There has been a jungle of news revolving around the globe with its two separated pathways; The Reality and The Hoax. The hoax refers to the fake and false news that sometimes flames an entire ethnic group or institution as most people consider it to be true. This is just a single example, there could be lots of other places getting damaged by fake news. While this is the harsh reality, could there be a future for AI help spot fake news? In my opinion, with the increasing diversity and learning knowledge capabilities of AI, it is possible.

In this article, I will be covering all the aspects that might lead to a stronghold of positives towards the unending streak of evolution in AI technology.

Will AI Help Spot Fake News In The Future?

I will back up my theory with evidence of how AI has already made some impacts in the identification of fake news. For a single-point agenda, let's simply say that artificial intelligence is moving up notches to make human lives better. With its advancing and evolving nature, AI has already managed to help us investigate cases through facial recognition and fingerprints.

Assuming that this piece of the puzzle is about to get demystified with a range of theories, we are about to witness.

What is Fake News?

Lies, Propaganda, Hypocrisy, and Inaccurate Information; this is what sum up the definition of fake news. In simple words, the stories posted online that are false, fabricated, and misleading are known as fake news. These stories do not contain any verified facts or sources to math their positive credibility instead everything seems like utter nonsense.

In order to fight against this fake news trend, there are multiple organizations and teams mind sharping and creating technology to counteract it. The process has been boosted because different politicians from around the are tired of getting blamed for the crimes they haven't committed.

In short, we are looking at a passed and legally enforced regulation to cover multiple areas of the internet including, search engines and social media platforms.

Facts and Figures

Prof. Bronstein a leading expert in Graph-based machine learning mechanisms, has yet informed with his unending achievements that the team has been in work. The formidable truth regarding spotting fake news is now being taken into consideration. The leading experts are working tirelessly to develop a prototype that not only analyses the content but also performs fact-checking facilities.

Using this prototype, researchers are pulling in their tools and tracing stories by journalists while differentiating the false and the truth. Right now, this tech is being recognized by many journalists. The algorithm is being trained by showing it multiple stories that are either fake or false.

Multiple news channels are therefore looking to get their hands on this AI algorithm, to improve their highlight credibility and rating.

The Development of Discovering Social Media Fake News

American University has been kicking up some notches in this ‘AI spotting fake news' trend. The researchers at the institution have developed a unique method that can ultimately help them in identifying the truth behind multiple social media news. However, this method is not based on the fact of machine learning protocol (Prof. Bronstein).

The researchers have simply used a combo of Artificial Intelligence and statistical analysis to play this part.

The reason behind choosing this portfolio of pathways is that machine learning could create a ‘BIG IF', regarding whether the results are correct or false.

Will AI be available for Public Use?

AI is a very complex and techy invention! In order to understand and make stable for the use of the public and detect fake news, researchers are diving in and making grave efforts. The things that are being polished for public use include an easy operating user interface with a refined model system to keep the technology powerful and updated.


Things are skeptical at the moment, but in my opinion and knowledge, days are not far when Artificial Intelligence will make its mark and help people identify fake news. Hard times require only truth on the screens to make everyone know about the true circumstances. Hopes are high that the researchers will come up with something equally stable and only side with the truths so our media channels are always on the right verge of truth.t

Mia Woods
Senior Editor

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