I used to hear my mother tell me stories about my grandfather. She told me about his upbringing as a Choctaw Indian on a reservation and his employment as a carpenter, building my great-grandparents' house in Richmond. Sadly, she recalled childhood memories because he died when she was a toddler. We only had stories and photographs of my grandpa, and it wasn't easy to imagine him while he was alive.

Then I learned about "Deep Nostalgia" technology, which allowed users to upload old photos of family members and have them come to life. As an ed-tech consultant specializing in virtual and augmented reality, I view this as a teaching moment for educators and parents alike. This type of AI technology is becoming more available to everyone, not just Hollywood blockbusters. Educators may now turn historical pictures into real animated videos.

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My grandfather's face started moving, and his eyes went left to right within a minute of publishing the photo. When I showed my mother this video, she was surprised because she'd never seen him before. The Deep Nostalgia technology helped my mum feel closer to her father.

Similarly, I am here to explain where you may develop a strong connection with Deep Nostalgia technology by utilizing our thoroughly studied and experienced top 10 Brilliant Pros of MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia technology.

What is "Deep Nostalgia?"

These photographs have been animated for a long time, but the phrase "Deep Nostalgia" was recently coined by an app named MyHeritage. The software utilizes AI to recognize a face's structure and replicate genuine facial expressions and movements. Many AI-powered apps transform your look into a meme, GIF, or video.

The applications are primarily for amusement, such as making an image lip sync to a song or impersonating a movie star. But this powerful technology can deliver far more than simply amusement.

What makes MyHeritage More Fascinating than Other Old Photo Restorers?

Deep NostalgiaTM works with black and white photographs, color photographs, or photographs that have been colorized or had their colors restored by MyHeritage In ColorTM (see below). Photos are automatically improved before animation using the Photo contrast (see below).

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How to Apply Deep NostalgiaTM

  • com/deep-nostalgia
  • Please upload your picture.
  • If your piece has more than one face, choose the one you want to animate.

If you've previously posted your photo to MyHeritage, you may animate it directly from the photo page:

  • Go to "My photographs" on your MyHeritage family site (under the "Photos" tab in the navigation bar) or the MyHeritage mobile app.

How to Apply Deep NostalgiaTM

  • Choose a picture.
  • Above the photo, click or press the "animate" button (the moving ball icon)

click or press the "animate" button

  • If the photo has more than one face, choose the one you want to animate.

choose the one face you want to animate

Animate an image from the MyHeritage landing page.

Follow these steps to animate a new photo that hasn't yet been submitted to MyHeritage.

  • Visit myheritage.com/deep-nostalgia for more information.
  • Upload a photo: Select a file from your computer by clicking "Upload picture."
  • Alternatively, you may drag and drop a photo into the photo frame.
  • Join in or log in: After uploading your photo, you'll be prompted to sign up for MyHeritage to animate it.
  • Signing up is completely free.
  • If you already have a MyHeritage account but aren't logged in, click the "Log in" link at the bottom of the box.

Animate an image from the MyHeritage landing page

Your image will be automatically improved to achieve the best possible results for the animation. Select one of the individual faces recognized in the picture if the image contains more than one face.

  • Animating a single face in a snapshot often takes 10 to 20 seconds, depending on the driver's video's duration.
  • Videos with a lengthier series of motions take longer to make.
  • Examine your animation: When your animated video is finished, it will begin playing instantly. Hovering over it will allow you to pause the video at any time.

MyHeritage image

  • You can share or download your animation here: To download the video, click the "Download video" button to its left.
  • To share your video straight to Facebook or Twitter, click the share icons below, or copy the URL to share on another site.

share or download your animation

10 Brilliant Pros of MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia Tech

A picture is worth a thousand conversations, but images have limitations: their quality deteriorates over time, and sometimes you need someone to explain what they signify. Using MyHeritage's photo features, family images may be worth more than a thousand words. As a result of our extensive research and expertise, we have identified the top 10 Brilliant Pros of MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia technology.

  1. The persons in the photographs move their heads, blink their eyes, and alter their faces to create the ideal illusion of realism. The video was taken when the individuals were preparing for the photo.
  2. It is comparable to the iOS device's Live Photo function, which records various seconds before and after the camera shutter is pressed.
  3. The best aspect is that it is entirely automatic and does not require any extra work from the user.
  4. As the work of making the final animation grows easier, the deep learning system also benefits.
  5. You may also use the function to transfer a library of pre-recorded animations to your photos.
  6. The machine learning utilized ensures that the image is as realistic as possible while retaining the beauty of the original shot.
  7. MyHeritage will ask you to join up with your email address to make an animation, after which you will be able to animate up to five images for free.
  8. After you've reached the limit of five images, you'll have to pay to continue using the service.
  9. The animation is restricted to the head and neck only. As a result, if the image depicts a person playing football or tennis, the energy will not show them striking or swinging the ball.
  10. These brief video snippets have grown in popularity among the general public, who have begun to share them on various social media sites.

Comparison with Other Old Photo Restorers Review

  1. VanceAI Old Photo Restorer

VanceAI Photo Restorer can assist old repair photographs 100 percent automatically by employing AI photo restoration technology to remove scratches, fractures, spots, and sepia from old images online.

VanceAI Old Photo Restorer

VanceAI Photo Restorer is a valuable program for restoring ancient images without the need for expert abilities. You drag and drop photographs into VanceAI photo restorer, and AI will bring antique photos back to life by erasing scratches, wrinkles, and rips.

VanceAI Photo Restorer can erase blemishes from antique images online in less than ten seconds. AI picture restoration entails more than only removing flaws but also color correction and face improvement in old damaged photos.

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  • Simple to use
  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent for beginners.
  • Portrait enhancement and color sharpening may also be applied to vintage images.


  • Free photos are scarce (only 3)
  • File sizes and formats are limited.
  1. HotPot

This Hotpot AI service recovers images by automating scratch removal, face improvement, and color sharpening. What used to take experienced experts hours to complete may now be done in seconds.

  • The service also repairs color and black-and-white images.

While this service automates photo restoration, it cannot take the place of specialists for more difficult restoration tasks. It is intended to assist customers with lightweight needs while assisting experts with challenging restoration demands.


Pictures are not kept for this service without the user's permission. For storage costs and user privacy, we only keep photographs for as long as they are required to train our machine learning models, and we never keep photos longer than that.

Please remember that the most significant picture size is 1280x1280, but our new model, which will be available shortly, enables higher resolutions. Don't hesitate to contact us if you like to sample this updated model.


  • It works on any photograph.
  • Free to use.
  • Removes picture damage as well.


  • 1280 1280 px is the maximum resolution.
  • After a while, the images are gone.
  1. Phowd

Price: The price you pay for the app's services is determined by your order. You will only have to spend roughly $0.30 if you perform a fundamental fix that needs the fewest resources. The cost rises in direct proportion to the intricacy of the task.


Compared to the other apps on the list, Phowd is a one-of-a-kind app. No machine or artificial intelligence (AI) processes your photograph to enhance or correct it here. Instead, the image will be delivered to a human expert who will charge a variable fee for their services. Regardless, the site is simple to use, and all you have to do is submit an image and search for a widely available expert.


  • Unique platform.
  • Service is available.
  • It has the potential to be the most cost-effective solution.


  • Beginners should avoid this game.
  • It takes a long time and is expensive.


You may alter photographs at your own pace and comprehension with these programs. Many of these applications, such as VanceAI and MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia, provide one-of-a-kind AI-based technology that you can sit back and enjoy. They excel in producing remarkable outcomes at a high rate. On the other hand, some systems allow you to employ specialists to undertake the task. If you have a specific need and some time to spare, you may make good use of these platforms.


  1. Is the Deep Nostalgia App available for free online?

You will receive a 14-day trial after creating an account if you are new to MyHeritage. After then, if you want to motivate more, you must subscribe to MyHeritage. Non-subscribers will see the animated photographs with the MyHeritage brand watermark in the bottom right of the video animation.

  1. What is the best way to animate a still image?

With the advancement of AI technology, several internet tools exist for animating photographs. Deep Nostalgia App, for example, may be used to add movement to the faces on images in a matter of seconds. Photoshop will always be your professional choice if you wish to generate motion characteristics on various still photographs.

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