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A perfect and convenient tool for your videos that allows you to edit your videos perfectly without having any kind of experience. Now even if you do not have any kind of special skill in video editing, you can still become a professional video editor with a video editor by your side.

What is is a cloud-based software that enables teams to collaborate without any effort. You can transfer your files fastly without any hesitation. The allows you to edit your videos according to your requirements without any issues. It allows several companies to work together on one project. You can benefit from server-based cloud computing with your collaboration. Share your videos with your friends with the help of the URL. It allows you to create a library of your videos and embed those videos into a website. The Veed io is an easy tool that anyone can operate without any effort. You can become a professional video editor with the help of veed video editor without having any type of skills or experience in this field. If you have any interest in marketing, you can coordinate with your team on certain videos. Review is a simple and effective platform that is used for creating any kind of video within no time. You can create podcast videos and short video clips for social media marketing and educational purposes. If you have only audio files that you would like to share on your social media, then you can use this tool. You can convert these audio files into video files that you can share on your social media. aims to make professional videos for your work simply without any hard work.

The veed studio is an online platform that allows teams to record, edit, review and share videos. The veed video editor provides all kinds of features that a professional requires to edit his videos online. It has single-click features that transform your videos into something amazing with one click, such as auto subtitling, translations, transitions, custom branding of your business, social media formatting, and a massive list of animated templates.


  • It allows you to edit videos.
  • Ads subtitle to your videos.
  • The veed studio has veed transitions.
  • Veed video compressor.
  • Proper screen and video recording.
  • Video hosting and storage.
  • Cloud-based team collaboration.
  • Commenting on video reviews.
  • Website embedding.
  • Clean your audio using noise removal.
  • You can stream with veed studio.
  • Custom branding for your business.


  • The video editing and audio editing interface is user-friendly.
  • Produce video clips from your provided audio samples.
  • There is a library of unique templates that you can use to create your design.
  • You can export your video to your device.
  • Add captions to your videos.


  • Low accuracy of auto-generated captions.
  • There should be more graphics to add to your videos.
  • Not enough range of audio grams.


  • The basic package requires 10$ per user.
  • The pro package requires 18$ per user.
  • The business package requires 59$ per user.

Main Function 1: Video Editor

Edit your videos without any effort within no time. All the tools of the video editor are easily operable. You can become a professional video editor without having any kind of special skills or experience. Edit your videos properly that are according to your requirements. Just simply upload a video from your device and start editing it. There are a lot of video editing features that Veed video editor offers to make your videos perfect. The tools are easily accessible and quite simple to use; rather than that, the performance of the tool is quite powerful too. You can create videos with a single click without wasting any time.

You can promote your brand by making marketing videos and grabbing the attention of the viewers with videos. If you want to make videos for educational or knowledge purposes, then add subtitles to your videos. Create animations of your videos and add voiceovers. Translate your videos into 100-plus languages.

Main function 2: Screen Recorder

veed io

The screen recorder allows you to record your videos easily with one click on any kind of device you want. Capture the moments on your screen that you cherish and record those moments online. It works on all sorts of platforms that you like, as it works for both Microsoft and windows. Now you won't have to download any kind of software or application on your device. Just simply operate it online within no time.

Now if users are busy and have an online meeting, they can simply use this recorder to record online meetings so they can watch them when they're free and relaxed.  You can record live shows if you don't have any time to watch them at that moment; just turn it on and record it with the veed studio to watch it when you like. You can use a free online screen recorder app with a webcam and microphone to record high-quality videos for yourself.

Main function 3: Live Streaming

veed studio

User can perform live activities with the help of veed studio. Go live with friends who are using those platforms for as much time as you want without ever getting bored. And also use can live on not just one single platform but on multiple platforms with your friends. Go live on multiple platforms at the same time without having any type of skills. You can perform certain customization on your live videos and make them more entertaining for your viewers. You can just get live without actually getting live; just record your videos while performing live activities. After you have completed your life, then it can be further uploaded live. You can edit your live recordings by highlighting interesting parts of them by turning them into awesome edited videos.

Main Function 4: Subtitles and Transcriptions

Veed transcription allows you to instantly transcript your audio and video files into text with one click. There are zero chances of mistakes with this tool. All you have to do is simply upload your audio or video file to the platform and transcript them within no time. This tool is much more versatile as compared to other tools, as its task is simple and straightforward. Upload your content and transcript it; that is what this tool does. Upload your audio or videos, then click on auto transcribe and download them onto your device.

One more important feature of this tool is that it allows all sorts of video and audio formats, such as  MP3, WAV, MP4, MOV, AVI, and more. This tool is simple to use and requires no effort; just open it on your device browser to operate it. The transcription accuracy of the tool is about 95% which is much higher than other services that even demand a lot of costs.

Other functions

Every user can trim your videos for your work without any effort. Merge your video after trimming them. If you have any type of video that you want to remove the background, then you can get the transparent background of that video within no time. Just simply upload a busy background video and remove its background with one click without even getting a green screen. You can use the veed video compressor to resize the file size of your video, and then you can use it for anything like us the veed video compressor for discord.

Rotate your video if you want it to be properly displayed, then rotate it if you like. It also provides a video converter that converts your video into other formats. If you like using TikTok, then you can get the TikTok downloader to download any kind of TikTok video that is locked. It also has an Ai Image generator that generates images related to your requirements. Just simply provide the details of the image in text form to generate images related to it in no time. There are also audio editors and gif editors that you can use for your videos

Final Words

If you have any interest in video editing, then this tool is best for you as it provides all kinds of features that you need to edit your videos. Not just video editing goes live stream; add some good captions to your videos by using the transcription tool. This is all ine one video editor that you can use to make great videos for yourself or any other purpose. Once you start using this tool, you will love it.

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Does Veed keep your videos?

Veed allows you to save or rather host your videos online, so you can either download them on your device or view them online.

What Does Veed Pro Offer?

The Veed Pro offers the following features.

  • Add auto subtitles 1,440 mins/yr.
  • Translations for your videos.
  • Allows you to properly Subtitle SRT download.
  • You can have Premium stock access.
  • A proper brand kit.

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