This AI Nostalgia App Brings Old Family Photos to Life

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Every family has a collection of nostalgia photos to remember their beloved ones. When you are sitting on a sofa and looking at your ancestors in a photobook, that nostalgic moment is way more precious than anything. Today, thanks to the talent of an Israeli‎ company MyHeritage, you can bring old photos to life like magic using its Deep Nostalgia app. The AI brings family photos alive not by colorizing black and white photos like we previously introduced, but by making the still photo alive digitally.

Kind of like magic. The awe-inspiring AI technology can make old family photos alive by adding movements to faces in nostalgia pictures. Here, let me show you how to use this AI Deep Nostalgia to help you animate nostalgia images.

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My Heritage Nostalgia App Review

My Heritage Nostalgia is an AI-powered online app that specializes in recreating your old black and white photos. It allows you to colorize, enhance and animate your old photos online. Here, we will introduce its new-released Deep Nostalgia technology.

MyHeritage Nostalgia App Review

What is Deep Nostalgia?

Deep Nostalgia is an advanced AI technology introduced by MyHeritage that can achieve deep animation. For example, it can make your ancestors on the nostalgia image smile, blink, and even turn their heads, which look just as real as in life. Besides animating the faces in family’s nostalgia pictures, you may also save them in video clips by Deep Nostalgia.

What Is Deep Nostalgia

How Does Deep Nostalgia Work?

The Deep Nostalgia is driven by several videos which consist of a fixed sequence of movements and gestures. With these drivers, Deep Nostalgia can identify the faces in photos automatically and accurately add movements and gestures to a face. You can download the result to see the faces in your nostalgia image smile, blink and turn their heads. Take a quick look at how it works in this YouTube video:

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10 Historical Personalities Animated with Deep Nostalgia

How to use Deep Nostalgia App Online?

It is easy to use with powerful functions.

Step 1: Upload Nostalgia image

Go to Deep Nostalgia and click “Upload photo” to drop the nostalgia image you want to animate.

Upload Nostalgia Image

Step 2: Start with an account

Before you see the result, you have to sign in with a Facebook or Google account or sign up with email.

Start With Deep Nostalgia

Step 3: Apply animation feature to the face on the picture (Optional)

For photo with over one face on it, Deep Nostalgia can recognize them automatically. You can click the small picture on the right side to select the face to animate.

Apply Animation Feature

Step 4: Save the result

Hit the play button to preview the animated image and click the download button on the left side to save the video

Save Nostalgia Image


1. Is Deep Nostalgia App free online?

If you are new to MyHeritage, you will have a 14-day-trial after signing in with an account. After then, if you want to animate more, you will have to subscribe MyHeritage. Note that the non-subscribers will have the amiated photos with a watermark of the MyHeritage logo on the bottom right of the video animation.

2. How do you animate a still image?

With the development of AI technology, there are many online software for you to animate photos. For example, Deep Nostalgia App can be used to add movements to the faces on photos in just a few seconds. If you want to achieve animation features on more kinds of still images, Photoshop will always be your professional choice.


It used to be unbelievable to animate a static photo. But right now, with the development of AI technology, you can easily animate nostalgia photos with image editing tools like Deep Nostalgia which enables the faces on photos to smile, turn heads or look around. Surprised by the powerful functions of AI-based image tools, I believe that AI would do more for us beyond our imagination one day.

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