MyHeritage Photo Enhancer effortlessly restores old photos online, providing a cost-free solution to faded and damaged images. Experience the power of AI technology in restoring historical and family photos with just a click.

Old family photos are an important part of family history and memory. However, most of the old photos we have need to be restored since they are not perfect and they can easily become faded and damaged.Before knowing MyHeritage, restoring old photos can be a complicated job when you have a high requirement for the effects. Perhaps, you will need to ship them to a photo restoration store near you which might charge you $15 or more, depending on the quality you need.

But today, thanks to the development of AI, an online app for restoring old photos, MyHeritage photo enhancer, makes it possible for you to restore old photos online for free. In this MyHeritage photo enhancer review, let's delve into how to restore old photos with automatically. If you just want to restore old photo online free, this post will be your place to go.

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Note: Our review will be based on the information provided on the official MyHeritage website, user feedback, as well as our own experience using the platform. It's worth noting that the product may update over time, and we will strive to keep this article as up-to-date as possible.

What is MyHeritage?

Myheritage photo enhancer

MyHeritage's Photo Enhancer is a powerful tool designed to improve and restore old photos ai, providing users with a high quality image enhancement experience. First and foremost, Myheritage Photo Enhancer restores detail and clarity to photos in an amazing way. By using advanced image processing algorithms and deep learning techniques, it automatically removes noise, adds detail and improves the overall quality of the photo. In our experience, this feature can bring new life to blurry, old photos, allowing users to relive fond memories.

In addition, Photo Enhancer offers intelligent colour repair to automatically restore the colour balance and vibrancy of photos. It automatically adjusts hue, contrast and saturation to make photos look more realistic and vivid. Through our practical experience, this feature can be effective in improving the appearance of a photo and making it more striking.


However, Photo Enhancer also has some limitations to consider. Firstly, it relies on image processing algorithms and deep learning models, which can take longer to process large or complex photos. In addition, although it can improve the quality of photos, it may not achieve perfect restoration results for extremely blurred or damaged photos.


MyHeritage lets you restore 10 photos for free. Exceeding the limit, you will need to make subscription, which ranges from $49 to $189. Though you can download 10 restored photos for free, there is a watermark showing on the bottom right of your results.


  1. High quality detail and clarity.
  2. Intelligent colour restoration.


  1. It may take longer to process large or complex photos.
  2. May have limited effect on extremely damaged photos.

In our experience, MyHeritage's AI Photo Enhancer has an excellent ability to improve and restore old photos. It also can be described as a great ai photo restoration. It improves the detail and clarity of photos and intelligently restores colours to make photos more realistic and vivid. However, users should be aware that longer processing times may be required when working with large or complex photos and that restoration may be limited to extremely blurred or damaged photos.

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How to use MyHeritage Photo Enhancer to Restore Nostalgia Photos?

How to Restore Old Photos Online in MyHeritage?

Step 1: Create an Account

Go to the website Myheritage Photo Enhancer and then you will be required to create an account with your Email, Facebook, or Google account.

login page of myheritage

Step 2: Upload a photo to MyHeritage

Click on "Upload photo" before you can select an old photo from your device.

upload a photo to myheritage

Step 3: Restore old photo online using enhancement feature

Restoring nostalgia photos ai cannot be any simpler. Just click "Enhance" button and wait about 15 to 30 seconds. Then, MyHeritage will let you restore old photo using AI technology automatically. You can move the slider to see the effects.

restore old photo on myheritage

Step 4: Add a new color to restored photos with In Color

Apart from restoring old photos ai, you can also add a completely new color to your photos using MyHeritage In Color, another AI featured offered by this website. In just one click, you will be able to see the old black and white photo colorized.

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How to Restore Old Photos on iPhone & Android with MyHeritage?

MyHeritage also provides a mobile app that allows you to restore nostalgia photos anytime, anywhere as long as you can access the internet. Follow the steps below to restore old photos in one tap.

Step 1: Download MyHeritage Photo Enhancers App

Download and install the app from App Store or Google Play depending on the type of your device.

myheritage photo enhancer app

Step 2: Restore nostalgia pictures automatically

Run the app for the first time and go to Photos section for restoring old picture in one touch.  You can drag the slider bar and preview the comparison image.

restore old photo on smartphone

Step 3: Download the photo restored

Tap on more option to save the result. You can download the restored photo by photo restorer, original photo and the comparison result.

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How to digitize nostalgia photos before restoring them?

Digitizing old photos is an essential step if you want to restore them up to a new level. The good news is you can make it using a variety of tools, including your smartphone. If you opt for greater quality, I recommend you to read our full tutorial about how to use photo scanner Photomyne.

How does MyHeritage AI Photo Enhancer work?

MyHeritage Photo Enhancer excels at ai restoring the old photos that are blurry and grainy. Driven by the deep learning technology from Remini mobile application, it helps to restore historical photos and family photos in one click.

a gather photo restored by myheritage photo enhancer

But it's not perfect, especially when it comes to the photos without much contrast between the foreground and background. And it focuses more on restoring faces in old photos instead of the background.

an old photo restored by myheritage photo enhancer


In conclusion, MyHeritage Picture Enhancer proves to be an effective ai tool for restoring faces in old photos. It allows users to restore damaged photos online for free, making it an attractive option.

However, it's important to acknowledge that AI technology still has room for improvement. In some cases, the restored results may lack accuracy or exhibit distortion due to the automated nature of the process. This distinction from traditional ai  photo restoration services, which involve extensive research, explains why such stores continue to exist despite the growing popularity of AI. Keep in mind these considerations when utilizing MyHeritage Photo Enhancer and explore other Myheritage photo enhancer alternatives for a comprehensive restoration experience.

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MyHeritage Photo Enhancer

MyHeritage's Photo Enhancer is a powerful tool designed to improve and restore old photos ai, providing users with a high quality image enhancement experience

  • AI Colorizer
  • AI Image Enhancer
  • AI
  • 10 images to try (With watermark)
  • Subscription ranges from $49 to $189
  • High quality detail and clarity.
  • Intelligent colour restoration.
  • Family gallery management function.
  • It may take longer to process large or complex photos.
  • May have limited effect on extremely damaged photos.