How to Fix Resolution on Photo Online

If an important picture is of poor quality, then it is a disaster for you. In the past, clearing and fixing things like this was pretty hectic and time taking, but now times have changed. Online editing tools are doing a fantastic job at handling these sniffy little problems that are making your life miserable. In order to know how to fix resolution on photo you will definitely need to know about some platforms that are really good at things like this.

fix resolution On photo

Apart from all the hassles, applying a fix resolution on photo is quite an easy task to play but only for those who truly know and understand how to do it. Usually, some websites are free at providing services like this, while others have a little or high price range set.

In this tutorial, we will find out how to fix resolution on photo and make it easy for people that are a beginner at doing it.

How to Fix Resolution on Photo Online

To get a complete grasp on how to fix resolution on photo online, this tutorial will demonstrate three different online websites for your ease. These websites have made quite the name for themselves over the past couple of years and have been making phenomenal progress recently as well.

Let’s begin with the process.

VanceAI Image Enhancer

VanceAI Image Enhancer

One of the leading brands in online photo editing, VanceAI is a remarkable agency that looks after its users and makes their photography more appealing. The company has different options and tools that are made to fix multiple queries faced by a regular person regarding pictures. In this case, VanceAI Image Enhancer can be used to fix resolution on photo with a super perfect working process. 

VanceAI offers its customers a powerful AI-based photo enhancer tool that can easily increase picture resolution by up to 800%. Along with that, users can also enhance image detail and perform color adjustments right on the editing menu.

Step #1

Go to and make sure that you have opened the VanceAI photo enhancer page, as each tool page withholds specific services.

Step #2

Once the page is completely open, click on the START NOW button, and the redirect will take you to the editing page.

Step #3

Now what you can do to upload the file you need to fix resolution on photo is to manually upload it by clicking on the image screen, or you can drag the image straight to the dialog box.

Step #4

fix resolution on photo

Select a feature on the right side of the menu by clicking the downward arrow. It will open a dropdown menu containing multiple options; choose AI photo Enhancer.

Step #5

Once the settings are in place, click on start to process.

Step #6

In a couple of seconds, your improved quality image will be ready to have a look at. You can either preview the result on the processed tab, or you can download it as shown in the image down below:

Let’s Enhance Image Upscaler

Yet another amazing Automatic AI editor that can help to increase image resolution for better image quality. Let’s Enhance is a great fit for people that want their photos to look best using a single click, negating all the extra time and effort consumption.

The powerful Image enhancer of can make your images redefine their capabilities by upgrading their pixelated self to high-end quality.

Step #1

Open your internet browser and open the following website: You can simply click on the hyperlink to direct easily.

Step #2

Drag the image onto the webpage or click on the upload icon to manually select the image that you want to restore to good quality.

Step #3

It will ask you to log in to continue the process. Log in or continue with google directly for a smoother ride.

Step #4

fix resolution on photo

Select the operation settings to smart enhance and click on the Start processing button. You will need to wait for a few minutes until the process is complete.

Step #5

Click on the download button to save the picture to your desktop.

Check here for more 4K image upscalers like Let's Enhance that can help you upscale images online.

Photo Wondershare

Fix resolution on photo

If the photoshop skills are not punctually making things easy for you, then you can always opt for other variants like Wondershare’s ‘Fotophire Maximizer’. Users can easily download and try the free trial version of this software that can work amazingly as an alternative to photoshop.

Here are a few benefits of using the Fotophire Maximizer by Wondershare:

  • To deeply edit multiple sections of the picture, users can easily zoom to a range of 1000% without any evidence of blur or pixelation.
  • For print projects, users can enlarge their images to a much greater extent.
  • Create high-definition close-ups of any details from the photos taken from smartphones.
  • Low-light photos can be created with just one click.

You can use this software to fix resolution on photo easily.


AI photo enhancer software

Not limited to online tools, VanceAI also launched AI photo enhancer software for downloading on your local PC.  You can use it freely without visiting VanceAI website. It is a perfect way to reduce your precious time.  VanceAI PC offers users the same AI photo editing equals to online tools. AI image upscaling, AI image enhancement, AI image denoising... All you want will be in VanceAI PC.

Other Brand Tools

There might be a chance that these methods might not work out for you or simply become outdated, then you can always try to go to other places. Besides all of the clear and very understandable tutorials, if somehow, you are not satisfied with the results, here are a few alternatives that you can use to fix resolution on photo.

  • Cutout Pro
  • Fotor
  • Adobe
  • Befunky
  • Resize Pixel

These websites are available all the time to help you gain the proper fit for your images regarding their enhancement and other editing problems. You can always find these useful in irritating times.


Putting an end to this tutorial here on the remarks that these informational guidelines are solely based on own experiences. You can opt for multiple other websites or use your preferable platforms, but in my opinion, these are one of the easiest methods that a person can get regarding how to fix resolution on photo. 

In other thought, my top favorite fix on this problem will be VanceAI, as it is one of the most amazing online platforms built by a team of versatile professionals that knows the demand of the user. You can always find multiple fixes for your picture problems at VanceAI easily.


Q1: How do I fix low-resolution photos online?

Ans: To fix low-resolution photos online, you need a platform that is either powerful or recognized worldwide. You can always opt for free and paid platforms to get results, but for that to happen, you will still require some knowledge. We would advise trying VanceAI Photo Enhancer to fix resolution on photo online with a significant amount of ease.

Q2: Is VanceAI free to use?

Ans: VanceAI is an online photo editing tool platform that works combined to improve image quality using its AI-Powered Technology. Some tools, including Background removal, are free to use at VanceAI however, in order to enjoy the complete wonders of this platform, users will have to purchase its cost-effective membership. 

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