Simplified AI writer is a free AI copywriting generator that has helped many people create unique content for their work without any issues. The user can become a professional AI writer by using the features provided by the marketing copywriter.

What is Simplified AI Writer?

Generate 50+ types of copy in seconds with the AI Writer

Simplified AI writer is an AI-powered creative assistant for market copywriting. The user can write anything with the marketing copywriter. Writers long forms of content like essays, articles, and even books easily. It has a powerful AI tool that helps overcome the abilities of writer's block. It is prioritized to instant copies, but the simplified AI writer can help you generate the next line of your content by understanding the whole context from your description.

What can simplified AI writers do?

A simplified AI writer gets you to design within seconds. You can choose from thousands of templates for your social media posting, Instagram stories, Facebook reels, TikTok, Ads, banners, and almost everything else, all for free. It is easy to set up your branding with a color palette, logo, fonts, and supporting graphics, so you can just choose the exact materials when you need to create something. It works as a fast writer for you when it comes to writing something. An AI marketing copywriter that lets you create online content quickly and without having to bounce from one platform to another.

A simplified AI writer is among those sentence writer that understands their client's demands properly. It is useful when it comes to creating unique and new content for your social media and other platforms. The user can enjoy many tools in one location, simplifying access, saving time, and providing more convenience. The platform's user interface is simple and straightforward and not bloated like some similar tools. 

Generate 50+ types of copy in seconds with AI

Generate 50+ types of copy in seconds with the AI Writer

People usually face a lot of issues due to their language while using any type of AI generator. English is a commonly used language worldwide, but many people need other languages for their content. The simplified AI writer simplifies things for its use by letting you use this fast writer in more than 50 languages. The user can easily generate content in more than 50 languages easily without any effort. 

Improve your writing with the copy AI rewriter

Writing is a difficult job for anyone as it requires a lot of focus. If you don't focus, you cannot make unique content. Now the simplified AI writer takes the hard work of writing, and you can easily focus on your content's uniqueness and creativity. Now you won't have to waste your time in writing. Improve your writing skills with the sentence writer and make your writing more appealing by adding more ideas from the marketing copywriter. 

Say Goodbye to writer's block with the long-form writer

Say goodbye to writer's block as now the user can have their own AI copywriter that helps them write anything they desire. Write anything within a matter of seconds by providing a simple description of your content and use the AI writer to create numerous things at once without effort. 

Organise teams and clients in real-time with simplified

Efficiently organize your teams and clients at once in real-time with the help of a simplified AI writer. Rather than spending your time writing manually with your device, you can automatically write anything and spend some time organizing your work properly. 

  • It helps you write, research, and edit faster.
  • Generate ideas and structure your thoughts easily.
  • It requires human involvement.
  • Makes mistakes in grammar and composition. 

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How to use Simplified AI Copywriting Generator?

If you are using the marketing copywriter known as simplified AI for the first time, then here is a complete guideline that will help you operate it easily. The tool is easily accessible and requires nill effort from its users, so just follow the given steps and generate content.

Step 1


Firstly you will have to open the official platform of Simplified AI writer. When you have opened the official page, click on products and click on AI wrier option to open the AI writer.

Step 2

AI writer

When you have opened the AI writer, then click on the writer with the free AI generator option that is in the middle of your screen to begin your work right away. It will only demand a simple sign-in from you, and then you can continue your work.

Step 3

AI writer

Then you can choose whether you want to use this tool with your team or organization, or you can run solo and use it for yourself only. Choose any option that you prefer using that depends on you.

Step 4


After choosing your option, you will have to open the AI writer option. You will reach your workspace, where you can create your content easily. Click on start writing to begin writing.

Step 5


After that, you can either start from scratch and use a long-form writer, or you can use already made 70-plus templates to help you write, and you can use the premium, full blog writer. There is also a video tutorial for each feature that will help you completely understand its usage.

Step 6

AI writer

Now, you have to simply provide a simple description or command to the introduction writer and then run the command you provided. There are also some other options for editing given on the top of your screen to help you in writing content easily. 

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More about Simplified

Simplified AI Writer

Rather than an introduction generator and testimonial generator, there are some other features of simplified AI also. Here are some things that you can find at Simplified AI writer just like what is shown in the pictures above.

Graphic design

You can use this feature to design anything you like without any mistakes. Bring new ideas to life by using the simplified AI first-ever AI-powered graphic designing tool. You can find more than thousands of templates that are going to help you create posters, brochures, flyers, business cards, and more. It does not even require any kind of skills or experience.

Video & Animations

The user can easily design stunning and appealing videos instantly in a matter of minutes. Create and publish videos by using premium templates for your social media, and real-time collaboration. Engage your audience in your video properly by using the free video editor of simplified AI. You can either upload your own video or use stock videos provided by Simplified's library. Make your video more beautiful by using icons, illustrations, and elements. Add a finishing touch to your videos by using stock music from the music library.

Social Media Planner

Now you can engage your social media audience easily towards your account by using the social media planner. The user can easily manage multiple social media accounts from one easy-to-use interface that will help deliver your ideas, images, and videos to your audience.

Key features 

Here is a list of some key features that are also available at simplified AI.

    • AI presentation maker helps in making a proper presentation for your work.
    • An AI image generator can generate any kind of image from typing.
    • Background remover will help remove the background from your image with one click.
    • Magic resizer can reduce the size of your files easily. 
    • An animation maker will let you create animation freely.
    • Content rewriters can rewrite your content.
    • Long-form writing helps you to make a long form of content with the help of AI.
    • You can make Instagram reels for your account.
    • A customer testimonial generator is quite useful.
    • Convert MOV into MP4 with one click.
    • You can also convert JPG into PNG.

Final Thoughts

You can amplify your thoughts by using the AI assistant. It is difficult to explore the web manually and search for data to create content when you can automatically perform those tasks by using a certain AI writer. Just provide the description of your data and write anything related to it in no time. You can explore more ideas related to your content and add them to your content. However, with all of this technology, the human hand and mind are still unbeatable. Maybe in the coming future, we'll be able to witness something closer to that.

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Is Simplified's AI writer totally free? 

No simplified AI is not completely free; it requires some cost to use the platform's premium features. But most simplified AI features are free if you want to begin your work. 

Can AI writing be detected?

Yes, there are chances that AI writing might be detected because Google bots can detect data that is written with AI. But a human cannot detect AI writing as he does not have knowledge from the web and doesn't know from where it might be copied or rewritten.

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Simplified AI Writer

Simplified AI writer is an AI-powered creative assistant for market copywriting.

  • AI Writer
  • AI
  • Free Plan
  • $12/month for 35k words
  • It helps you write, research, and edit faster.
  • Generate ideas and structure your thoughts easily.
  • It requires human involvement.
  • Makes mistakes in grammar and composition.