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Photo color splash is a cool photo effect where an image is modified to dark and gray, the colors are then adjusted back to certain chunks of the picture. A relatively brighter object in an image makes the whole picture comparatively dimmer, making it look sallow, photo color splashing to a bright portion would not create much of a difference. Photo color splash works fine in pictures having brighter shades because its appearances are much more intense when the rest portion of the picture is transformed to dark and gray and one portion is still colorful.

Choose an image, which has several vivid colors obliquely to the entire image, and verify the portion of the image you think brings about a large percentage of it. If you select the smaller portion, the effect will not look plausible either.


What is interesting about color splash features?

Color splash provides you with a variety of choices and settings you can play with when you first select it. You can adjust the brush sizes and reap the tiniest details if you desire. Color splash can put together focus on whatever subject you like. Color splash certainly brings out the biggest aspect of any particular picture. The user does not require Photoshop mastery as long as he employs color splash photo editors.

Top 10 Brilliant Tools to Make Photo Color Splash Features

Tool Price Brush sizes Real-time Editing Sharing Customer Support Overall Rating
Fotor Free (Basic pack) / $8.99 per month (Pro) / $19.99 per month (Pro+) ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓Yes Poor ★★★★☆
iPiccy Free ✓Yes ✓Yes One-time sharing only Good ★★★☆☆
Picmonkey $7.99 per month (Basic) / $12.99 per month (Pro) / $23.00 per month (Business) ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓Yes Average ★★★☆☆
Fotojet Free trial / $3.33 per month (Basic) / $6.99 per month (Plus) ✓Yes ✓Yes ✗No Poor ★★★☆☆
Lunapic Free ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓Yes Average ★★★☆☆

1. Fotor

Price: Fotor Basic pack: Free/ Fotor Pro: US $8.99 per month and the US $39.99 is billed annually/ Fotor Pro+: US $19.99 per month and the US $89.99 is billed annually.


It entitles users to smear color to grayscale, black and white images. It offers you the color splash effect features. It is an online image editor and enables the user to bring out the best of an image. It focuses on the considerably vital fractions of images by blending rich color saturation.


  • Easy to use and add color splash effect
  • Free to monitor photos with various effects by utilizing unique feature tools
  • Make dramatic photos


  • It creates a considerable problem for PC as It holds a lot of space and slows down the speed of the PC.
  • It does not keep the session when the application is closed without saving. Everything will be forfeited and the user has to begin from the first step.

2. iPiccy

Price: This is free software


iPiccy is an image editing software alternative that resembles proficient tools wielded by photographers and graphics designers. It delivers a pick to retouch photos online. It infers that all operating systems can support this tool.


  • Content can be imported and exported
  • Real-time editing
  • Content sharing is also available


  • There is not an unusual feature in it
  • Users can avail themselves only of the one-time sharing option


Price: Basic: US $ 7.99 billed monthly and the US $72.00 billed annually/ Pro: US $12.99 billed monthly and US$120.00 billed annually/ Business: the US $ 23.00 billed monthly and the US $228.00 billed annually.


Picmonkey is an online photo editing tool. It is thorough and lenient to use. Picmonkey is convenient for amateur editors who wish to showcase their pictures to the public.


  • Has cool elements and is easily available
  • The output size of the file can be customized
  • Pictures can be saved to different storage media with ease.


  • Ads keep distracting and affecting the productivity
  • Working on more than one project is extremely difficult

4. Fotojet

Price: Free trial/ Basic: $3.33 per month and $39.99 is billed annually/ Plus: $6.99 per month


Fotojet is a tremendous photo splash software. It is an all-in-one free 3D solution. Fotojet was designed to help graphic designers borrow the built-in templates to create social media banners, graphics, collages, etc.


  • Easy to utilize
  • It comes with some great starter projects
  • It assists smallbusinesses to develop images for social media.


  • The process of Saving the image is complicated
  • With minor changes, the user can not save multiple files
  • Horrible customer service and billing practices

5. Lunapic

Price: free to use


It is one of the promising online photo editing options. It comes with a variety of efficient features. Lunapic enables the users to alter images and prepare them according to their preferences. It provides handy tools to wield pictures. It is web-based thus, the user does not have to download or install any software. Users just need to visit the online portal and start editing images.


  • Simple to use
  • No limitations and bug-free
  • Variety of effects and text overlays
  • One-click sharing feature
  • Web-based service


  • Boring and old fashioned designs
  • Many page refreshers
  • Maximum size of image restrictions

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6. LightX

Price: The iOS app is free/ A monthly subscription to lightX Pro is $3.99/ Annual membership is $19.99/ Lifetime membership is $69.99/ Token for premium access is $4.99


LightX is yet another free photo-editing application. It is expended to create photo collages, add stickers to images, add photo frames, make cutouts, and have background changer effects. LightX is best in class for automated background area removal and it uses magic eraser tools.


  • Affordable prices
  • Powerful features and many varieties
  • Several tools


  • LightX has a bit fiddly UI in place
  • Saving the images is problematic

7. Color splash effects photo editor

Price: free to use (offers in-app purchasing)

Color splash effects photo editor

It is a photo editing gadget utilized to create mind-boggling pictures with extraordinary styling tools for the images. The primary features include the following:

  • Uses the brush to edit the pictures
  • Cooland interactive UI
  • Easy to save and share pictures with others
  • The edited images can be shared on social media with a single click


  • It is user friendly
  • Users can keep images in full resolution
  • A free choice of the tools is present


  • PC should have specific requirements to use this app
  • There are some minimum requirements to open the product

8. AppAdvice

Price: Free to use


AppAdvice is the online leading app and in-app resource that covers all features of iOS. This website is an amazing stock for users to locate several apps. It is a practical way to make it manageable to figure out which app to download.


  • Keep users updated on the latest iOS news, reviews, and iDevices accessories.
  • Users can easily express their unique thoughts to the world.


  • To understand and choose the best option you have to have some sort of professional skills
  • Not simple to use

9. Splash photo background editor

Price: free to use

Splash photo background editor

It is an automatic color splash photo editing application. Color splash effect that delivers you the opportunity to convert yourself into the best photo magician. By using this photo effect app, users can create an awesome color splash effect. It lets you selectively color your photo, which is altered into black and white.


  • Has advanced features like zoom photo, photo brush size, etc.
  • The edited images can be shared on social media easily like via email, albums, Facebook, Twitter, global wall support, and clipboard


  • Only for Ipads and iPhones

10.  Color splash effect photo editor

Price: free to use

Color splash effect photo editor

It is the best photo editing app on android that was developed by the Lidow team. It offers ten splash Mag effects. Users can switch images between gray and color by brush. It constructs an amazing classic Splash effect and with a touch of the fingers, the user can create the best color splash effect.


  • Amazing filters and broad features
  • Users can share edited images on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,
  • It can generate a square image for Instagram with blur background


  • Ads distract and reduce productivity
  • It will not automatically edit images
  • Not easy to use like adjusting the brushes size and softness


As spoken of above, you read up on what a color splash app is. There are multiple photo color splash apps, which are complimentary for iPhone, Android, and desktops. If you wish to employ a quick and easy app, there are a lot of varieties like PicMonkey, etc. Among them iPiccy procures an apt download and sharing options. Go about capturing pictures that catch your fancy and edit them in no time by borrowing any of the above-mentioned photo color splash editors for achieving spectacular results. I highly recommend PicMonkey because of its unusual features and unique aspects.


What is the function of the photo color splash editor?

Color splash editor turns the picture into dark and gray. Users can then add a colorful touch to a small portion to make the image attractive and charismatic. These splash effects are used on many platforms like TV, film, dramas, Instagram pictures, and so on. It makes images more detailed and fascinating.

Can users fix color splash on images without any skills in Photoshop?

If you use Fotor, AppAdvice, PicMonkey, or iPiccy, you do not require any photoshop abilities. The foremost element user requires is to upload a picture. Then, add some color splash effects by using several kinds of Brushes sizes. Users can enhance distinct colors and add them to images. The user simply has got to click on a few buttons to edit the picture.

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