Summary: The article provides a solution to the problem of finding airplane emojis for conversations by presenting a list of top airplane emoji websites. These websites offer free and easy-to-use interfaces that allow users to copy and paste a variety of emojis, including airplane emojis, onto their documents or messages.

There has been a time when people didn't use emojis because they were not invented. But now, they cannot be left out of a conversation. Although some people still need to understand the importance of an emoji and how to find ones that are missing. We will give you the top airplane emoji websites that you can easily use.

About 5500 years ago, it all began when in Mesopotamia, people started to write symbols onto clay tablets. Later on, it evolved into a printing press, and now our digital technology makes it far easy.

For say, you are traveling on an airplane and need an emoji, but your list doesn't have one. Don't worry, we'll fix that for you as it is super easy these days to get all the emojis for free and in your case, an airplane emoji as well.

What Are Emojis? Importance of Using Them 

The word emoji is made up of Japanese language characters, typically meaning 'picture writing.' Some experts also claim that this word is a combination of two Japanese portmanteaus, 'e' describes a picture while 'moji' describes a character.

It wouldn't be wrong to say that the Japanese were the official inventors of digital emojis. But how?

When teenagers started sending heart icons to their loved ones and people from the business community used heart icons on their business flip phones, inventors thought about giving maximum life to these icons as they were following a trending craze.

Emoticons before emojis

Before everyone started creating and using emojis, there was a popular time for emoticons. Chatters used combinations of punctuation marks to show expression and created an emoticon. However, the era for emoticons has been made obsolete as emojis have started to cloud everything under it.

Now, there is an emoji for almost every aspect, perspective, and sexual orientation, including skin tones, facial expressions, and gender structures.

All of these designs reflect modern society with multicultural roles and ethics.

How to Get Airplane Emojis?

It was pretty easy for us to make you understand the history and biography of these modern expressive symbols, AKA emojis. Now, let's get on with finding the airplane emoji and many others for your healthy conversational life.

Basically, all this process could be done via two methods:

  • Finding It on Your Phone Keyboard.
  • Single copy and paste technique. 

Technique #2 is for the users that are always using laptops for business and somewhat private communications. but we still need to help you out in getting the airplane emoji properly. Here's a step by step tutorial:

Finding emojis on smartphone

Step #1: Open the chat and tap on the place where you have to type, and your keyboard will appear.

Step #2: When the keyboard pops up on your mobile device, tap on the place where you see a smiley icon.

finding emojis on smartphone_step 2

Step #3: When you tap on the smiley icon, a list of emojis will be shown in front of you and can be easily scrolled and get selected. However if you are getting difficulty finding your preferential emoji, a search bar will be visible to be typed in.

finding emojis on smartphone_step 3

Step #4: If you need airplane emoji, type 'airplane' in the search bar and it will automatically bring out all the emojis with a plane. 

finding emojis on smartphone_step 4

Step #5: Tap on the one that you want or select all of them. Now you simply have to press send and they will be sent to your recipient on the mobile device.

finding emojis on smartphone_step 5

The Most Beloved Airplane  Emoji Websites 2024

If you are a fan of emojis and smileys, this is exactly what you need to have on your list of best airplane emoji websites. The cool thing about these websites is that all you have to do is search for your desired emoji and it will search it out from more than a million characters. After it's done searching, copy the symbol and paste it where ever you want to use it.

Website Price Features
Emojipedia Free Living breathing Wikipedia of emojis
Emojiguide Free Multiple options for getting airplane emoji Free Phenomenal user interface and designs
Emojidictionary Paid Not all items are free; proper emojis require purchasing
Unicode Table Free Contains all emojis, but some in 2D format

1. Emojipedia

Price: Free

airplane emoji_emojipedia

Number #1 on our checklist is This website is like the living breathing Wikipedia of emojis, and it's free to use. Every design will be available to you and whatever you want to get creative with your writings could be done through this website. Airplane emoji is also available on this website for you to copy and paste on your document.

2. Emojiguide

Price: Free

There is a pretty little difference between Emojipedia and Emojiguide as both provide excellent quality services. But it's a thing for personal preference and we have placed this website at number #2. Visit the website and get the airplane emoji using multiple options including HTML and Code Points.


Price: Free
Airplane emoji

While using this website, you will feel as if you are using software for emojis. This website is phenomenal when it comes to user interface and designs. You can find out uncountable numbers of emojis on this platform and copy them straight away.

4. Emojidictionary

Price: Purchase

There are emoticons, smileys, and other characters on this platform, however, a lot of items here are not free and some are also not as cartoonish as on other platforms. If you need to use a proper emoji, you will have to buy it based on its current price.

5. Unicode Table

Price: Free
Unicode Table

The website is great, as it contains all the emojis for grab but you will witness some to be in 2D format. For example, the airplane emoji will not be the one that you require. Consider trying it out yourself. Although if you are a coder, you will be able to get an HTML code on this website as well.

6. Emojiterra

Price: Free

Another simple, fast, and great option if you are an emoji lover. Emojiterra is free and very easy to operate using simple copy-paste solutions for you. Find out the airplane emoji on Emojiterra to give it a try. It is perhaps one of our best picks in this market.

7. Hotemoji

Price: Free


This platform is great and fulfills its purpose of getting the airplane emoji. Very easy to use and contains the copy and paste method as well. Users will only need to search for their favorite emojis and copy and paste them to the place they want. Hotemoji is totally free and contains a tank of different icons to get hands-on.

8. Iemoji

Price: Free


If there is one place that we can rely on getting all kinds of emojis from it's this place. Iemoji has its own Twitter feed where people are continuously downloading and using icons like the airplane emoji for their personal needs. This place is free and easy to navigate to get all the latest and old emojis. A combination of free packages and premium products is the most enjoyable in times like these.

9. Icon8

Price: Subscription


This place is like the heaven of emoticons and animations. Icon8 is not free but it definitely is the place to pay for. Paid users will be able to download 118,700 Icons in both SVG and PNG formats from Icon8. You can have a full set subscription for $29 on this platform.

10. Yaytext 

Price: Free


Yaytext is free to use with multiple shapes of animations and emojis. Usually, the icons like airplane emoji here are different looking and more cartoonish in terms of design. It contains a simple yet easy-to-use interface that will not make you lost in places. Also, Yaytext being a free website doesn't contain any login to officially get hands-on with different emoticons.


Here, let us make it simple for you to choose! Our top picks for you today are Emojiterra, Emojiguide, Emojiall, and Emojipedia. This is because these websites are free, easy to use, and contain lots of options. For example, if you want the airplane emoji, these websites will have it. You can simply copy and paste it onto where ever you want.

And that's it for today! Try these most beloved airplane emoji websites 2024 and bring expression to your conversations daily.


Q 1: How can I download the airplane emoji?

Search the website for your preferred icon, select one from the searched results and simply copy/paste the emoji from and to the place you want it to appear.

Q 2: Can I download emojis offline?

No, you will need to have a working network connection in order to officially be able to operate these websites and enjoy the experience.

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