10 Best Tools to Convert PDF to PPT

Presumably you have encountered such a situation in your work, for example, converting PDF to PPT. At this time, you have to rebuild a PPT file, and then re-enter the original content of the PDF file. However, this is a tedious and time-consuming process. With the advance of technology, free PDF to PPT online converter has been produced on the Internet. But among so many tools, what is the best free PDF to PPT online converter? This article will provide you with a product introduction from the perspectives of user experience, price, pros and cons, and help you choose which is the best-suited PDF to PPT converter for you.

Best 10 Tools to Convert PDF to PPT

1. Adobe Online

Pricing: Free and Paid

converting pdf to ppt-adobe

Adobe Online is by far one of the best PDF converter considering that Adobe introduced the PDF format. It is a complete PDF productivity solution. You can create, share, sign, edit, convert and export PDFs through web, desktop and mobile. Even better, you can access the tool online or offline depending on your situation. Also, it provides a 7-day free trail for users.


  • Full featured online tool
  • Support all platforms
  • Speed and high-quality conversions


  • Overly expensive
  • Short trial period

2. SmallPDF

Pricing: Free and Paid

converting pdf to ppt-smallpdf

When you want to easily convert PDF to PPT online, you can also consider SmallPDF, which is a very useful online tool for converting PDF to PPT file format. You just need to go to the website and upload the PDF file to start the conversion immediately. In addition to supporting batch conversion, in order to protect user privacy, SmallPDF will delete files from the server after the conversion is completed. The whole process is very simple.


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Ensures the privacy of documents
  • Supports all platforms


  • Struggle with complex PDF documents

3. iLovePDF

Pricing: Free

converting pdf to ppt-ilovepdf

iLovePDF is also a great PDF to PPT converter. It is more of an online PDF to PPT converter but also supports an offline desktop version to meet the needs of different users, so you can easily use it even if you are offline. With it, you can convert any PDF files into office formats like PPT, Word, Excel, and more.


  • Supports you convert multiple PDFs simultaneously
  • Keep the original quality
  • Suitable for offline and online use


  • Advertising pop-ups
  • The free version is limited
  • It has a limited tool

4. VancePDF PDF to PPT

Pricing: Free

converting pdf to ppt-vancepdf

VancePDF is one of the best PDF to PPT converter because of the fact that it can convert PDF to PPT without sacrificing the quality of your PDF files. Even better, its strong built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature rids you of the need to re-type content from scanned PDFs. Hence, You can convert from PDF to PPT efficiently from an intuitive interface that happens to accommodate even first-timers. VancePDF also saves you much time through its high-speed PDF to PPT conversion while still opening you up to batch processing.


  • High speed conversions
  • Keeps the original layout and formatting accurately
  • It is free to use.
  • A rich OCR tool


  • More and deeper tools are needed


Pricing: Premium account is available for $6.35/month

converting pdf to ppt-pdf2go

PDF2GO is also a good PDF to PPT converter with no installations needed. PDF2GO does everything to keep your files safe. It is very easy to use. The only thing you need to do is uploading your PDF via drag & drop or choose file from your device.


  • No registration needed
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality output ensured


  • OCR is only available to Premium users
  • Ads are numerous and confusing

6. PDF Converter

Pricing: Free and Paid (Monthly: $5/month; Annual: $50/year; Lifetime: $99/lifetime)

converting pdf to ppt-pdfconverter

PDF Converter is also a good PDF to PPT converter. It is easy to use and has a intuitive interface, but is has a limited number of tools and features compared with its competitors.

It is easy to use.
It supports PDF online editing.

It can’t support batch conversion.
Some functions are paid.

7. Soda PDF

Pricing: Free and Paid (Standard version $6.75/month; Pro version $10.50/month; Business version starting at $16.75/month.)

converting pdf to ppt-sodapdf

Soda PDF's idea is to make the process of converting PDF to PPT simple. Whether you use it online or offline, all the tools you need are at your fingertips. Soda PDF can help you improve your work efficiency to a whole new level. In addition, powerful OCR technology can help you easily extract text data and use it in PPT. Just click a button to export multiple PDFs to PPT.


  • Works on various platforms
  • Supports batch processing


  • Registration is required to use the trial version
  • There are advertising pop-ups

8. PDF.online

Pricing: Free

converting pdf to ppt-pdfonline

Another PDF to PPT converter that we included in this list is PDF.online. It is well designed and it also has a set of tools to solve almost any PDF related problem. You can directly upload your PDF files from your local device, Dropbox or Google Drive.
Besides, you can download its app to get the secure, fast, and powerful PDF tool on your phone, tablet, or desktop.


  • It secures your data
  • It has good UI


  • Registration is somewhat complicated.

9. Investintech

Pricing: Free

converting pdf to ppt-investintech

Another PDF to PPT converter worth mentioning is Investintech. You can convert PDF to PPT with Investintech in a couple of seconds. Besides. OCR scanned PDF to extract editable text to PowerPoint, which greatly improve your productivity. It also provides a free trial for Windows, macOS, and Linux users, you can start your free journey now!


  • Simple, quick, but safe conversion
  • Easy to handle
  • Provides free trial


  • Limited PDF related tools to use

10. Nitro

Pricing: Free (for 14 days) and Paid

converting pdf to ppt-nitro

Nitro is a desktop software that is very effective for converting PDF to PPT formats. It is one of the best options for batch convert from PDF to PPT. Because of its incredible conversion speed, it is worthy of being included in our list of the best PDF to PPT converters. In our test, we found that Nitro can provide a complete solution for your documents.


  • 14-day free trial
  • Fast conversion speed
  • Transparent pricing
  • Accurate conversion of multiple large documents


  • Windows-only desktop
  • Lacks Mac OS app


When you are looking free online PDF to PPT converter, you can have a try on these free PDF to PPT converters that I mentioned above, and pick the converter tool that laces your shoes best. After going on all the tool, I recommend VancePDF for its efficiency, high-quality and accessibility. I hope that this 10 best PDF to PPT converters list will help you decide which is the best-suited PDF to PPT converter for your need.

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