This AI Helps You Restore Old Scratched Pictures Like a Pro

restore old picture

With everybody having smartphones these days, it’s easy to forget that there was a time not that long ago when people weren’t able to capture photos at a moment’s notice. Back in the day cameras were rare and they were only able to take physical photos, which would inevitably become damaged in time. Until recently, there was nothing that could be done to restore old picture back to its original state. Luckily, that’s no longer the case thanks to modern old photo restoration and tools like Vance AI’s Photo Restorer.

What is Picture Restorer?

Vance AI Photo Restorer is an incredible tool capable of repairing damaged photographs using the power of deep learning algorithms. The inclusion of artificial intelligence means that the tool restores old pictures with a high degree of accuracy and without requiring a significant amount of work from the user. The tool was designed to restore damaged pictures from a time before modern cameras, aka old black and white photos, ideally in portrait format. This makes sense since most people use Vance AI Photo Restorer to repair pictures of family members and loved ones.

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AI Photo Restorer

Another solution provided by Vance AI—Al Old Photo Repair &Colorise, an image enhancer for old photos would also automatically enhance portraits, sharpening images and adding colors to your old black and white photos while repairing.


AI Old Photo Repair Colorise


How to Restore a Picture with Vance AI?

1. Upload a Photo

First, visit the website of Vance AI and pick the Photo Restorer tool from the AI Solutions menu. Click the Upload Image button. If the image you want to restore isn’t already in digital format, you’ll first need to scan it. Or just grab a photo of it with your phone, but make sure it’s good quality.

restore old picture

2. Restore Old Picture

Now you have two options. You can either hit the Start to Process button to begin the restoration or you can select the Workflow tab. Here, you can queue multiple tasks by selecting one of the modules. In this particular case, a good choice would be to pick the module that can both repair pictures and colorize them with Vance AI’s image colorizer. Once you’ve made your choice, wait for the image to be processed.

restore old picture

3. Download the Restored Image

After the image has been repaired, you can go to the Processed tab to find it. Click the Preview button to see a before-and-after comparison. Hit Download Image to save it locally.

restore old picture

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Performance of Vance AI Picture Restorer

Similar to other tools powered by artificial intelligence, your results with Vance AI Photo Restorer will vary depending on certain factors. The first one is the quality of the image you’re trying to repair. While the tool can indeed restore old pictures that have been badly damaged, it can’t perform miracles. If the image is extremely damaged, the tool may not restore it in its entirety. Also worth noting is that the AI of this particular tool was primarily trained using pictures of people and might not work as good with other subjects. Let’s take a look at some examples.

restore old picture

This first example is pretty impressive. The crease at the top disappeared completely and the big vertical one in the middle is only slightly visible.

restore old picture

It’s difficult to restore old pictures like this one where you have several people in the shot but the AI did a very good job at it regardless. There’s a single face that hasn’t been completely repaired due to extensive damage in the original but everything else looks really good.

restore old picture

This third image we tried to restore yielded some incredible results. Aside from a couple of small spots the photo was repaired in its entirety. It’s particularly amazing how the AI was able to completely repair the entire right side of the image.

Final Thoughts

The ability to restore old pictures has been around for a few years but it has never been as easy to use as now. Vance AI Photo Restorer is genuinely offering something incredible here and we wholeheartedly recommend anyone who needs to repair old photos to check out this tool. You may also enhance old photo with its recommended AI solution—AI Old Photo Repair & Colorise.


How to Restore Damaged Pictures?

The easiest way to repair a damaged old photograph is to use Vance AI Photo Restorer. There are of course ways to do it manually but those involve lots of work and years of experience. Meanwhile, Vance AI lets you do it quickly, easily, and at a very cheap price.

Does AI Work Well in Restoring Old Pictures?

AI has reached a point where it can perform a wide variety of difficult processes with impressive accuracy, including restoring old pictures. Naturally, no technology is perfect and there are instances when AI will not be able to restore a picture in its entirety. But as long as the image isn’t too badly damaged, AI will be able to restore it.


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