Top 20 Background Remover Tools to Remove Background from Image Free

Removing image background was a headache before the invention of AI background removal tools. When you are making a presentation or editing product photos, getting a clear cut-out gives you an opportunity to transform the design. Today, thanks to background removers powered by AI technology, you can make use of automatic background removers to remove background from image free.

Top 20 Tools to Remove Background from Image Free

In this review, you will see a list of online image background remover and background removal software. Most of them are automatic background remover driven by AI algorithms. We have uploaded images and tested them one by one to see their performance and features. We will rank them based on their effects, ease of use, how they handle edges, and price. Hence, all you need to do is just go through this list of image background removers. Now, find out the best one to simplify your workflow and unleash creativity.

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Part 1: Top 10 Background Remover Review

1. Vance AI Background Remover

A new image background remover that tops most of its rivals is released by Vance AI.  This background remover employs AI technology to automatically remove background from images. This will speed up the workflow for small business, designers and individuals who want to remove background without any hassle.

What’s also amazing about this AI tool is that you can download preview images for free without any limit. You can also create stunning design with the cut-outs by adding image background or solid-color background. But it’s not a perfect solution. Currently, there is no option for batch processing, which means you need to spend more time uploading images one by one.

Read our full review: How to Erase Background 100% Automatically|Vance AI Background Remover



How to remove background with this photo background remover



This image background remover is another best choice for you to eliminate background and design your photos. It saves your day by using AI technology. You can remove background from image free in one single click. Almost everyone from newbies to professional designers, photographers and marketers can access this AI since it’s really straightforward.

This image background remover can successfully cut out hair and fur from a busy background. It’s free to use. However, if you want to download images with no background in high quality, you need to will need to upgrade.



How to use to remove background from image

3. Clipping Magic

Clipping Magic is quite effective at cutting out objects from clean backgrounds automatically. This automatic background remover has been trained on millions of images. With its Scalpel Tool, you can handle low-contrast areas of your photos. Yet, unlike other free tools, this Clipping Magic is the background remover online that only lets you download after you subscribe. Find out everything about Clipping Magic in this article: How to Use Clipping Magic and Best Free Clipping Magic Alternative



How Remove Image Background with this image background remover


4. PhotoScissors

PhotoScissors gives your one more option to customize removal effects than common background removers. It can work as an automatic background remover. You only need to upload the image and its algorithm will auto remove the background from it. You can also manually remove background from image online. From our limited tests, this background remover free is better at cutting out objects from contrasting background. It is not so smart when it comes to a busy background.



How to Remove Background with this photo background remover app

5. Picsart

Picsart deserves a top place on our list. You don’t need to access many tutorials because it’s easy to use. This product lets remove background from image online free. It tops most online tools because it excels at handling difficult tasks, such as cutting out hair, fur, or crystal glass from backgrounds. You can erase or restore the edges of results manually if you like. There are a variety of background photos to choose from on this image background remover. Find out more: Selective Photo Background Remover – Picsart.


It provides editing functions. What’s also great about this online image background remover is that it produces results in lossless quality. You can download HD images for free.



How to Remove Background with Picsart


6. Pixlr

With online image background remover offered by Pixlr, you can remove background from image online free without seeing layers or brushes. What’s great about this tool is that you can upload and process multiple files at the same time. Save you time and effort.



How to erase background in pixlr

7. Kapwing

Kapwing is a free image background remover that comes with rich editing features. This online app lets you deal with tricky parts with its “Magic Wand”. There are many useful editing tools available with which you can crop, rotate, adjust opacity or brightness, and do more.



How to remove background with Kapwing

8. Befunky

Befunky is a versatile photo editor that comes with more features than background removal. It serves as an effective tool to handle background. Yet, there is no free trial and you will need to go premium if you want to combine it with your workflow. But if you have a budget for the low-cost plan, this will be a good option.



 How to remove background with this instant background remover



Autoclipping is a web-based app that allows you to remove background automatically or manually. The automatic tool is a new feature of this website, which, however, turns out not so effective as we have tested. The manual tool is easier and more accurate as you can see from this image below to but there is no free trial.



 How to remove background with this automatic background remover

10. inPixio

inPixio allows you to remove background from image online free. This tool is very straightforward. After you upload an image, you can use the red brush to remove the areas you don’t want. The brush size is adjustable, so you don’t need to select areas accurately. Just touch the color of the background you want to cut and leave the rest to the online background remover. We have tested several images and the results are greater than Clipping Magic.



How to remove image background free with this photo background remover


Part 2: Top 5 Background Removal Software List

1. GIMP Remove Background

GIMP is a free software to remove background from image. You can use it to remove even some small details, like hair or fur. This free image background remover works well when there is a strong contract between the objects in your image and the background.

Want to know how to remove background with GIMP? Check out the video here.



How to remove background in gimp

2. Topaz Mask AI

Topaz Mask AI is an AI-powered background remover that uses machine learning and the tri-map technique. It has an intuitive interface. Things are much easier when you use Mask AI than photoshop. You will not see too many options or buttons. Check out more in this video:



How to remove background from image with Topaz Mask AI


3. Photoshop Background Remover

Things are a little bit complicated when you start to use software like Photoshop. It has more options than online tools. Yet, this is the ultimate choice if you want to remove edges perfectly from photos. For beginners, using photoshop is a challenge. However, it does help you produce satisfying results if you are willing to spend the extra time and effort.



How to remove background from image in Photoshop

4. Movavi Photo Editor

Movavi Photo Editor is a professional photo editing software that also comes with background removal tool. With this background removal software, you can remove and edit photo background as you like. there are a variety of editing tools using which you can have a new background for your images or refine them in one click.



How to remove background from image with this background removal software


5. SoftOrbits– Photo Background Remover

This Photo Background Remover is designed to let you remove background automatically. With smart-object selection, you can deal with the objects in your image with the red or green marker. This software does not offer many useful editing tools. Thus, it is not that cost-effective if you just want to remove background.


How to remove background from image with Photo Background Remover


Part 3: Top 5  Photo Background Remover Apps for Mobile Users

1. Background Eraser

This app is a great choice for those who want to remove background from image free on smartphone, iPad or any mobile device. You can do it automatically or manually. As you upload an image to this app, you can click “Auto” to see the automatic effect. If you want to further remove or keep any parts in your image, you can use the manual mode.

How to remove background from image with the app


2. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a handy tool. It allows you to control the objects in your images easily with the simple Cutout tool. Apart from background removal, it also comes with many useful editing features, such as 1000s of beautiful design templates and graphics. Note: this picture is only available to iOS users.

How to erase background in picmonkey


3.Background Eraser

This app allows you to remove the unwanted parts in your images. It makes it easy to remove background free. You can also crop the image before you start. No photo editing skills required. This free image background remover app also provides many background options, so that you can add any of them to your images if you like. You can share the result on social media like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Twitter.


How to Remove Background with the App


4. Automatic Background Changer

This photo background remover app excels at removing background from portraits like your selfies. The latest version also lets you cut out cats or dogs from images. It’s simple to use. Based on its neural network, the app allows you to cut out the unwanted items in your images.

How to Remove Background with Automatic Background Changer

5. Background Remover Pro

This app can be an automatic background remover that lets you cut out trees, flowers, or animals from images. It lets you fine-tune the result by adjusting opacity or rotation. However, too many ads in this app might be a waste of time for you.

How to Remove Background with Background Remover Pro



We have introduced the 20 best background remover products in this review. Have you found the best tool to remove background from your images? We hope so.

Online background removers powered by AI make it possible to remove image background without any manual work. Vance AI and are highly recommended if you want to remove background from image without a learning curve.  They allow you to cut out subjects in your image instantly as long as the foreground and background colors have enough contrast. You can cut out logo, signature, portraits, animals, or cars with them automatically.

Working with background removal software like Photoshop is not that convenient compared with online solutions. But desktop programs have their own advantages, such as batch process, useful editing features and more stable performance. Next, let’s look at how to remove background in apps.

For professionals, we recommend more advanced tools, such as Photoshop and GIMP. These desktop background removers let you cut out objects from busy backgrounds effectively. You can fix edges perfectly with them. Check out more tools to Remove background from image.



1. What is the best photo background remover? stands out from our limited tests. When the background and foreground are not so contrasting, the result is not accurate with most online removers. There is an exception when you try But when you tried to cut out glass from an image, a better option is Vance AI Background Remover.

2. How to remove background from image in photoshop? (Video tutorial)

Find out a simple guide to remove background from image in this video:

3. How to remove background from image free without photoshop?

With automatic background removers, such as Vance AI, or Picsart, you can remove background from image free easily without using photoshop. All you need to do is upload an image and leave the rest to AI.  Other online tools, like PhotoScissors, are also available free.

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