The Turing test online has changed the way of the world towards machine learning intelligence. Now it is easy to recognise whether this machine is actually equipped with intelligence or it is just a copy of human behaviour that is turned on repeat. The AI text has advanced too much that it is difficult to recognise whether a human or a machine writes it. Nowadays, the AI text of machines is far better than most professional human beings. You can easily trick anyone into thinking that it is written by you.

What is the Turing Test?

Turing Test

Turing test, which was once called an imitation game that Alan Turing introduced in 1950. That is why it got its name as the Turing test, some people also call it by Turing Test Game. It is a proper test of machine abilities and features to exhibit intelligence behaviour that can be compared with that of the human being. It is like comparing the capabilities of a machine with a human. In this AI test, a human being acts as an evaluator that accurately judges the features of the machine and natural language conversations between a human and a machine. In this process, the evaluator is ensured that one of the two partners is a machine, but both the participants are separated from each other, so they cannot guess with their eyes which one is a machine and which one is a human.

The participants' conversations are limited to text only, so there can be equitable competition among both, such as a computer keyboard or screen that makes it easier to compare the abilities of both in form of speech. Now the most joyful thing about this test is that the evaluator has no idea which is a machine or which is a human. In the end, only the result is displayed in front of the evaluator so he can guess the difference. If in case there is a proper difference between the results when compared, then the machine would have failed the test. If there is no recognisable difference between them, then the machine is considered to have passed the Turing test. The results of the test do not depend on the machine's ability, but it depends on the visible difference in the result. An imitation game that was properly introduced in the beginning.

Imitation Game

An imitation game includes three players, Player A, Player B, and Player C. Player C act as an evaluator that decides the results while Player A is a man, and player B is a woman. Now, player A man has to make player C think he is a woman, not a man. Player C asks both people questions, and he analyses his result by asking a certain question in form of a paper rather than speaking. So if player A tricks player C into thinking he is a woman, then he wins the game, but if player C recognises that he is a man, then he loses. 

Why is the Turing Test considered obsolete?

Turing Test

Turing test is considered obsolete because it clarifies and proves with result that there is no difference between the performance of a man and a machine. Artificial intelligence got its name as it is basically human intelligence that is performed by a machine. What other way can you think of comparing the performance of a man and a machine than the Turing AI test? When the judge doesn't even have any kind of idea who is human or who is a machine, all he can do is just examine the result at the end.

As we all know, the result determines a person's capabilities and how he is well-trained in that game. If there is no difference in the result of a particular role that is played by a real human being and a machine, then it means that machines are equivalent to men. It is considered to be important as it perfectly demonstrates the intelligence of a machine that whether it can think like a human being or not. The whole process is done with detailed interrogation of not just a normal person but an experienced person who has knowledge about human behaviour. Both the participants are safe and sound far beyond the eyes of the evaluator that compares the result of both candidates.

What may the new benchmark look like?

It has the best benchmark and has all the possibilities and requirements that fulfil the demands it is used for. If you look at the Turing test with a modern-day lens, you might have noticed that it seems difficult for a machine to trick a human being. But it is now possible with certain advancements and technologies, not even it has tricked human beings. The results of the machine are now considered to be more accurate and perfect than that of the human itself. This is one of the main reasons why the machine is successful in tricking the Turing test game. Humans have now made some chatbots, a perfect example of the Turing AI test that tricks human beings. They reply and talk with you in the same exact way a human would talk to you. Rather than just normal conversation, they are more attached towards you and your feelings, so you don't even feel bored.

As we all know that it is an age of natural language intelligence systems. That is divided into two subcategories known as natural language interpretation and natural language understanding. You can ask anything you want, and you will get an exact answer with the proper source from where it originated. You can get more proof, reasons, and justifications for any question you ask. The Turing test has done an excellent job of identifying machines that are capable of human intelligence. AI has evolved dramatically since 1950. If a machine achieves something that was only a capability of a human being, then the humans usually set the bar higher so that the AI cannot compete. Even though after setting the bar higher still, the AI competes and gets compared with human intelligence.

Has any AI passed the Turing test? 

Not that long ago, google demonstrated the computer for the first time that has entered a natural conversation with a human being. The program was named Eugene Goostmen as it was the first artificial intelligence that passed the Turing AI test during the 20th century. The machine was tasked with 30 human interrogators that were from the human sides that were communicating with each other via keyboard conversation through typing. There was a live demonstration at readin' university where the computer was able to convince multiple human judges that it was, in fact, a 13-year-old Ukrainian boy and not a machine. This failure of humans to detect a computer made the algorithm the first computer that passed the Turing test online. It was successfully able to convince over a third of the jury of humanity.

Final Words

With the help of this text, you can easily recognise whether the machine has the ability of artificial intelligence or it is just a fully operated machine. The truing test online has made things for developers and people who are working on AI much easier to create something that has human abilities. It is easier to get human abilities, but it is difficult to trick a human into thinking that the machine is a real human. You will also think that it is impossible, but with the advancements of AI all over the world, it is now possible. You can now have a virtual human assistant with you all the where ever you go to locate your household products, and most modern items are now tilting their interest into AI and automated functions.

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