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Powered by AI, PicsArt lets you remove photo background easily in one click. This photo background remover comes with a desktop program, app, and online service. In this article, we will focus on how to remove background from photo with PicsArt online for free. You can also alternatives to PicsArt on the market that help you remove background from image.

Why do people use PicsArt to remove photo background?

PicsArt photo background remover is designed to save your day. It releases you from tedious manual work. Let’s look at its pros and cons.



  • Auto remove photo background free
  • No watermark
  • Free to download
  • Download results in lossless quality for free
  • Effectively handle animal fur and human hair
  • There is no limit on the file size


  • Result is not accurate when foreground and background are extremely similar
  • Not easy to use if you work with it manually


What makes the Photo Background Remover special?

1. Remove photo background automatically with AI

This AI is quite smart. It lets you separate foreground from background automatically. what’s unique about this AI tool is that it can even smooth edges intelligently. If you ever tried to figure out how to remove photo background, you might mess around with all the white edges. They even ruin the whole photo. Try this free photo background remover, which will help you out easily.


2. Download HD photos with no background for free

Many photo background removers require you to upgrade plans before you can download photos with no background. The good news is that PicsArt now allows you to download them for free. It allows you to download photos with no background as png format automatically. So, there is no need to convert JPG to PNG.


Note: PicsArt online photo background remover is a new tool released by PicsArt. According to its official website, users are allowed to create for free with online editing tools, including background remover until July 1st.

3. Change background color of photo in one click

This free photo background remover comes with hundreds of captivating backgrounds, many of which are similar to those in PicsArt app. After you remove your original background, you can choose a background photo. You can change the background photo or background color in just one click. Alternatively, you can upload a photo you like to make a background.



How to remove photo background in PicsArt?

If you want to learn how to remove photo background, this quick tutorial will show you how to make it. You can remove photo background free with PicsArt in two ways.

Option 1: remove background in photo in PicsArt automatically

Step 1: Go to PicsArt official website>editing tools>Remove Background Object or Remove Background Person


Step 2: Upload a photo from local by clicking “Upload” on the left or entering a URL.


Step 3: Wait a few seconds before PicsArt removes background automatically. Then you can click the “Download” button to save the photo as a Zip file. Open the Zip file and find the PNG photo.



Option 2: remove photo background in PicsArt manually

Like other background removers, PicsArt allows you to do the job manually.

Step 1: After you remove background from photos with PicsArt automatically, click on the photo result and then click the Edit button.


Step 2: Click the Eraser icon. Adjust its size and opacity before you move any further. Then use the tool to remove any parts you want. Tap on Brush. Adjust brush size and its opacity before you use the brush to restore the removed parts.


Step 3: Click “Apply” before you can download the photo. Note: Apart from removing background, you can do more. By choosing the “Invert” button on the left side of the page, you can remove the foreground and preserve the background of a photo.



Step 4: Download the result for free. Both JPG and PNG are available. You can change the file name. If you choose the JPG format, you can choose quality. Higher quality means greater size. 10-option2-download-picsart


Next, let’s look at some alternatives to this product. Want to find more alternatives to PicsArt? Go to Top 15 AI Background Remover Review.

Alternatives- Free Photo Background Remover Recommended


Slazzer is a good alternative to Supported by AI, this background remover markets itself as the 100% automatic tool that allows you to remove background from photo in 5 seconds. Based on our limited test, it’s really fast. You can access the free plan without registration and there is no watermark in the final result.



  • Easy to use
  • Free to use
  • Offer editing features


  • Lose quality in the result


Alternatives- Photo Background Remover App Recommended

Background Eraser

Background Eraser is a great alternative to if you want to remove photo background on your smartphone. This app offers different ways to get your job done, such as Auto and Manual. This light app is easy to use. By choosing “Auto” mode, you can remove background from photos automatically without any effort.



  • Easy to use
  • Offer flexible ways to remove photo background


  • Show ads


PicsArt is a good choice for those who want to remove background from photo free or change backgrounds of photos. The AI photo background remover lets you download results in lossless quality for free before July 1. It is different from other photo background removers in that it allows you to remove background in photo in one click. It is now free to use. But since it is a beta version, this web app might charge you just like other similar products do in the near future. Even so, it still tops most AI tools especially in removing edges.


1. Is PicsArt photo background remover free to use?

Yes. PicsArt allows you to remove background from photo free. Access it from “Editing tools”, which is a new feature released by PicsArt. You can download lossless photos for free before July 1 based on PicsArt official website.

2. Can PicsArt remove photo background?

Sure. PicsArt lets you remove background in photo automatically. With this free photo background remover, you can remove background from photo with a portrait, pet, or any other objects. It also allows you to do it manually. You can use the remover and brush to produce more accurate results.

3. Is PicsArt accurate?

To test the performance of PicsArt, we have used it to remove background from photos with glass, person, animals, or smoke. The results show that the accuracy depends on how strong the contrast is between the background and foreground.  The stronger the contrast is, the more accurate result you will get. 

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  1. I tried PicsArt to remove backgrounds and it’s great. Image quality is really amazing. Very useful article. Thank you for sharing.

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