quick loading times.


  • Results are not always good enough.
  • Editor takes time to learn.
  • Few editing options.

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1. How can I convert photo to stencil?

How most photo stencil maker tools work is that they process images immediately after the user uploads them. So, you can simply visit any website and upload image, wait for it to process, and download it. For the applications that have editors, you can try out different settings to see what suits you best and then download the image.

2. What is the best free online stencil maker?

You can convert photo to line drawing online with remarkable results through the Sketch Converter tool. This is best suitable for fast results with great looks. If you want to experiment with images a bit and then proceed with stencil art, the free online stencil maker BeFunky is also a great choice though it is not as automatic as the Sketch Converter.



You can convert photo to stencil with any of these picture stencil maker tools. Additionally, these photo stencil maker applications are great for many different purposes. If you want to print stencils that look great, you can easily use the free picture stencil maker that goes by Super Stencil Maker. To turn photo into line drawing online free without spending more than a minute, use Vance AI Sketch Converter from Vance AI, a full-suite creative AI features and image quality enhancer solution provider.

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