This AI Remove Pixelation from Pixelated Faces

Face Depixelizer is a new AI-powered app that goes viral on Twitter recently. Developed by a Russian developer, Denis Malimonov, this AI app lets you fix pixelated image of human face automatically. It’s fun to use. Since its launch on June 20, 2020, thousands of Twitter users have tried to see how it works with pixel images. The results, as you can see from the picture below, are quite interesting.



Features of Face Depixelizer

Excels at removing pixelation from face image

Fixing pixelated face image is the main feature of Face Depixelizer. Even when you upload an ultra-low-res face photo, this AI face depixelator can still produce a seemingly real portrait image. However, the results you get do not reveal the real face of the original image.

Fun to use

Although the AI app recommends you to upload a photo of a human face, imaginative users make it much fun to play. You can upload an anime or a portrait of a celebrity. You can get different results each time you upload an image, even when the image remains the same.

How does it work?

Face Depixelizer is powered by StyleGAN, a type of algorithm created by researchers from NVIDIA. This algorithm might not be very familiar to you, but if you ever read our previous article about AI Anime Character Creators, you must have noticed that ThisPersonDoesNotExist also adopts such generative adversarial network. Once you upload a pixel face, AI will generate faces with StyleGAN and downscale the result to produce the same pixel face.

How to use Face Depixelizer

Face Depixelizer is now available on Google Colab. It’s simple to use. To start with, you need to have a pixelated image of a face. Click on Let’s Rock, where the red arrow indicates. Then, you need to upload a pixel square image, which fits in the whole human head. Tap on “choose files” below advanced settings. Then upload a file and it will process it. You can also change the default parameters in advanced settings on this web app, which will produce more accurate results.


Tip: its neural network works best on images where people are directly facing the camera.

What it doesn’t do

Face Depixelizer, as its name suggests, excels at removing pixels from images of a face. It is not designed for removing pixels of other types of images. Besides, unlike other AI image depixelators which let you remove pixelation of a specific part of images, this AI-powered app transforms pixelated face images into realistic portrait photos intelligently. It does not let you enlarge or sharpen images.

If you want to remove pixelation while enlarging images for printing or making posters, you can easily learn how to make a blurry picture clear online here.


You can now use Face Depixelizer from GitHub. There is no evidence that shows this AI app will be available on Android or iOS in the near future. Anyway, it’s worth trying and you might get some interesting or even hilarious results.

App Name: Face Depixelizer

Developed by: Denis Malimonov

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